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READ ì Speechless ↠ ➹ [Read] ➵ Speechless By Naomi Chase ➼ – From the pen of award winning author Naomi Chase comes the sexy thrilling preuel to Exposed Sometimes you have to look back to move forward Before Tamia Luke met Brandon Chambers she was a popular por From the pen of award winning author Naomi Chase comFrom the pen of award winning author Naomi Chase comes the sexy thrilling preuel to Exposed Sometimes you have to look back to move forward Before Tamia Luke met Brandon Chambers she was a popular porn star hustling to make a better life for herself With the money she earned as the masked dominatrix known as Mystiue she put herself through college and started saving for her future Just because she came from nothing doesn’t mean she has to settle for anything Several years later a chance encounter with a handsome powerhouse attorney gives her a taste of the glamorous life she’s always wanted But how far will she have to go to make her dreams a reality Born into a life of power and privilege Brandon knew from an early age what was expected of him to uphold the Chambers family name marry his social eual and conuer t. If you've read the three books that were released first whose story take place after this one then the preuel isn't necessary We all know how the saga endsHowever if you haven't read the books and want to start start with this one and I guarantee you will not be disappointed and will be singing Naomi Chase's praisedSpeechlessExposedDeceptionBetrayalThis is one series you'll want to have and rereading it is recommended


On Exposed “This fast paced story has so many twists and turns you’ll get dizzy but you won’t be able to put the book down because you’ll be dying to know what happens next” RT Book Reviews on Deception “captivating characters dynamic dialogue electric scenarios and tempestuous cliffhanging ending” Urban Reviews on Deception “brimming with tantalizing and addictive sex gutsy dialogue and conniving and demented characters all linked in a frenzied scandal that boggles the mind right up until the bombshell climax” RT Book Reviews on Betrayal “a tantalizing finish for urban fiction devotees wanting to see Tamia win at all costs The characters are fully developed with motivations with which readers can empathize This alone gives the series the boost to be top shelf” VOYA Magazine on Betray. I loved this series when is the next book coming out I read all of the books first and then I read the preuel I need answers What happened between Gwen and her sister and what is going on with Tamia’s dad I know Dominiue did not just let her leave him like that I have a feeling he is plotting something Does Gwen every really accept Tamia and what happens with Fiona’s baby Did Dre and Brooke hook up I NEED ANSWERS We need another book

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SpeechlessHe world As a rising star in the legal community he’s on his way to carving out his own legacy And then he meets Tamia and his whole universe is turned upside down Tamia is the total package beautiful sexy smart and ambitious Although she rocks Brandon’s world he senses that she’s hiding something from him But he won’t realize the depths of her deception until it’s too late EXPOSED SERIES Exposed Deception Betrayal Praise for the Exposed Series by Naomi Chase “Chase’s debut is a hard hitting nail biting sizzling drama that captivates and snatches your breath away with sensuality that saturates every line of the story” RT Book Reviews on Exposed “full of powerful characters entertainment suspense and unsuspected twists Readers will not be able to put this book down until the end” APOOO BookClub. Well Damn I love this series I'm thinking about reading it again just for the he'll of it It was that good I am about to read all of Naomi Maureen's series I finished this book in two days I was so happy and sad the it's over Can we get a spin off Maybe with one of the fellas I just love the gang This is still by far my favorite series The are some seriously steamy scenes in this series I laughed and I cried I was shocked and yelling out loud when I found out about Fi But what's up with Tamia father and Brandon's family secrets And I must say that Damn Brandon I just want a Brandon Had me wanting to move to Texas just to see lol But I would definitely recommend the whole series