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State by State free read ↠ 6 ô ❴Reading❵ ➷ State by State Author Matt Weiland – “A funny moving rousing collection greater than the sum of its excellent parts”—New York Times Book Review Edited by Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey State by State is a panoramic portrait of Ameri “A funny moving rousAnd Washington DC by fifty one of the most acclaimed writers in the nation  Contributors include renowned and bestselling authors such as Louise Erdrich Jonathan Franzen Ann Patchett Anthony Bourdain William T Vollmann SE Hinton Dave Eggers Myla Goldberg Ric. Yes Well I didn't read the whole thing I'll take the credit just the same You wanna fight about itI was only interested in the little piece Vollmann has in here about California And it's betitled California not San Fransisco as Hemmingson unfortunately mistitles it in William T Vollmann An Annotated Bibliography Hemmingson's description is almost entirely wrong WTV expounds on California and a San Francisco SM brothel he visits essaying on the nature of pain and sexual freedom one section where he visits a performance at an SM club and he essays on the right to consensual activities The following section begins SF like other American cities utilizes various invisibles for instance the Salvadoran day laborer Alex who for ten dollars spoke to me in a mixture of English and Spanish Hemmingson's WTV bibliography needs to be thoroughly reworked expanded and reissued the pagecitation for the How You Are published excerpt is also ridiculously wrongAt any rate this little thing fourteen pages will slip in very nicely among the pages of Imperial ; a few paragraphs even being familiar from that text

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K Moody and Alexander Payne  Inspired by the Depression era WPA guides and awarded an “A” grade by Entertainment Weekly these delightful essays on the American character deliver “the full plumage of American life in all its riotous glory” The New York. State by State is a collection of 50 essays each by a different author each about a different state The project was inspired by the WPA American guide series from the 1930s and the essays range in style from memoir to travel essay to historical essay Some of the writers have always lived in the state they write about some have never lived there and some have lived there for part of their lives but they all have something to say about it I was partial to the essays that were about a particular aspect of a state like Joshua Ferris on playing in the water working in diners as a kid in Key West Florida Tara Bray Smith on the island of Ni'ihau in Hawaii where only Native Hawaiians the Robinson brothers live and Charles Bock on growing up around his parent's pawn shop in downtown Las Vegas I thought Dave Eggers' essay on Illinois was hilarious and I really like the way Alison Bechdel draws so her graphic treatment of Vermont was fun for me But now that I'm making this list I feel like there are so many others I'd like to mention bc really there are so many interesting funny sad things I learned about the Native Americans who used to live in the caves of Idaho the bumper stickers of Arkansas how to get a job picking corn in Iowa ghost stories of Louisiana and lightning nuclear power in New Mexico mountaintop mining in West Virginia and a zillion other things that make each place uniue Not all of the essays were amazing but the majority of them were at least pretty good

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State by State“A funny moving rousing collection greater than the sum of its excellent parts” New York Times Book Review Edited by Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey State by State is a panoramic portrait of America and an appreciation of all State by MOBI #8608 fifty states. State By State editors Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey had a neat idea here Inspired by the state guides produced by the Federal Writers Project in the 1930s Weiland and Wilsey set out to mimic that behemoth venture on a much smaller scale giving 51 Washington DC rightly gets a chapter different writers the opportunity to describe their personal experiences of a particular stateThe first thing that you need to know is that this isn't a travelogue in any real sense Most of the authors here are striving to describe a sense of place to give context to what each state means to them on a personal level There are descriptions of geography to be found of course but the real landscape traveled here is of the mind and psyche as the authors mine impressions and memories of past and presentAs you might expect with 51 different authors the results are very much hit and miss Some of the writing is exceptional a good portion is average and some is just downright confounding The language in some of the sections can be coarse and the chapter on California has a sexually explicit scene described in graphic detail so this certainly isn't a book for youngsters It took me a long time to read this book I found it difficult to digest than one or two states per day Part of my sloth like pace was due to the personal nature of the memoirs presented here I found it necessary to let the information soak in slowly so that I could get the full set of impressions that each author wanted to convey Sometimes as with the aforementioned section on California I just needed extra time to scratch my head and wonder what were they thinking I found some of the immigrant stories to be particularly powerful but some of the others like my home state of Texas for example would have benefited by being written by a nativeI'll give editor Sean Wilsey bonus points for his introduction He recounts stopping by my adopted hometown of Lockhart Texas for some introspection and barbecue and I can appreciate a man who likes to hit the backroads for some perspective and good eatin' His book is physically handsome and a challenging read Not bad but it could have been betterCODA This is another one of my older reviews that I brought out and dusted off in my effort to better chronicle the totality of my reading experiences through the years I ended up keeping this volume around for a few years then purging it when it came time to clear off some bookshelf space back when we were living smaller I remember it being a handsome book nice aesthetics I also remember it being a kind of frustrating journey The California chapter in particular sticks in my mind I had no problem with the explicitness of the visit to an SM club My problem stemmed from the fact that the author seemed fixated on the performance aspect of what he was seeing rather than trying to determine what was special about the scenes themselves or the people who acted them out The piece left me feeling like it was superficial never really digging down deep into the phenomenon of SM and certainly failing to cash in on how it related to the larger state of California It was snappy hip writing tasty in parts but as a reader I wa