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In a world whose seasons are defined by Christmas sales and Spring Fashions hundreds of tiny nomes live in the corners and crannies of a human run department store They have made their homes beneath the floorboards for generations and no longer remember or even believe in life beyond the Store wallsUntil the day. This book is technically written for children but honestly I have trouble believing that a lot of 5th 8th graders will get the satire in here I would say that this is appropriate for children but that it is a great book for readers of all ages If you're looking for a laugh and enjoy British humor then this is laugh out loud funny and I highly recommend itBasically these three short novels tell the story of a group of gnomes trying to live their tiny lives in a big world In the first book a group of gnomes living in a department store believe that the store is the entire world and there is no outside The world was created by Arnold Brothers Est 1905 Then a couple of outsiders make their way into the store and inform them that they need to leave because the store will be demolished in 21 days There are religious wars and ideological battles This is a parody of religion science group mentality and a general social commentary It can be enjoyed on a basic level as a cute story and a good laugh or you can look for deeper meanings and IMO enjoy it even

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The Bromeliad Omnibus TruckersDiggersWingsA small band of nomes arrives at the Store from the Outside Led by a young nome named Masklin the Outsiders carry a mysterious black box called the Thing and they deliver devastating news In twenty one days the Store will be destroyedNow The Bromeliad eBook #180 all the nomes must learn to work together and they. Not funny in universally appealing way but endearing This trilogy got better towards the ending

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CHARACTERS Ø The Bromeliad Omnibus TruckersDiggersWings Þ ☉ The Bromeliad Omnibus TruckersDiggersWings PDF / Epub ❤ Author Terry Pratchett – In a world whose seasons are defined by Christmas sales and Spring Fashions hundreds of tiny nomes live in the corners and crannies of a human ruMust learn to think and to think BIGPart satire part parable and part adventure story par excellence master storyteller Terry Pratchett’s engaging trilogy traces the nomes’ flight and search for safety a search that leads them to discover their own astonishing origins and takes them beyond their wildest dream. This is a children's novel most of my favorite books are children's books A bunch of nomes try to find their way home There are lots of great barbs towards religion some of the nomes live in a giant Store and semi worship Arnold Bros est 1905 They have religious wars over whether or not there is anything outside of the store the main argument of the store only faction being that The Store has Everything Under One Roof so duh nothing else outside Their arch nemesis is Prices Slashed who wanders the hallways at night with his horrifying beam of lightBut it's cute and it's funny and I'll probably finish the trilogy by the end of the week