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Venetia AUTHOR Georgette HeyTwenty five year old Venetia Lanyon's beauty is rivaled only by her sensibility Intelligent and independent her future seems safe and predictable Lovely Venetia despairs of ever meeting the handsome hero of her romantic dreams but is nearly resigned to spinsterhood thanks to the enormous amount of responsibility she inherited with a Yorkshire estate and an invalid but precocious brother Aubrey She lives in comfortable seclusion in rural Yorkshire she has never been further than Harrogate nor enjoyed the lackluster attentions of any but her two wearisomely persistent suitors She can not accept to marry the respectable but dull Edward Yardley. June 2019 reread with the Georgette Heyer groupNews flash I'm not 18 any So even though I still have a soft spot for romances in general and Regencies in particular my appetite for reading about sweet silly young girls who do brainless things and have Big Misunderstandings with the guy has dwindled to almost zero When you're yelling TALK TO EACH OTHER PEOPLE at a book it's not particularly conducive to the romantic feelzWhich brings me to Venetia Venetia herself is one of my favorite Heyer heroines intelligent witty resourceful and not easily fazed by events that would make most ladies throw up their hands in despair She's 25 years old just about on the shelf by Regency standards Because her father was a damaged soul Venetia has spent her entire life in a small town with a very limited circle of friends and acuaintances but she's nevertheless well read and socially adept if rather innocent in the ways of the worldEnter Damerel an older man who's a confirmed rake and pretty much doesn't care about anything any longer Or at least he thinks he doesn't but underneath there's an intelligent kind man that his growing friendship with Venetia brings out of hiding He starts out intending to seduce her hey she's a lovely girl and he's bored but his growing friendship with and respect for her and her brother soon make him realize that he can't do that Which leads to a moral conundrum for Damerel his life has been so reprehensible that he's no longer accepted in society and marrying a sweet younger lady like Venetia would make people despise him even and shun them bothI'm something worse than a fool Would that she could make of me a saint or I of her a sinner For the first part it's too late old friend too late And for the second it was precisely my intention and a rare moment this is to discover that if I could I would notWhat to do The resolution isn't as simple as you might expectIt's lovely to watch Venetia's developing relationship with Damerel They trade literary uotes and allusions and they just understand each other Their relationship is in turns witty and heart wrenching And way sexier than any other Heyer romance I'm aware of Heyer never gives you anything than a kiss no tangled tongues or groping or anything like that but you can almost feel the heat rising off the pages when these two are togetherI loved both the humor and the literary allusions and references in this book I think it's the most intelligently written of the Heyer books I've read I can feel my brain cells multiplying while I read it Or expanding Whatever it is they do I found a handy online guide to the literary references in Venetia which might help other readers too This was invaluable in keeping my brain cells from exploding from trying to expand too fastAnd I've changed my mind on this second read Venetia gets all 5 starsPS re orgies at the end of the bookview spoiler Damarel jokes that they're going to have a lovely orgy or something to that effect This has bothered a lot of readers including me But here's my evolved take on that scene The first time I read that orgy comment I thought it was cynical; the second time I decided he and Venetia were just joking around Then we were discussing it in our Georgette Heyer group read a few months ago and someone said that what Damerel really means with that comment is that they're going to have a great wedding night and love life generally a nice little orgy with just the two of them hide spoiler

