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FREE READ À Battle Born ç [Download] ➵ Battle Born Author Sherrilyn Kenyon – MAJOR SPOILER WARNING While the books don’t have to be read in order if you haven’t read Dragonsworn this synopsis will contain massive spoilers for DS We just wanted to warn you MAJOR SPOILER WARNING While the books don’t have to be read D in order if you haven’t read Dragonsworn this synopsis wi. I love the DH world but when I finished Stygian I felt disappointedI'm wondering if Kenyon is losing her touch because the last DH book I really liked was Styxx's I was keen to get back on track with one of the original DH characters especially one so closely connected to Styxx but this book lacked a lot of important things like plot continuation and romanceOne of the reasons I love the DH books is because usually the characters have great relationship development and I can really believe they fall in love What we got from Urian's book was a few chapters of his childhood spent with Xyn and a few chapters describing his yearly appointment with her and then BAM they're together forever with maybe a uarter of the book dedicated to their relationshipAt least a uarter of Stygian uses recycled material from the last dozen books in which we re read events from Urian's perspective and half of it is there to give his life story from the last eleven thousand years Unlike Acheron's or Styxx's books I don't think Urian needed so much time spent in his past I was still wondering who he'd end up with in the last hundred pages and on my iPad the page count was 830I'm hoping this book served as a bit of a break from the usual break neck speed of this series and that we'll get back to plot development in Xander's book

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Ll contain massive spoilers for DS We just wanted to warn you. Yei excited for this book even do it will be release in a year BOOOOOOOOOOI kind of want Phoebe not to be the heroine cause she died in like book 4 So I am rooting for Xyn cause she is a freaking dragon BUT I seriously hope that this book is nothing like the last 4 books with a bazillion characters all running around a mystical forest in another dimension crap cause that ST is getting old Mrs Kenyon lets go back to the first books where the story line was passive and actually had a story line were the characters met in a normal world by normal I mean in earth not so mystical forest crap


Battle BornMAJOR SPOILER WARNING While the books don’t have to be rea. Ok what to say about this book First of all I will tackle spoilers and plot points here so if you want to go into it blind skip this review OVERALL RATING 3 Only because the ending last 20 pages or so it's really nice if extremely rushed otherwise it would be 2 15OVERALL OPINION This book disappointed me greatlyI'd like to point out that I've been a long time fan of the series I've read all the books and over the past week I re read Styxx and every book that came after it just so I would be caught up for Urian I expected it and wanted it to be as good or better than Styxx so I was expecting a lot of the plot points tackled in past books to be explored and further developed here Then the prologue of this book is also a bit of a plot bomb so after reading the prologue I was ready for a wild ride Boy was I wrong There are so many things wrong with this book I don't even know what to tackle first so let's just go in order of least to aggravating ok 1 This is the book with the greatest amount of inconsistencies I've seen in all my years reading DH Now maybe is just me but ever since the release of Acheron I feel that the books that came after it have progressively been losing uality when too many plot points and weird world building has been introduced into each new book and the main relationships have been pushed to a second and sometimes even third plane The series has gotten extremely confusing with so many lines happening at the same time But for a few exceptions One Silent Night The Guardian Styxx Son of No One the past books since Acheron have been unremarkable when it comes to the romance However they have starred one after the other in the info dump category So much weird information has been floating around at this point I think there are open plotlines than there are actual characters Stygian was supposed to address and resolve some of those plot points For example view spoilerWho is tampering with the temporal line Introduced at the end of Styxx hide spoiler