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DOWNLOAD ↠ Dark Fever ò ☃ Dark Fever PDF / Epub ✑ Author Charlotte Lamb – I want him she thought and that in itself was shattering…Bianca was enjoying her first holiday since the death of her beloved husband three years ago… Until she met Gil Maruez the owner of the hotel I want him she thought and that in itself I want him she thought and that in itself was shattering…Bianca was enjoying her first holiday since the death of her beloved husband three years ago. Re Dark Fever Charlotte Lamb continues on with book five of her Sins series This one deals with the Deadly Sin of Lust Both CL and Dante take the classic definition in this one Unlike refined compilers of the list of moral sins they euate Lust with ' the disordered love for individuals thus possessing at least the redeeming feature of mutuality unlike the graver sins' In other words lusting after a person isn't as grave a sin as the others on our list because Lust reuires interaction with another person Tho one of the English Cardinals proclaimed Lust was the outward expression of Gluttony and transforms one into a slave of the profane which eventually forces one to focus inward and again cut oneself off from Divine Love CL has a specific focus for this exploration of Lust as a deadly vice she tells us in her author's noteDear ReaderThe Seven Deadly Sins are those sins which most of us are in danger of committing every day very ordinary failings very human weaknesses but which can sometimes cause pain to both ourselves and others Over the ages they have been defined as Anger Covetousness Envy Greed Lust Pride and SlothIn this book I deal with the sin of Lust We can all become driven by desire especially when we fall in love; it is a natural human instinct and can be beautiful—but lust can also have an ugly face and express the very opposite of love Sometimes lust is born of hatred and a desire to destroy We start this one the just turned forty year old widowed h She is having a very intense and passionate dream that turns into a nightmare when the h realizes that the amorous male she is dreaming about is some faceless entity and not her beloved husband of 20 years that was sadly taken from her life three years earlierThe h is also the mother of a 19 yr old girl and a 15 yr old football mad son Since there is nothing like teenagers to make you feel ancient the h is soon awash in a mopey moment that she has arrived at middle age and maybe the best part of her life is overShe misses her husband and she looks in the mirror and she sees the advance of time She wonders what is left for her in the future outside of getting her chicks launched into the world and running her half of a small boutiue for women Even tho her boutiue partner tells her that her life is just starting to perk up and she needs to get involved again it takes the gift of a vial of French perfume from her son and a new set of Chanel eye shadows from her daughter to get her thinking that maybe she needs a revamp of her imageShe isn't sure she will ever want another man in her life her older husband was her world for years and they were deeply devoted But the winter snow and ice is making her long for sunnier climes so the h decides to take herself off to a resort in Spain to the utter shock of her childrenTho the cheeky little devils are filled with suppressed glee when they realize that if mum's off on a vacation they can sneak in that massive kegger they have been wanting to do for agesSo the h takes herself off to Spain and shortly after her arrival she espies a VERY handsome Spaniard whose skin tight and nearly transparent black speedos make her mouth water The h is highly embarrassed by her ogling of the local eye candy and soon hurries off for a night of Tapas Bar tastings with a larger groupThe h is the lone female amidst a group of couples One German Lady is very nice but her husband wants to go back to the hotel early so the h finds herself alone again She is warned by the group's tapas bar guide that there are purse snatchers out and about and looking for victims It is recommended that the ladies don't venture out on their ownThe h drinks a lot of very rich red wine and CL does a veritable orgy of tapas food porn the wild flamenco music is making the h's pulses and her head pound and she steps outside to get some fresh airThe h gets distracted by a red flamenco dress across the street and forgets the warning about being out by herself Inevitably a skeezy guy dressed in black leather on a motor bike tries to steal her handbag The h uses some self defense moves and then becomes petrified when the black leather skeezy guy pulls out a knife It looks like the h is in a very dangerous situation when all of the sudden headlights appear and the Speedo Man hops out of his very nice sports carHe rescues the h and insists she report the attack to the police He also helps her back to her resort and treats her for shock We find out Mr Speedo is actually the Manager and Owner of the resort and we get lots and lots of Spanish HP travelogue as the H escorts the h aboutHe manages to get lots of gropey handling and roofie kisses in too but the h is still trying to shake off her feelings of betraying her deceased husband and the H being in his early thirties is rattling her composure CL is pretty much content to let the Lurve Force Mojo simmer so while the tension is fierce the Purple Passion Mojo Explosion never happensMainly because the skeevy black leather guy gets out of jail and starts stalking the h He manages to sneak onto the resort grounds one night and the h opens the door to her room to him thinking that he is the HThere is a vicious almost rape scene where the h is beaten and doing her best to fight the skeevy criminal off before the H and his security guards manage to break open the h's door and save her This really unnerves the h and she wants to go home but her face is really bruised and she doesn't want to scare her children witless She figures they will never let her leave her home ever again if they see her all beaten up So she hides and rests in her room for a few days and the H tries to talk to her and get her to go out with him once The h just can't tolerate a relationship at this point but it is PTSD from her attack than any objection to the HThe h also worries that the divorced H whose ex wife was the nice German Lady's sister in law and very incompatible with the H will want a younger woman eventually and will also probably want children that she may be too old to haveThe h decides to sneak back home to England after a few days of healing without telling the H But when she gets there the H shows up in his exotic sports car three days later The h's kids are gobsmacked The son is leery of any bloke who is hitting on his mum and the h's daughter is wondering what a rich hot guy like the H is seeing in her motherThe h manages to ride herd on her kids but she too is wondering what the H is up to For the H it is pretty simple he wants the h badly and to him she is the epitome of hot sexy passion and charm But he also really likes her and during the time they spent together they really had a lot in common and his feelings are running very deepThe H makes a big declaration of his love for her and the h acknowledges that she is feeling the love too so we leave the two of them ready to embark on the exploration of a new relationship One that may lead to a new lifetime of love for the big HEAThis one isn't much of a romance really like an h who overcomes her midlife soon to be empty nester crisis The h and H did have a decent amount of chemistry and the potential for the future was there but CL belayed that in favor of the h needing time to recover from her attackWhich nicely shelved the myriad of uestions that this potential relationship raises in terms of who lives where and with whom and how and where exactly these two can go together as a couple in the future Unfortunately that means that this book is a HFN ending and not a true HPlandia HEA which can be a big disappointment when you want a substantial romance in your HP outing Next up the sin of Anger a good shout about things can clear the air but what happens when a long suppressed rage explodes and who or what will be caught in the fallout


She possessed How could she want this man with such dark intensity yet be certain that she was falling in love… Love can conuer the deadliest of Sin. Cared too little to consider adding these bad spirits to my new word list Plus the sex was almost scary

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Dark Fever… Until she met Gil Maruez the owner of the hotel where she was stayingGil opened up such intense feelings of desire in Bianca which she hadn't known. A good read The sexy hero makes you feel faint and you feel for the heroine which makes for a great story but there is just something missingnot as good as her other books Still a good interesting read