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Download Venetia AUTHOR Georgette Heyer 107 ß ❰EPUB❯ ✷ Venetia Author Georgette Heyer – Twenty five year old Venetia Lanyon's beauty is rivaled only by her sensibility Intelligent and independent her future seems safe and predictable Lovely Venetia despairs of ever meeting the handsome h Twenty fiveShe will only marry for loveThen her long absent neighbor thirty eight year old Lord Jasper Damerel returns home to Yorkshire In one extraordinary encounter she meets the infamous neighbor who she knows only by reputation a gamester a shocking rake and a man of sadly unsteady character and before she knows better she finds friendship with a libertine whose way of life has scandalised the North Riding for years Lord Damerel finds Venetia to be the most truly engaging and wittily perverse female he has encountered in all his life and determined to woo and win her he pursues her with a passionate abandon that is soon the talk of the ton And a. Yorkshire 1818WARNING Spoilers gushing swooning uoting and rose petal strewing ahead ; no orgies though I promise read on safely PO Venetia Thou hast utterly captured my soul A rose by any other name would smell as sweetAnd a Damerel by any other name would be just as swoon worthy I will be calm I will be mistress of myselfBecause my name is Venetia and I'm one of the most wonderful heroines in all literature I have lived one of the dreamiest romances possible and have remained perfectly poised and ladylike through the whole thing without seeming aloof or uninterested I am simply awesome that is all I am sorry that no one else is ever going to have a romance as breathtakingly beautiful as mine ; I am determined that nothing but the deepest love could ever induce me into matrimonyOK Anne I know Venetia has completely addled your brain but there is no need to start uoting classic literature like some foolish bluestocking You'll never be able to pull it off as swiftly as Damerel and Venetia NOTHING COULD EVER COMPARE TO DAMEREL AND VENETIA Yes I know I know I use NS gifs WAY TOO MUCH But I don't CARE It's PERFECT here #sorrynotsorryuite simply this book is exuisitely sublime No amount of words to describe its peaceful uiet beauty and entrancing depth would ever be sufficient This is a masterpiece of the first order Possibly Heyer's best novel in terms of perfectly blended substance and romanticism IJustLoveItEveryone had been telling me to read this for ages I knew I would love it and was so excited to read it that a part of me did not want to read it too soon becauseonce you read it for the first time you'll never read it again for the first time Sure re reads are sometimes even better but they're not the same You already know just how swoony Damerel really is when you re read it ; Fair Fatality you are the most unusual female I have encountered in all my thirty eight years finally Anne is uoting the right bookIn what is assuredly the most famous “first encounter” scene in all of Heyer’s books a returning Lord Damerel looking devilishly handsome on his horse stumbles upon Venetia picking blackberries on his estate grounds and immediately just starts throwing out uotes and kissing her ruthlessly you know like any normal landlord would do And Venetia She uotes back I kid you not this girl may be inexperienced but she knows what’s up You want to act like a cad Well so be it 'your uotations don’t make your advances a whit acceptable to me – and they don’t deceive me into thinking you anything but a pestilent complete knave'And Damerel is all OH MY GOSH SHE UOTES BACK SHE UNDERSTANDS SHE’S THE ONE Thus it begins my friends One of the most beautiful romances I’ve ever read solidly grounded on friendship mutual understanding and true love ”’Or don’t you know how beautiful you are’‘Yes’ replied Venetia taking the wind out of his sails ’Item two lips indifferent red – ‘ ‘Oh no you’re uite out and have gone to the wrong poet besides They look like rosebuds filled with snow’”Aren’t they something What I wouldn’t give for such an encounter when I go blackberry picking Maybe I should try trespassing on some hot guy’s property ; From that first meeting it is obvious that Damerel and Venetia are kindred spirits and that probably no one else will understand them Venetia may be “on the shelf” sheltered in the country inexperienced and optimistic but she ain’t dumb She’s not a chit who can’t tell love apart from attraction or who is likely to have her head turned just because some swoony hot lord uotes poetry to her and calls her his “dear delight” No She falls for Damerel because he’s her soulmate and she has sense enough to recognize that Never mind that he’s the rakest rake in England with a shocking past of wild orgies and seducing married women or that he’s up to his eyeballs in debts WHO CARES VENETIA HAS FOUND A FRIEND A real friendAnd no one understands No one gets it They all think Venetia is going to have her heart broken that she doesn’t understand what Damerel is up to that she’s too good and innocent to be with him They warn her and counsel her and beg her to stay away from him yet they never once ask her what she feels or what she thinks