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READ Í The Laugh Supper À ➶ The Laugh Supper Free ➬ Author Leonard Ryzman – They're backYou're invited to dine with some of the greatest minds in history Leonardo da Vinci Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ralph Waldo Emerson Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy Dorothy Parke They're backYou're invited to dine with On sparkling with laughter andamazing ideas Despite using uotations from many years ago sometimes centuries these guests provide entertaining The Laugh Kindle repartee and perceptive observations on st century life while staying true to themselves and their words Laugh al. A little too many jokesLaugh supper is a perfect title for this book because it is pretty much a book of one liner jokes told between famous celebrities of our past over dinner The jokes are funny and i did find myself laughing out loud uite a few times while reading this I even would repeat some to friends and family and they took got a kick out of it The subject matter is interesting since you have celebrities like John Lennon and Leonardo Da Vinci traveling through time and having dinner at a random persons home and they do discuss a nice variety of topics from marriage to time travel Okay now for some negative remarks on this first the jokes get to be a little too much At some points I wished the celebrities would discuss the topics and not just make joke or puns about them As I stated above the topics were actually interesting ones that I feel a reader would probably really like to see what the author would think these celebrities viewpoint would be Also the introduction is kind of not needed since it falls short since it states along the lines that by the time you finish this book you will never look at time travel the same and well I finished it and I feel the same about time travel and that stuff The only thing I will say that I do view differently only because I did not know much about some of the celebrities but after reading this and the author doing such a great job at adding in facts with the dialogue I got to learn about them I especially love the section on Lincoln and Kennedy I had not realized all of the correlations until I read this book So in general I give this a solid 3 out of 5 I feel it would have been better if there were solid topics with less jokes but definitely do not take out any of the facts heck would also have been better It is a short book and is a pretty good steady pace so you could probably finish it in a matter of hours


They're backYou're invited to dine with some of the greatest minds in history Leonardo da Vinci Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ralph Waldo Emerson Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy Dorothy Parker Groucho Marx Mae West and John LennonJoin this dynamic dinner conversati. This book has a great idea what if the greatest philosophers comedians Presidents etc from history get together and have supper What would the dinner conversation be likeI liked the premise but I would have to admit some of the dialogue was less funny than the outrageous laughter the book promised Don't get me wrong it's not bad just not what it was built up to beIt's still worth a read though It's lighthearted and as I said the premise is uite interesting I want to be at that supper

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The Laugh SupperOng with Groucho's hilarious comments on attitudes and behavior West's pithy thoughts on movies Lennon's dry observations on reality TV plus much much This book is a conversation with some of the greatest and funniest minds in history which will make you laugh sigh and thin. In the first year of the third millennium nine remarkable people cheated the clock and sat together at a long dining table They discussed everything from weight loss the differences between the sexes nature and space and Just who are these nine people Leonardo Da Vinci Ralph Waldo Emmerson Abraham Lincoln Groucho Marx Mae West Dorthy Parker John F Kennedy Martin Luther King JR John LennonThe first few pages give you a uick bio into each person's background which I found extremely helpful as I didn’t know who Groucho Marx Mae West or Dorthy Parker wereignorant of me I know
After this ensued a hilarious witty and delightful read You’ll learn famous uotes these individuals said in a current flowing conversation The conversation does flow pretty fast as each individual offers their input The book offered insight into the minds of these individuals and their snark had me laughing many times If you think history is boring reading the words of these 9 characters alone will shine a light into the past and make you realize you have in common with these folks than you know