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Download Dark Fire ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ñ [KINDLE] ❆ Dark Fire Author Robyn Donald – Dancing with the devilYou're certainly not in love with Paul Because you want to go to bed with me Devilish words indeed But what made Flint Jansen so arrogantly assume that Aura would choose him over Dancing Er Paul his friend and Aura's warm and loyal fiance From the moment they met he had shattered Aura's world It was true she found him undeniably attractive overwhelmingly charismatic So much so that. What a hideously vile group of characters here The so called hero was the worst; heroine not much better and the ever clinging materialistic aggravating mother that annoys everyone but especially the readersI'm giving a 1 star for vile heroheroine but it is a well done book The writing the set up and angst are 4 starsAura the h is engaged to be married and loves Paul Flint Paul's best friend from childhood shows up and jumps right into the you must be a gold digger trope at first glance He stalks and molests his BEST FRIEND'S fiancee and warns her she'll never marry Paul She tries to fight off her attraction to fucking Flint as she really does love her fiancee but she knows she's not IN love with him Due to some trauma as a teen and daddy issues than I want to get into she has trust issues and is in need of love and stability Paul provides that plus he doesn't make her skin crawl Lucky Paul The fighting off thing against Flint doesn't work too well as any reader of a Harleuin will knowBottom line Aura realizes that she can't marry Paul although she'll have to put up with her mother's whining and carrying on Like I said few good people here She resolves to tell Paul after a mega grope session with Flint the SOB rat bastard Well Flint the SOB bastard jumps the gun and stages an intervention along the lines of let's get caught by Paul I want to remind you that these men have been best friends since they were 8 and 9Long story short Paul actually expresses some kinda scary outrage that with another author could have been hot The engagement is over and fallout beginsAura falls into a modeling job Of course She ends up running into Flint months later and yippee loses her virginity It's awesome because who is worthier than the man that called you a slut a gold digger and betrayed his childhood best friend who defended him as a kidEven months later her mother is married off to a rich tycoon in Canada Hallelujah as the h lives in New Zealand and effin' Flint shows up again He has some of the jewelry she sold to pay off her mother's debt She explains she is going to move from modeling into accounting and computers as that's her field of study Color the SOB rat bastard surprised as he may lust after her but still thinks she's a shallowuser bimboBottom line Flint fell in love with at first sight and there was no way he was going to let her marry Paul view spoiler He even lied to his BF and said they had already slept together when they had not He later admits that even if she had been married to Paul he would have taken her She agrees What honor hide spoiler

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Dancing with the devilYou're certainly not in love with Paul Because you want to go to bed with me Devilish words indeed But what made Flint Jansen so arrogantly assume that Aura would choose him ov. Engaged heroine meets her fiance's best man two weeks before the wedding and oh dear The best man really isn't the best man in any way shape or form The fiance is a good generous guy who just doesn't turn the bride's crank Unfortunately the best man doesOh she denies it of course and avoids him and hopes for the best and agonizes and the 'best man' is relentless in his chase He says it's to save his friend from the gold digging tramp heroine but lets get real he wants her tooview spoilerThe hero sets it up so the fiance sees the h in a compromising position and the wedding is off He also lies and tells the fiance they had sex which wasn't true Lots of angst as the h's life is ruined and the H goes off to do his troubleshooting somewhereOver time the h gets back on her feet Her obnoxious mother marries a Canadian and is finally out of the picture The h becomes a model and it's when she's on location that she runs into the H again They have sex H doesn't show any surprise h is a virgin And he's out of her life againHeroine licks her wounds some and then visits the H's winery He's not there so she decides it's not meant to be H finally tracks her down after hearing she sought him out He thought she needed time to get over the fiance before they could have a relationshipThere's an epilogue where the Hh have been married a few years and have two children The fiance drops in for a visit and he's gracious I don't know why since the H had done this to him before and he didn't have a woman in his life Maybe RD wrote a happy ending for him somewhere I hope so he was betrayed by both his friend and his fianceThis is one of those stories where love and passion take precedence over all the other anemic emotions like friendship and integrity The heroine wasn't given a chance to break it off with the fiance honorably like she was planning and it caused the maximum hurt to the fiance hide spoiler

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Dark FireShe now faced a battle with her conscience and with Flint both demanded that she abandon security and her fiance She had to cancel the wedding but could she entrust herself to Flint's dark seduction. Those old RD books are a bit strange for me As I've never been in New Zealand I don't know anything about this country or its people besides they are from England And in those books I feel like I'm in a strange victorian romance with all those tea parties and gentlemen and huge plantations Really they seem to be coming straight from another eraBut the book was good I think RD has heroines who cannot resist their men But they're not weak or whining just overhelmed by the sexuality of themselves and their lovers And this book followed that ruleI loved the heroine Aura too young to be in charge of so many things in hre life and I can relate with her desire to have a mean to lean on But she was strong and ready to see her mistakes and make amendsA good book I really like this author