about him If only they knew how alike they are and what good jokes they share “OMG YOU’VE JUST HAD THE MOST DIVERTING THOUGHT”Their only ally is Venetia’s hilarious younger brother Aubrey a smart and sassy scholarly boy who prefers books to people see People who prefer books usually understand people better We know and who had wonderfully good scenes and witty lines as sharp as rapiersThe first part of the book passes by uietly with autumn settling in and Damerel and Venetia being wrapped up in each other being the best of friends and accomplices Damerel takes to calling Venetia his “dear delight” his “fair fatality” “Admir'd Venetia” and other similar heart melting nicknames he keeps telling her she is a beautiful desirable creature and that he wouldn’t at all mind kissing her again and well everything is just so sigh worthy that you never want it to end ”’he should have taken you in his arms like this and not as though he were a bear bent on hugging you to death Nor am I in favour of dabbing kisses all over a girl’s face If you cannot persuade her by a ruse to look up you should make her do so with a hand under her chin – thus my dear delight’”BUT THEN MRS SCORRIER ENTERS THE PICTURE AND UTTERLY RUINS EVERYTHING She meddles she disturbs everything at Undershaw she insults Venetia and she drives everybody batty I will be honest the bits about her and her interference in the house were pretty boring and maybe a bit too long but mostly they were infuriating She was intolerable But her arrival is also a catalyst that strikes up a series of unforeseen twists and turns and the second half of the book is definitely fast paced and surprising than the first Having been pushed to her limits by Mrs S Venetia declares her intention of setting up house in London which unwittingly prompts Damerel into a most moving love declaration although interrupted by Aubrey Aubrey interruption # 1 of about 5000 but that leaves you swooning nonetheless ”’You call me your friend but I never called you mine and never shall You remained and always will a beautiful desirable creature’”Ooooh if only Aubrey hadn’t come in at that moment And if Venetia’s uncle had never come to Yorkshire How things would have been different But as it is the aforementioned people DID meddle and in one of the most poignant heart breaking scenes I’ve ever read in any romance novel Damerel suddenly decides to act like the noblest of noble knights and in so doing breaks Venetia’s heart and mine and his own ”’Well – thus ends a charming autumn idyll eh’”I just need to give Venetia a big hug I was so SHOCKED so SPEECHLESS when I read that that I basically dropped my book and sat there gaping for ages OH DAMEREL YOU INFURIATING DARLING HOW COULD YOUPoor Venetia goes to London with her heart sunk to the lowest depths of despair but still she’s no fool and knows something must have happened to make Damerel suddenly change his mind when she had been so sure of his love She just doesn’t know what But oh when she finds outoh when she finds out Damerel better WATCH IT Oh she ain’t gonna let him get away with his darned newfound chilvalry OH HECK NO HE BETTER START STREWING THOSE BLASTED ROSE PETALSALL THE WAY TO YORKSHIRE Venetia bursts into Damerel’s dining room while he is uietly intoxicating himself Damerel OH GOD NO this is the actual line P P Venetia OH GOD YES Why do you have to be drunk just now Damerel ASJFKJLKJLK VENETIA VENETIA IT’S VENETIA VEEEEEENEEEEETIIIIIAAAAAAApassionate kissing fond embraces insert disgusting sounds here Damerel reluctantly pulling away Ohhhhh why did you come back Noooo I can’t DO THIS Venetia I need money to pay the driver do you have your purse Damerel Venetia noooo you weren’t supposed to come back you can’t – I can’t – ARGH Venetia Please your purse I really need to pay my driver Imber uietly coming in Uuuhhhhmiss You don’t mean to stay here do you Venetia Oh hell yes I am staying HERE I have been anxiously traveling all day long just to get here and now you think I’d go away Uh uh Damerel NOOOOOOO Venetia YEEESSSSSS AND I AM STARVING SO PLEASE GET ME SOME FOOD Damerel Venetia please no YOU CAN’T Venetia Oh I see you have decided to be idiotish again is that it Damerel Awww “idiotish” sniff I never though I would hear

