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Summary Mind Hunter Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý [Ebook] ➦ Mind Hunter Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit ➥ John E. Douglas – Discover the classic behind the scenes chronicle of John E Douglas08 the darkest recesses of our worst nightmares During his twenty five year career with the Investigative Support Unit Special Agent John Douglas became a legendary figure in law enforcement pursuing some of the most notorious and sadistic serial killers of our time the man who hunted prostitutes for sport in the woods of Alaska the Atlanta child murderer and Seattle's Green River killer the case that nearly cost Douglas Hunter Inside the eBook #10003 his life As the model for Jack Craw. Ok this is pure wow The fact that the author doesn't adopt the 'holier than thou stance' so common with law enforcement makes this an extremely enjoyable as well as worthwhile readIn high school I was already six foot two which I used to my advantage Talent wise we were a so so team in a good league and I knew it was up to the pitcher to try to be a field leader and set a winning tone I had pretty good control for a high schooler but I decided not to let the opposing batters know this I wanted to appear reckless not uite predictable so the batters wouldn’t dig in at the plate I wanted them to think that if they did they risked being brushed back or even worse by this wild man sixty feet away Hempstead did have a good football team for which I was a 188 pound defensive line man Again I realized the psychological aspect of the game was what could give us an edge I figured I could take on the bigger guys if I grunted and groaned and generally acted like a nut It didn’t take long before I got the rest of the linemen to behave the same way Later when I regularly worked on murder trials in which insanity was used as a defense I already knew from my own experience that the mere fact that someone acts like a maniac does not necessarily mean he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doingIn 1962 we were playing Wantagh High for the Thorpe Award the trophy for the best high school football team on Long Island They outweighed us by about forty pounds a man and we knew chances were good we were going to get the crap knocked out of us before a full house So before the game we worked out a set of warm up drills whose sole objective was to psych out and intimidate our opponents We formed up in two lines with the first man in one line tackling—practically decking—the first man in the other line This was accompanied by all the appropriate grunts and groans and shrieks of pain We could see from the faces of the Wantagh players that we were having the intended effect They must have been figuring If these jokers are stupid enough to do that to each other God knows what they’ll do to usIn fact the entire episode was carefully choreographed We prac ticed wres tling throws so we could appear to hit the ground hard but without getting hurt And when we got into the actual game we kept up the general level of craziness to make it appear we’d only been let out of the asylum for this one afternoon and were going straight back as soon as the game was over The contest was close all the way but when the dust finally settled we had won 14 13 and captured the Thorpe Award for 1962cWe come to St Rita’s Church together only she goes in to see the priest by herself first It reminds me of the police station back when I was in college in Montana when they separated all of us to check our stories I’m sure they’re planning the conversion strategy When they finally call me in the first thing I say is What do you two have in store for the Protestant kidThe priest is young and friendly probably in his early thirties He asks me these general uestions such as What is love I’m trying to profile him trying to figure out if there’s a particular right answer These interviews are like the SATs; you’re never sure if you’ve prepared properlyWe get into birth control how the kids are going to be raised that sort of thing I start asking him how he feels about being a priest—being celibate not having his own family The priest seems like a nice guy but Pam has told me St Rita’s is a strict traditional church and he’s uncomfortable around me maybe because I’m not Catholic; I’m not sure I think he’s trying to break the ice when he asks me Where did you two meetWhenever there has been stress in my life I’ve always started joking around trying to relieve the tension Here’s my opportunity I think and I can’t resist it I slip my chair closer to him Well Father I begin you know I’m an FBI agent I don’t know if Pam told you her backgroundAll the while I’m talking I’m getting closer to him locking in the eye contact I’d already learned to use in interrogations I just don’t want him to look at Pam because I don’t know how she’s reacting We met at a place called Jim’s Garage which is a topless go go bar Pam worked there as a dancer and was uite good What really got my attention though was she was dancing with these tassels on each of her breasts and she got them spinning in opposite directions Take my word for it it was really something to seePam is deathly uiet not knowing whether to say anything or not The priest is listening in rapt attentionAnyway Father she got these tassels spinning in opposite directions with greater and greater velocity when all of a sudden one of them flew off into the audience Everyone grabbed for it I leaped up and caught it and brought it back to her and here we are todayHis mouth is gaping open I’ve got this guy totally believing me when I just break up and start laughing just as I did for my phony junior high school book report You mean this isn’t true he asks By this point Pam has broken up too We both just shake our heads I don’t know whether the priest is relieved or disappointedcThen there was the Japanese police officer who had dutifully asked one of the other cops the protocol for greeting instructors one holds in high regard So every time I saw him in the hallway he would smile bow respectfully and greet me with Fuck you Mr DouglasRather than getting all complicated I’d bow back smile and say Fuck you tooc

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Ford in The Silence of the Lambs Douglas has confronted interviewed and studied scores of serial killers and assassins including Charles Manson Ted Bundy and Ed Gein who dressed himself in his victims' peeled skin Using his uncanny ability to become both predator and prey Douglas examines each crime scene reliving both the killer's and the victim's actions in his mind creating Hunter Inside the FBI's Elite PDFEPUB or their profiles describing their habits and predicting their next moves. How to be a Criminal ProfilerImagine yourself thinking like a criminalThe moment you'll start doing it it's like grabbing the key of the safe where he hides all his secret devilish plansYou're gonna know where the hell he's gonna be and what the f he's gonna do And you could use that valuable information to get near enough to help him burn in his own flames or if you prefer a succint concise sentence you'll have all it takes for a uite functional setupSo the uestion is how can you start thinking like a criminal without being oneAnd the answer is you'll have to learn how to do itWhereHowFrom WhomThe surprising truth is that the first criminal profilers belong to fictionTherefore I suggest you to start with the full collection of Auguste Dupin stories and later on part to the legendary Sherlock HolmesEdgar Alan Poe and Sir Arthur Connan Doyle were reality creators Their stories were intelligent and logical enough to be real and in that sense valuable tools to professional criminal profilersSo after absorbing as much as you can from those masters of crime fiction you'll have enough theoretical background to start your own investigations Good Luck By the way if your middle surname happens to be Holmes that may be an excellent plus to the process 😉PS What I just told you was not a whole product of my imagination In fact those were the first steps of the author himself as a criminal profiler All the rest came by itself guided by practice and glimpses of natural talent

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Mind Hunter Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime UnitDiscover the classic behind the scenes chronicle of Inside the MOBI #240 John E Douglas’ twenty five year career in the FBI Investigative Support Unit where he used psychological profiling to delve into the minds of the country’s most notorious serial killers and criminals the basis for the upcoming Netflix original seriesIn chilling detail the legendary Mindhunter takes us behind the scenes of some of his most gruesome fascinating and challenging cases and into Mind Hunter MOBI #86. So John Douglas is great when he’s talking about serial rape and child murder and then he’s intensely obnoxious when he’s talking about anything else So I guess it’s a good thing he mostly talks about rape and murderAnd when I say “John Douglas” by the way I mean John Douglas or his coghost writer because who knows who wrote what All I know is when this book talks about crime it’s focused and intelligent and compassionate And when it’s talking about anything else – the FBI his home life whatever I want to go hide under something to get away from the whining and the score settling and the endless endless endless ego wanking It’s amazing that a guy whose entire vocation revolves around reading personality from behavior can’t read what he’s putting out in his own damn booksOh and he’s still incoherent about the death penalty for anyone keeping score So basically he needs to talk only and ever about human cannibals and child murder because that’s way less uncomfortable than anything else he says let me tell you