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When Montezuma Met Cortés The True Story of the Meeting that Changed HistoryOn of both Cortés and Montezuma Drawing on rare primary sources and overlooked accounts by conuistadors and Aztecs alike Restall explores Cortés’s and Montezuma’s posthumous reputations their achievements and failures and the worlds in which they lived leading step by step to a dramatic inversion of the old story As Restall takes us through this sweeping revisionist account of a pivotal moment in modern civilization he calls into uestion our view of the history of the Americas and indeed of history itsel. Rethinking “the conuest of Mexico” from the native point of view—the “Spanish Aztec War” It’s fascinating but very tough because there is so little to go on from the Aztec side since they had no formal written language and records And the Spanish preserved few if any memories of how things really were before their arrival wiping it all clean No religious texts no history books no philosophy treatises no gossip and tales No nothing The truth will never be known All irretrievably lost Cultural genocide to go along with all the thorough rest A great shame and pity

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As has long been the symbol of Cortés’s bold and Montezuma Met Cortés PDFEPUB #235 brilliant military genius Montezuma on the other hand is remembered as a coward who gave away a vast empire and touched off a wave of colonial invasions across the hemisphereBut is this really what happened In a departure Montezuma Met Cortés The True ePUB #8608 from traditional tellings When Montezuma Met Cortés uses “the Meeting” as Restall dubs their first encounter as the entry point into a comprehensive reevaluati. Matthew Restall certainly does his research I find myself skipping parts going ahead and then going back This book should be of interest to any history buff A whole different perspective on the Spanish invasion of Mexico Not a uick read but very enlightening

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When Montezuma Met Cortés The True Story of the Meeting that Changed History review Þ 109 ò [Reading] ➿ When Montezuma Met Cortés The True Story of the Meeting that Changed History By Matthew Restall – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk A dramatic rethinking of the encounter between MontezMet Cortés PDF #180 A dramatic rethinking of the encounter between Montezuma and Hernando Cortés that completely overturns what we know about the Spanish conuest of the AmericasOn Novemberthe Spanish conuistador Hernando Cortés Montezuma Met Cortés The True ePUB #8608 first met Montezuma the Aztec When Montezuma PDFEPUB or emperor at the entrance to the capital city of Tenochtitlan This introduction the prelude to the Spanish seizure of Mexico City and to European colonization of the mainland of the Americ. This book's mission is actually a very cool one it exposes the story of Montezuma welcoming Cortez as the reincarnation of uetzalcoatl as a long storied fabrication that actually began with the confusion of the conuistadors themselves Evidence is presented that Cortez was neither a hero nor a villain but merely a uick witted con man who was possibly putting a uixotic spin on the events around him to his fellow conuistadors even as they wandered around in Tenochtitlan The author also presents evidence that the real Spanish Mexican War didn't start until long after Montezuma's fictional surrender The fact that the conuistadors themselves never really had any curiosity about the actual politics of their warfare attests to the persuasiveness of Cortez's narrativeThe basic idea of weaving in all our centuries of Cortez myth is also interesting at least in theory The difficulty of establishing an origin for all the different aspects of the myth and the uestions of whether elaborations from centuries later might offer some insight on the real history is reminiscent of the difficulties surrounding the story of ChristThe problem is that while the author presents evidence and data as I have just said the framing for that data which I have just offered is mine In my opinion I've just offered a better summary of the book than it ever offers for itself The author's own framing of Cortez and Monetzuma is extremely uninspiring and the entire book is a disaster of almost unreadable disorganization There is no need to mention roller coasters or random news articles that come up in a Google search for Monetzuma I think the author wanted to write for a popular audience but had completely forgotten how popular books work Awful