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Fter her encounter with the dashing dangerous rake Venetia's well ordered life is turned upside down and she embarks upon a courtship with him that scandalises and horrifies the whole communityBut Venetia has no intention of losing her heart to the rakish lord until she is sure that beneath his swashbuckling ways and shocking manners lies a tender heart belonging to her And Lord Damerel would marry her in a heartbeat if he did not think it would ruin her Then she discovers a shocking family secret that changes everything It was therefore particularly provoking to find that occasion Lord Damerel could make up his mind to be idiotically noble. Here's the thing This book is one of my all time favorite books I've read it so many times by now that I lost count And yet I never wrote a review because I could never really find the right words to do this book justice When I finally convinced two of my good friends to give this book a try yet another re read was in order And guess what I still love it and still can't come up with coherent reasons why Let's start with the heroine I wish you will tell me some of the things you have done I think not he said dryly I said some of the things you have done she exclaimed indignantly You can't have spent your whole life getting into idiotish scrapes The ugly look vanished as he burst out laughing Most of it I assure youI ADORE Venetia She is one of the most sensible level headed determined and yet completely loveable heroines I have ever had the pleasure to read about Whatever life throws at her and boy does it throw things at her a terrible egotistical father who pretty much buries her alive on his secluded country estate the egotistical brothers who never think about her happiness the self centered aunt who doesn't do anything to help alleviate her situation to name only a few she somehow remains cheerful and optimistic never gives up and always finds a way to be happy with what she has I truly envy her in that respect I love how she never tries to change Damerel how she sees him for exactly what he is and loves him for all his bad parts together Then there's our darling rake Jasper Lord Damerel Fair Fatality you are the most unusual female I have ever encountered in all my thirty eight years You can't think how deeply flattered I am she assured him I daresay my head would be uite turned if I didn't suspect that amongst so many a dozen or so may have slipped from your memory More like a hundred Am I never to learn your nameI LOVE this man He comes such a long way in this book and not because someone forces him to change but because meeting an innocent little whirlwind who turns his life of debauchery upside down actually makes him re evaluate his life choices and accept that he has screwed up and he is not good enough for her as he is He's no angel and I love him even for that He hasn't been a good landowner or anything but he does try his best to become oneI absolutely love his sense of humor I wish I had someone to trade Shakespearean insults with in everyday conversation Which brings me to the most delicious banter I can't come down that ladder while you stand there watching me Can't you Oh that's easily remedied he retorted and removed the ladder It was this impish action which drew the protest from her which Oswald heard Fiend She said Do put it back and go away Not I he replied grinning up at her But it is most unchivalrous of you No no On the contrary The ladder is clearly unsafe Oh the banter Be still my heart 3 These two are truly euals if not in education or anything else but definitely when it comes to wit and humor They love teasing one another try to find the most obscure poetry reference to uote and see if the other one recognizes it I love every moment of it Last and MOST IMPORTANTLY the narrationOh sweet mercy the heavenly narration 3 Richard Armitage is one of my favorite actors and narrators He has such a beautiful voice it's just a delight to listen to No matter how long the book he always finds a uniue voice for each character that helps you identify who is speaking at every moment without a clue from the text Even his female characters sounds believable It's just tremendous fun to listen to him bring a book to live If you don't believe me see Becca's review below he managed to get a complete audiobook hater to admit that this is perfection At this point I have actually listened to this book often than I have read it and trust me if you hear the man's voice you'll understand why Sadly this is an abridged version which cut some of my favorite moments but this in no way dims my love for this production There is a reason this is the book I turn to whenever I'm in a slump or just need a pick me up I love the characters their determination the heart and humor and all of it together makes for one perfect reading experience If you have never read a Georgette Heyer book I cannot recommend this highly enough as a starting pointAlso here are the reviews of the two friends I convinced to try this they both loved it so YAYLacey's reviewBecca's review