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review Four Kings Leonard Hagler Hearns and Duran and the Last Great Era of Boxing Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB Þ ❤ Four Kings Leonard Hagler Hearns and Duran and the Last Great Era of Boxing pdf ⚣ Author George Kimball – By the late 1970s boArns and MOBI #8608 all time The controversial outcome of another the Leonard Hagler fight remains the subject of heated debates amongst fans to this dayLeonard Hagler Hearns and Duran didn't set out to save boxing from itself in the post Ali era but somehow they managed to do so In Four Kings award winning journalist George Kimball documents the remarkable effect they had on the sport and argues that we will never see their likes again. Having never lived through the era of the Four Kings I enjoyed reading this book It was great to learn about each of the boxers and their stories And the book even inspired me to watch their fights back on YouTubeThe book can be difficult to read at points as Kimball tries to shoehorn in loads of information that doesn't always seem particularly relevant He regularly has sentences that span five or six lines and have commas than vowels Also he builds suspense in some chapters by not telling you who's won the fight until you've read a blow by blow account But in other chapters you'll learn the outcome of the fight in the first couple of lines which is a bit bizarreWould recommend to anyone with even a passing interest in boxing particularly those who've had no exposure to the era in uestion

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By the late s boxing had lapsed Leonard Hagler PDF #186 into a moribund state and interest in it was on the wane In however the sport was resuscitated by a riveting series of bouts involving an improbably dissimilar uartet Sugar Ray Leonard Marvelous Marvin Hagler Thomas Hearns and Four Kings ePUB #8608 Roberto Duran The 'Four Kings of the Ring' would fight one another nine times throughout the decade and win sixteen world titles betwee. Pete Hamill American journalist and novelist writes in his Foreword to George Kimball's book This book is about the last Golden Age of boxing That is it is about a time when the matches themselves transcended the sualor of the business side of the sport and focused only on the men who foughtThis lucky reviewer was privileged to see the end of this era to watch the last two of the nine super fights these four boxers fought with each other Thus I was delighted to find this beautiful book which told me details I had never heard even though I followed the fighters and the sport closely Four Kings Leonard Hagler Hearns Duran and the Last Great Era of Boxing radiates the feeling boxing fans had in these glorious daysNaturally all of it began with the childhood of the four kings Duran Hagler Hearns and Leonard Please note that I listed their names in alphabetical order because I do not want to give preference to any of them; the book makes clear how each of them helped to bring out the best in all others Kimball tells us how it happenedDuran came from the very poorest circumstances Food was scarce; unable to care for him his mother literally gave the boy away on several occasions He Duran followed Toti to a boxing gym at the age of eight and had his first amateur bout a year laterHagler was shy On his first night Hagler once again watched in silence On the second Goody Petronelli walked over and asked with a smile Hey kid do you want to learn how to fight That's what I'm here for said Marvin Goody told him to come back the next night and bring along his gear Gear All he had was a pair of cutoff jeans and some tennis shoesHearns was skinny worked hard and was grateful to be able to participate at out of town trips Kronk Recreation Center's Emmanuel Stewart arranged for Leonard who among boxers was described as having choirboy looks really sang in a church choir before he started boxingThe book also tells the stories of their trainers promoters and gyms All of them evolved with their respective fighters There are also the stories in connection with their names Ray Charles after who Leonard was named sang America the Beautiful before the second Leonard Duran fight at the Superdome in New Orleans Leonard won that fight Hagler had his name legally changed from Marvin Nathaniel to Marvelous Marvin Hagler Hearns had gotten his nickname becauseTommy's like a Hit Man the manager observed He does his business and then gets out of town And Duran had colorful descriptions assigned to him and his name than anybody's mother would like to knowKimball's writing style is fast paced information packed and entertainingFight Hagler vs Duran The rows of scar tissue Hagler wore like combat ribbons around his eyebrows could provide an inviting target even for a boxer observant of the Maruis of ueensberry rules than Roberto DuranReaders who may not know about the ueensberry rules for the sport of boxing written in the 19th century these are the rules on which the rules of modern boxing are based as well as other facts might have a harder time with this book; boxing fans however will be mesmerized by the riveting content Kimball manages to tie together to complete a beautiful picture of the boxers the sport and the timesThose who miss the days when boxing was shown on the networks rather than pay per view when ratings came from who fought who and not from manipulated or hyped stories and Tommy Hearns hailing from Detroit could be Motor City Cobra with pride will love this bookIn a way it is a neat thing that this book was written now I read it close to my computer and watched some of the fights again on YoutubeIf you are ever looking for a gift for an important man in your life age 55 who lived through the Golden Era I recommend to buy this book The chances to go wrong with Four Kings are remoteThank you George Kimball for this treasureGisela Hausmann author blogger

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Four Kings Leonard Hagler Hearns and Duran and the Last Great Era of BoxingN themLike Ali and Frazier Dempsey and Tunney Robinson and LaMotta these four boxers brought out the best in each other producing unprecedented multi million Kings Leonard Hagler Kindle #212 dollar gates along the way Each of the nine bouts between the four men was memorable in its own way and at least two of them Leonard Hearns I in and Hagler Hearns in are commonly included on any list of the greatest fights of Kings Leonard Hagler He. books on sport ought to be as well written as those on history they seldom however are hagler hearns leonard duran deserved better than this