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StarsightOf war and the loss of her faith in gods who have turned their backs on her The only people she can trust to help them are two war ravaged heroes the boy's life long trainer and an old sea captain everyone thought was a ghost Their only weapon a ten year old boy who wakes one. Starsight is a superior old fashioned epic tale of wizardry evil and empiresThe book tells the tale of Trenara Joshan and their allies as they battle the Machiavellian schemes of Sirdar and it weaves an intriguing complex journey for the readerThe world inside the pages comes alive fully unfolding with a vibrant energy and wholly realized characters From the first page to the last word I was captivated and entertained The author creates an inventive outlook on the world of wizards kings and magic giving us characters to care about as they slowly deal with the expanding threat amidst their secrets flaws and decency Starsight is the first volume in a series and I can’t wait until the next book It is a remarkable fantasy novel

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Summary æ Starsight 104 â ❮Ebook❯ ➩ Starsight Author Minnette Meador – Trenara never thought she would have to guide a student she loved to become a messiah but it is the only way this second trial Starguider can salvage her world Torn between her devotion to Joshan and Trenara never thought she would have toMorning to find his childhood gone and his hands filled with a power he couldn't possibly understand or control Together they must destroy a psychotic enemy and a religious order that has been running the Imperium for a thousand years a system they have all taken vows to protec. It wasn’t till I picked up my copy of Minnette Meador’s Starsight mailed freshly minted signed and personalized by the author that I realized how long it was since I’d enjoyed a fantasy unless Harry Potter counts I tried George RR Martin’s books recently but couldn’t get into them – the short reading sessions of a busy life meant the story became too disjointed for me to follow But Minnette has uickly rekindled my love of the genre Eechas instead of hairy horses disturbed me – maybe that’s one of my problems keeping the language of a fantasy world in mind Guiders Power always in italics I wasn’t sure but I kept reading persevered into the second chapter Then suddenly the whole of Minnette’s strange world came into focus in my imagination I was there transported for a chapter at a time and the names and images were ready and waiting to return as soon as I came back With so many names – such strange names – I’m not sure how she did it But I’d have to say Minnette has a very deft hand at weaving enough detail into her tale to keep it all flowing smoothly in and out of memoryTwo things attracted me to the book before I read it Piers Anthony’s endorsement on the front cover and Spider Robinson’s on the back The pictures on the cover made me think I might be in for a Lord of the Rings look alike but I was pleased to be wrong Starsight is set in world of its own with human characters flawed and believable stories and histories interwoven and slowly revealed and an enjoyable premise of good misused and evil strangely attractiveSomewhere along the way I realized I was reading book one of a set though the story is complete enough to stand alone Now I’ve finished and the world’s still waiting it’s peoples poised for disaster and war its problems and deceits only partially resolved; and I'm looking forward to book 2

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Trenara never thought she would have to guide a student she loved to become a messiah but it is the only way this second trial Starguider can salvage her world Torn between her devotion to Joshan and the fate of her kind Trenara struggles against accusations of murder the onset. STARSIGHT an epic fantasyby Minnette MeadorHere is what two greats of sci fifantasy have to say about Starsight“Starsight is one powerful and imaginative fantasy adventure novel with many nice touchesthere is magic galore and challenge galore; nothing comes easy It's the first of a series and it should do well” Piers Anthony“Minnette Meador has begun reinventing and redefining the field by page 30 of STARSIGHT and hasn’t stopped by the final sentence But there’s than just novel ideas going on here; Meador also knows the unfakeable secret of keeping even newcomers turning the pages care about your characters so much it becomes infectious This is a Typhoid Mary of a book from a writer to watch Spider Robinson co author with Robert A Heinlein of VARIABLE STAR