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Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder summary Ø 108 ñ ✷ [BOOKS] ✫ Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder By Joanne Fluke ❁ – Hannah Swensen already has her hands full between dodging her mother's attempts to marry her off and running Lake Eden Minnesota's most popular bakery The Cookie Jar But when the Cozy CHannah Swensen already has her hands full between dodging her mother's attempts to marry her off and running Lake Eden Minnesota's most popular bakery The Cookie Jar But when the Cozy Cow D. I had been eyeing this book for a while mostly because the cover amused me so I finally picked it up when I was on one of my cosy mystery tears Knowing it had been written in the 80s made the content a little less annoying Unfortunately the first book is the best of this sad lotHowever having read all but the latest Key Lime Pie Murder which I am still debating whether or not to read in the series I have to say that the series is not that great The latter books were written recently and the author did a pretty good job throwing in those little details that let you know that yes you are in the 21st Century now for example one of the characters carries around a laptop and cell phone But beyond that there is not much to recommend this seriesThe main character is the bakery shop owner She eats a lot of cookies and worries about how fat she is and just frets about her weight far too often in the books At one point she goes on a diet and after a couple of days people are telling her how much weight she's lost and how good she looks Personally if she can look so different in just two days of dieting then she probably didn't need to lose any weight at all There are two men with whom she is supposed to be involved but why they want to be with her is not clear There is very little character development and I had a hard time understanding why in a supposedly small town where everyone knows that she likes to investigate crimes if you can call it investigating the suspects don't have a clue that she is interviewing them Bottom line unless you are bored to tears or stuck in a snowstorm with nothing else to read this series can be skipped

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E Chocolate Chip PDF suspects turn up This is one murder that's starting to leave a very bad taste in Hannah's mouth and if she doesn't watch her back her sweet life may get burned to a cri. Solving crimes certainly wasn’t as easy as they made it seem in the movies Hannah runs a cookie shop in a small town and her main sources of worry are her mother who constantly tries to match her with any widoweddivorced man in town and her younger sister who takes advantage of her state of single woman in her late twenties making her babysit her daughter on a daily basis Never in her whole life she would imagine that one day right after opening up her cute small cookie shop she will find the body of one of her fellow citizens peeping from his truck Being the sister in law of the town's cop she soon gets involved in the investigation did she bite than she could chewThe start of one of the most famous cozy mystery series this novel by Joanne Fluke is the proof that murder and desserts go together like milk and cookies and that a small cozy hometown is often the main attraction for killers maniacs and other horrors Wasn't Jessica Fletcher's life enough of a warning 😏😏When you see a cute cozy town with small antiue shops and flowers at every window RUN You never know when the next guy with the chainsaw is going to be right behind you PS The main character in this one is a little mm how can i say this in a polite way She's a btch Fatshaming Really I hope she gets better in the next books otherwise i will stop cheering for her and cheer for the killer instead 🔪

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Chocolate Chip Cookie MurderAiry's beloved deliveryman is found murdered behind Hannah's bakery with her famous Chocolate Chip Crunchies scattered around him Hannah sets out to track down a killer The Hannah snoops th. I enjoy these types of fluffy cozy mysteries The Cookie Jar setting was fun and included lots of cookie recipes tooEnjoyed the character of Hannah Swensen and her snooping ways The small town setting of Lake Eden was perfect Hannah's orange cat Moishe added another cozy additionThe mystery is light but the characters made it fun and enjoyable for a little escape Recommend to those who enjoy cozy mysteries and follow the characters through the series This is a long running series and I'm planning to pick up Book Two soon