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DOWNLOAD è Mr American Ç ➻ [Download] ➸ Mr American By George MacDonald Fraser ➺ – A self confident performance by an old hand Mr Fraser clearly enjoys being master of such a wide and wild plot and makes sure to leave room in it for his most famous creation the eponymous hero of his A self confident performanA self confident performance by an old hand Mr Fraser clearly enjoys being maste. And there I was thinking that I’d read everything George MacDonald Fraser wrote about FlashmanThe reason this novel leapt off the shelf at me at the local book emporium was the realisation that Harry Flashman played some part in this tale The blurb to my copy reads “even old General Flashman who knew men and mischief better than most never guessed the whole truth about ‘Mr American’” That was of course enough to make me reach for my wallet although I was fully suspicious that old Flash might be appearing for five pages or so before shuffling off As it turned out the now elderly general has a far substantial role than I envisaged however the spark and liveliness of his appearances shows up the great flaws in this book For the main part ‘Mr American’ is uite a flat and insipid tale while only come to life occasionally The Flashman scenes are amongst the best here so that when he disappears the reader truly misses him Indeed this reader wished he could abandon the central character and go off to see what his aged friend was up to as it had to be interesting than what else was taking place in the taleMark Franklin an American from the Wild West who sports his own wild past arrives in Edwardian England with a fortune from a silver mine By chance he ends up connected to the English aristocracy and creates himself as a gentleman but his past is very difficult to hide fromIt takes a good two hundred pages before the book is really gripped by a sense of adventure and even there that sense soon dissipates Indeed a constant problem with this novel is the way interesting looking plot strands are raised only to be hit back down again In the main it’s a bore a dull read which fails to grip or involve the reader with the characters or the action Of course it’s great to see old Flashy again but I just wish he’d been centre stage – as he’s a lot bloody fun


Amous creation the eponymous hero of his Flashman adventure series The New Yorke. GMF hits the jackpot again He is such a good narrator and Flashman rides again The ending is a bit ambiguous deliberately so and I was left wanting Unfortunately Fraser's death a few years ago means no books of this uality

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Mr AmericanR of such a wide and wild plot and makes sure to leave room in it for his most f. Better known for his Flashman books and said character makes several appearances in Mr American though as an old retired general Mr American is uite a good read very interesting premise a cowboy or less retires to England and seems to have a large amount of money and a shady background Fraser captures the Edwardian time uite nicely with his descriptions and speech patterns and the plot kept me reading But after about the 75% mark the reader has discovered most of the main characters secrets the major confrontation is done and the book keeps going on The remaining 25% is concerned with the main character's midlife crisis and his estranged wife In my opinion this wasn't needed though I kept reading it simply because I knew there would be Flashman appearances and was mildly curious as to how he deals with his retirement situation The book would have gotten another star had it not dragged on I found the pragmatic cowboy's approach to Britishness very funny at times being a midwesterner living in London I even empathized a couple times