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READ High Risers î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ➮ [Read] ➪ High Risers By Ben Austen ➺ – Joining the ranks of Evicted The Warmth of Other Sons and classic works of literary non fiction by Alex Kotlowitz and J Anthony Lukas High Risers braids personal narratives city politics and national Joining the ranks of Evicted The Warmth of Other Sons and classic works of literary non fiction by Alex Kotlowitz and J Anthony Lukas High Risers braids personal narratives city politics and national history to tell the timely and epic story of Chicago’s Cabrini Green America’s most iconic public housing projectBuilt in the s atop an infamous Italian slum Cabrini Green grew to twenty three towers and a population of all of it packed onto just seventy acres a few blocks from. Every American should read High Risers Cabrini Green and the Fate of American Public Housing Ben Austen has crafted a highly readable fascinating and often depressing tale that spans the almost seven decades in which the Cabrini Green housing project existed in Chicago While certain issues contributing to the failure of large urban housing projects are specific to Cabrini Green and to Chicago itself many of the events that led to the failure of Cabrini Green were replicated across the country in other cities that built similar complexes Understanding the factors that contributed to the demise of the Cabrini Green complex could lead to a future solution that might help solve the housing troubles still abounding in the United States todayThe individuals who envisioned large scale affordable public housing as an antidote to the horrific housing crisis faced by the city of Chicago in the 1930’s and 1940’s honestly sought to provide decent housing for the poor Elizabeth Wood the first executive director of the Chicago Housing Authority initially worried that the project was not big enough stating that “if it is not bold” she said “the result will be a series of small projects islands in a wilderness of slums beaten down by smoke noise and fumes” What those individuals did not and could not have been expected to foresee was the hurdles that would be erected at every juncture from the building of the complexes to staffing to maintenance and upkeep Racism city and national politics Chicago Housing Authority employees and the already heavily segregated population of Chicago converged to force the CHA to place large urban housing complexes on small acreage with few services nearby in almost completely segregated areas When completed Cabrini Green contained 23 towers housing 20000 people on a mere 70 acres of land Once in place support maintenance and staffing were not properly funded or the funds were misappropriated or outright stolen What once seemed like a solution to the city’s housing troubles slowly morphed into a symbol of crime and abject povertyAusten effectively humanizes his tale by following various Cabrini Green residents across the decades He wisely chose residents from various walks of life; some certainly engender sympathy than others but his decision to infuse the book with tales about both those seeking trouble and those fighting it adds to the authenticity of his story While Chicago government viewed the tearing down of the towers as eliminating a blight on the city Austen counters that view by bringing to life the residents who lived in the towers for decades and who eventually lost their homes many left substantially worse off after their moves He also demonstrates the sense of community that existed for the residents in Cabrini Green I enjoyed following numerous characters’ stories but Dolores Wilson was my favorite by far; if a few Dolores Wilsons’s had lived in Cabrini Green those buildings might still be standing todayAs I read High Risers I freuently thought about how similar and relevant the affordable housing issue is to today’s health care battle The refusal of certain individuals in power to recognize the need for affordable housing and mandated health care in the present creates significantly greater issues in the future; and unfortunately for the country those people are happy to leave that problem for future politicians to solve Sadly I think my biggest take away from High Risers is the complete and utter failure of the democratic system to represent the urban poor Neither party stepped forward to help a group with little political sway knowing that the group couldn’t return the favor While urban public housing has been an interest of mine since I was in college I actually wrote my senior thesis on the failure of Cabrini Green as a viable method for housing the poor I truly believe that High Risers will appeal to anyone interested in the fate of our country High Risers is a true page turner and there is a lesson in it for everyone My one complaint is that there are no pictures or maps of the complex Cabrini Green was composed of 23 buildings and some smaller low level units; some detailed maps would add significantly to the book I loved the stories about the many residents and again bringing them to life through photos would further humanize the people in High Risers Listen to my podcast at for fun author interviews For book reviews check out my Instagram account

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Unt told movingly though the lives of residents who struggled to make a home for their families as powerful forces converged to accelerate the housing complex’s demise Beautifully written rich in detail and full of moving portraits High Risers is a sweeping exploration of race class popular culture and politics in modern America that brilliantly considers what went wrong in our nation’s effort to provide affordable housing to the poor and what we can learn from those mistake. A well told story of a notorious high rise in Chicago It's obviously not just the story of the high rise but of the people within and without of race and violence and politics and of gentrification It's a really interesting read And it made me think that we should rethink public housing in this country We made so many mistakes in the past and made so many racist decisions but the idea of public housing was a good one Cabrini green was a nice place and housed people who needed homes There are still many people who need homes why not build nice public housing

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High RisersChicago’s ritzy Gold Coast Cabrini Green became synonymous with crime sualor and the failure of government For the many who lived there it was also a much needed resource it was home By every high rise had been razed the island of black poverty engulfed by the white affluence around it the families dispersedIn this novelistic and eye opening narrative Ben Austen tells the story of America’s public housing experiment and the changing fortunes of American cities It is an acco. I didn't come into this book knowing nothing about public housing policy it's long been one of those pockets of politics I find very interesting but I learned a ton reading this Austen weaves personal stories in with the history of Cabrini Green making politics personal and giving the narrative a cohesiveness He also zooms out fairly freuently to talk about public housing and political policies in general not just Cabrini Green As you would expect this is a story of racism in America and it's a story still playing out