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Freedom Swimmer Free download ´ 105 · ❮PDF❯ ⚣ Freedom Swimmer ✈ Author Wai Chim – Ming survived the famine that killed his parents during China's 'Great Leap Forward' and lives a hard but adeuate life working in the fieldsWhen a group of city boys comes to the village as part of a Ming surviMing survived the famine that killed his parents during China's 'Great Leap Forward' and lives a hard but adeuate life working in the fieldsWhen a group of city boys comes to the village as part of a Communist Party. A few weeks ago I read a review for Freedom Swimmer on Happy Indulgence and was touched by Jeann's review She spoke about how her family had migrated to Australia in which most families search for freedom and an environment to raise children allowing them to prosper It's a narrative echoed by so many Australian families our neighbours our friends and family members Ming's story is passionate and breathtaking but most of all it instills hope and a sense of understanding learning not to take our freedom for grantedOrphaned at the tender age of only eleven years old Ming is a mere boy in a village where children sow the fields in communist China not afforded an education unlike wealthy families living within the city Ming is an outcast since his father attempted the treacherous swim to Hong KongTitled Freedom Swimming by the media an overwhelming number of young men and women made the journey to freedom escaping Maoist guards with dozens of barely adult bodies washing up on the Hong Kong shoreline Famine swept throughout China and for many citizens escape was their only means of survival Wai Chim was inspired by her own father's story he too was a Freedom Swimmer in the early seventies and now lives a peaceful life in New York An inspirationFreedom Swimmer is told in duel narratives from both Ming and Li both young men are wonderfully written and will appeal to the wider audience with the characters conversing in modern English Readers experience China's Cultural Revolution through the eyes of two young men wanting justice for the treatment of so many and hopeful for their freedom Freedom Swimming was an incredibly treacherous era with many media reports believing it was a significant precursor to cultural changeAustralia is a multicultural country not without fault Asylum seekers from war ravaged countries are modern day Freedom Swimmers seeking refuge and safe passage for their families only to be placed in detention Unless you identify as an Indigenous Australian who remain our traditional land owners we are all migrants seeking the same freedom and prosperity and Freedom Swimmer further highlights their plightInspirational poignant and uietly beautiful Freedom Swimmer is a journey of bravery and the strength we draw from solidarity and compassion

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Re education program Ming and his friends aren't sure what to make of the new arrivals They're not used to hard labour and village life But despite his reservations Ming befriends a charming city boy called Li The. Freedom Swimmer is Wai Chim's first novel for young adults and is based true events and her father's life in China The prologue is set in the winter of 1962 a year after China's Great Leap Forward Eleven year old Ming Hong lives in Dingzai a small fishing village on the Dapeng Peninsula in the district of Longgang Guangdong province His father who has been missing for years loved to swim and instilled this love in Ming as well but he disappeared one night Now Ming's mother has died of starvation He takes her body to the river and returns to an empty house It's at this time that Ming meets Fei a girl from Long chi a neighbouring village but they are soon separated and Ming doesn't have the courage to seek her outThe story picks up again in 1968 Ming now shares a room with three other boys all without families They live in poverty with no electricity or running water They work each day in the fields overseen by the Cadre who is employed by the Communist Party under instruction from Chairman Mao Zedong Working earns them points which are used for rations and as a way to keep them in check It's a time of great suspicion the smallest change in behaviour or one wrong word can earn you the label of reactionary or counter revolutionary and can lead to imprisonment or deathSoon a group of youths from the city former Red Guards arrive They are there to learn how to work in the fields and to be reeducated as well as to help spread the word of Mao Li is on of these boys and he soon befriends MingFrom memory we didn't learn a lot of Chinese history in high school We covered World War I II and Vietnam but I do recall learning a little of Mao perhaps from conversations at home and possibly from my own reading It's a time that lead to a lot of deaths with estimates as high as 35 million people That's so sad and shocking and I'm sure this must be a time that still has repercussions for many families todayThe friendship that blooms between Ming and Li was heartwarming and really highlighted how tense and fear based most relationships must have been at the time Ming isn't even sure he can trust his closest friend Tian because you never know who will turn on you Ming still loves to swim and manages to get away to indulge every now and then When he discovers that Li cannot swim he sets about teaching him something that cements their bond Ming later reveals to Li that his father talked of escaping China by swimming to Hong Kong a treacherous journeyRight from the start my heart broke for Ming he's orphaned at a young age and there's no one in the village to care for him because they are all suffering too The atmosphere was palpable throughout the story I could sense his fear and loneliness I felt so worried for Ming Li Fei and Tian sure they were being watched that at any moment they could be accused of traitorous acts and taken away or killed Freedom Swimmer is a beautifully told story of a time in history that is painful and horrifying It's obviously a story close to the author's heart and she writes about it with such honesty and feeling It highlights how far humans will go to survive and the bonds they forge with friends and family It would make an excellent school text and is perfect for both teens and adultsThank you to Allen Unwin for my review copy

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Freedom SwimmerTwo couldn't be different but slowly they form a bond over evening swims and shared dreamsBut as the bitterness of life under the Party begins to take its toll on both boys they begin to imagine the impossible freed. A second read and that ending still gets to meI don't particularly remember my thoughts from my first read and evidently I was too lazy to type it up However this time around I was struck byjust how very dystopian this book soundsthe sweetly subtle romance the powerful bond of friendship of 'brotherhood' Freedom Swimmer is imbued with heartache and it was uite uncomfortable to read even if I didn't know the ending you just know that something was wrong and something worse may come yet The strength courage of these boys were something to be admired Freedom Swimmer is a story of friendship of brotherhood of finding hope and life where you expect none It's a tale filled with weary suffering yet of unflagging strength and courage It's a story that need to be told read and retold and reread I am looking forward to another reread in the future