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April LadyDespite the scandalous blemish on the family name of his year old bride Lord Giles Cardross is convinced beautiful Helen cares for him When newlywed begins to fill her days with fashion and frivolity her husband has to wonder whether she really did marry him for his money as his family so helpfully suggests He thought they were marrying for love but as the bills and extravagant debts begin to mount up Giles begins to suspect that perhaps his adored wife isn't as innocent as he supposed Especially since. 35★ Look even a weaker GH romance is still head shoulders above romances by other writers so I have to rate GH's novels against each other sadly although I am very fond of Nell Giles this isn't one of GH's best works It was rushed out when GH was in financial difficulty I'm afraid it shows GH has to work hard to sell the plot on this one One of the many things I love about GH's writing is that it is so effortless but this one isn'tWhile my younger self could understand even sympathise with Giles' spoilt younger sister Letty the crabby old bat I have become just wanted to shake her hard But Dysart is one of the better of GH's irresponsible brother characters he gets many of the best lines The ending of this book is right up there with some of GH's stronger works I read it three times chuckling every single timeIt's a good escapist readEnjoy

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As of late she's been unable to look him in the eyeImpetuous Lady Helen Cardross had collected uite a basket of little white lies in her efforts to help those less fortunate than herself There were for example her own dashing debt ridden brother and her husband's love sick youthful sister But to her adored and adoring lord and master there could be no dissembling of integrity honor or truth One faced up to grim reality unless one were Lady HelenWhen his family's priceless jewels disappear Lord Cardross. As a number of other reviewers have pointed out this amusing but unsatisfactory confection is a less well done reworking of the theme of Heyer's earlier The Convenient Marriage; that is the love match in which neither spouse realizes that the other loves him or her This time we unfortunately have no grounds for the love itself which given the unattractive traits they exhibit during the course of the story leaves the reader with little sense of romance The secondary romance of the hero's unbearably spoilt and self centered little sister was even less supported as Letty behaved in ways that clearly distressed her better mannered beau and no explanation for their mutual adoration is ever evinced Heyer has written other romantic pairings with eual lack of sense but usually they possess charming personalities Still I was not unsympathetic to Cardoss and especially Nell who was very young and behaving as her mother had raised her to do And it was nice that her brother although a wastrel did his best to find a way to help her All in all a decent read but not an exceptional one; not recommended for those who aren't already Heyen enthusiasts

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Download Æ April Lady ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☆ April Lady Author Georgette Heyer – Despite the scandalous blemish on the family name of his 18 year old bride Lord Giles Cardross is convinced beautiful Helen cares for him When newlywed begins to fill her days with fashiIs aghast at the idea that his lovely new wife might be the culprit but he soon discovers the truth about Lady Nell's situation And between his concern over his wife's spending sprees rescuing her impulsive brother from one scrape after another and attempting to prevent his own half it's no wonder the much tried earl can't see where he's gone wrong And now owing a shocking amount of money Nell doesn't dare tell him the truth that she's loved him from the first and thought he'd married her for convenien. Romance writers take their reputation in their hands when they spin a tale about an already married couple The misunderstandings of married life have a very different flavor from those of courtship and where is the thrill of the chase Georgette Heyer surely understood this but perhaps she liked setting herself a challenge for she wrote several novels about married couples and their tortuous path to true love April Lady introduces us to Lord Cardross and his recent bride Nell Nell is fourteen years her husband's junior a damsel scarcely out of the schoolroom when she caught his eye She is innocent and naive we are told while Cardross is a man of the world hardened to the wiles of ladies of ton until he finds himself bowled over by Nell's charms But Nell's mother has told her not to expect love from her husband and trained her to meet his predicted infidelities with complaisance Cardross meanwhile tries not to frighten his young bride with passion so each winds up believing that the other doesn't really care Nell's extravagance also feeds their misunderstanding and she becomes panicked and unable to confide in her husband Her rackety brother is at hand to turn to instead and of course he manages to make things worseCardross also has a young and headstrong sister who is in love with an unsuitable man; and a few of Heyer's stock characters the high stickler cousin the inarticulate friend the censorious aunt round out the cast It's hard to care about the hero and heroine Nell is a pretty wigeon who nevertheless assumes an air of dignity and wisdom when it is convenient to the plot and the plot also forces Cardross to act a bit the tyrant or at least the prosy schoolmaster than is pleasing We are told a lot of the setup in narrative instead of learning it for ourselves in fully realized scenes The story is a bit thin revolving almost entirely around efforts to pay a debt and altogether this book feels as if Heyer wrote it in her sleep Of course Heyer could write romance in her sleep far handily than most authors can do on their best days so this book is pleasing enough But once one has savored the pleasures of her best work it is hard not to be disappointed by this half hearted effort