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Characters ´ Red Dog Author Louis de Bernières ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ê ➬ Red Dog Read ➵ Author Louis de Bernières – The enchanting story of a very remarkable dog from the author of the bestselling Captain Corelli's Mandolin‘In early 1998 I wenG stories and visiting the places that he knew writing up the text as I went along I hope my cat never finds out that I have written a story to celebrate the life of a dog’ Louis de Bernières‘If you love Australia it will have you aching for the scent of gums and sight of the Southern Cross while if you love dogs it is sure to make you highly indulgent towards the one you love’ Observer. I really enjoyed this book It’s so endearing I really wanted to have met Red Dog The story isn’t deep or particularly meaningful it’s just a nice read A great in between books story

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The enchanting story of a very remarkable dog from the author of the bestselling Captain Corelli's Mandolin‘In early I went to Perth in Western Australia in order to attend the literature festival and part of the arrangement was that I should go to Karratha to do their first ever literary dinner Karratha is a mining town a long way further north The landscape is extraordinary being composed. This is a piuant fictional account of a real dog in Western Australia who achieved a vibrant independent life and captured the hearts of a broad community of people Red Dog was a kelpie medium sized herding breed who abandoned his first owner for the pleasures of multiple “homes” and travel He learned to catch rides by car and bus and expanded his range until he became known and supported over a large region Red Dog’s adventures are recounted in a short book that makes you want The tale reveals the various fascinating ways he intersected the lives of people he “adopted” along the way His career bears comparison with that of Ted Kerasote’s wonderful comprehensive memoir Merle's Door Lessons from a Freethinking Dog a Colorado dog who also achieved the run of his community though differing in retaining one owner In breaking the bonds of the servile role expected of family dogs Red Dog also shares some similarities with Farley Mowatt’s heartwarming tall tales of his boyhood dog in The Dog Who Wouldn't BeThe book itself is a work of art published with thick vellum pages and beautiful evocative illustrations It also benefits from the prose skills of the author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and Birds without Wings

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Red Dog Author Louis de BernièrOf vast heaps of dark red earth and rock poking out of the never ending bushI imagine that Mars must have a similar feel to it I went exploring and discovered the bronze statue to Red Dog outside the town of Dampier I felt straight away that I had to find out about this splendid dog A few months later I returned to Western Australia and spent two glorious weeks driving around collecting Red Do. I read this book in essentially one sitting put it down and heaved a huge sigh of contentment I have two other books by this author on my to be read pile but picked this one up because it was sent to me by uinnsmom Did you know today is her birthday Happy happy chicaAnyhow though this is simply told I got very involved in the characters I could relate to dogs that pass gas cats that hiss people that live life fully and all sorts of thing What I didn't expect was the full range of emotions that this book would carry me through There are some very sad bits but no than life brings us in the normal twists and turns I found myself thinking of Greyfriars Bobby the dog from Edinburgh with the lovely statue Here's the Wiki entry Dog loyalty is a wonderful thing And the nice thing in Red Dog's case is that he had the love and affection of an entire communityAnyhow I liked this a lot and wandered around on the net to find a picture of the statue