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S within However she never expected her personal uest would reawaken the legend of Misty Wayfair a murdered woman who allegedly haunts the area and whose appearance portends deathA century later Heidi Lane receives a The Curse PDFEPUBtroubling letter from her mother who is battling dementia compelling her to travel to Pleasant Valley for answers to her own. I found The Curse of Misty Wayfair to be spooky and deliciously disturbing That may seem like a strange thing to say yet it describes the way I felt compelled to uncover the mysteries of both storylines with each page turn while also having to limit my reading to the daylight hours to keep from getting completely creeped outKnowing that this story was Christian fiction I was aware that there must be some explanation behind the ghostly sightings but the author kept me guessing as to what exactly was happening in both the present and past timelinesBoth storylines were fascinating to me with the one in the past particularly so as it dealt with post mortem photography superstitions that seemed to be held throughout the entire town and the local insane asylum In both storylines the heroines struggled with truth versus myth acceptance and feeling unloved And Thea from the storyline set in the past struggled with her beliefs regarding superstition versus God This was a very interesting novelI received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions are my ownYou can read this review on my blog

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The Curse of Misty WayfairUestions of identity When she catches sight of a ghostly woman who haunts the asylum ruins in the woods the long standing story of Misty Wayfair returns and with it Heidi's fear for her own lifeAs two women across time seek answers about their identities and heritage can they overcome the threat of the mysterious curse that has them inextricably intertwin. My plain words will not do this book justice But that is okay this book is what it is a work from the heart and nothing I say will change that So pick it up Something was out of place and the people of Pleasant Valley seemed to know it Keeping to themselves smiling a little separated by a street a history and worst of all a legendPleasant Valley is an ironic name to the city in which Thea Reed and Heidi Lane believe lies the answer to their inner turmoilOne simple word can help break the bounds that weigh them down can give them the worth they've never felt can present the light to who they are and what their purpose is Then all melancholy and past hurt can be put to rest and the way forward can be foundBut Pleasant Valley holds secrets and stirs uestions than gives answers A city divided by shallow prejudice a family tainted by a curse and the mystery of what atrocities lie within the woods could this truly be the place where Thea and Heidi will find the light into their story or will the unveiling only cover them with darkness And will the ghost of Misty Wayfair turn them into one victim of her retribution to those who only abandoned herThea and Heidi carry baggages not chosen but flung on them by fate Sorrow daily comes knocking on their door and a restlessness for reasons is their constant companion Where does rest lay Where can peace be foundIn search of these virtues one will be confronted with the ghosts that haunt us the mist that blinds us the truth that sets us free there's always a choice and it's up to us stay in the deceptive protection of the mist that feeds our pride our rights or step out into contentment into the legitimacy of our story that it is not passive inconseuential but dynamic relational and surrounded by the all comforting arms of our CreatorHaving finished this book my heart is left pounding out of my chest Not just because of the deliciously eerie edge of this story but because of the hope that our brokenness is what makes us essential to our communities I received a review copy from the publisher All opinions are my own

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The Curse of Misty Wayfair Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [Epub] ➜ The Curse of Misty Wayfair ➝ Jaime Jo Wright – Left at an orphanage as a child Thea Reed vowed to find her mother someday Now grown her search takes her to Pleasant Valley Wisconsin in 1908 When clues Left at an orphanage as a child of Misty PDF #197 Thea Reed vowed to find her mother someday Now grown her search takes her to Pleasant Valley Wisconsin in When clues lead her to a mental asylum Thea uses her experience as a post mortem photographer to gain access and assist groundskeeper Simeon Coyle in photographing the patients and uncovering the secret. Dang I have no words RtcFull Review This book WowI just want to insert here that if you are so inclined to listen to music while you read I would highly recommend pairing this book with a moody cup of black tea or bitter coffee and the album Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat’ #moodI will try to make my thoughts somewhat cohesive but this book for me was about how it made me feel than anything elseThere is a grit to it the way the feelings are almost a tangible thing that you can touch It was almost as if I could feel the emotions coiling around my fingers if I just reached out my hand to touch them The gothic dark broody shivers down your spine vibes were not a dark presence that was undesirable but they were just a soft ethereal feeling that gave the book an essence of the inspiredThis is my first experience reading a book by Jamie Jo Wright and after this one tiny taste she forever has my admiration Her words are purposeful carefully chosen gems from a creek bed full of stones It was as if she chose each one examined it thoroughly and polished it to perfection before she set it into her sentences Every sentence left me with a feeling of understanding and a connection with the characters that I haven’t experienced for uite some time while readingThe stunning settings moods and surroundings of each storyline captured my attention and of course this history buff loved the historical timeline The high stakes of the story also made this book unforgettable in so many ways There was never a moment that I felt like “meh I don’t want to finish this” It was stunning beauty from beginning to endAnother thing about this book that is going to be hard for me to explain but is there all the same and probably a very strong reason for the definite attachment to the story and characters Was the emotions motivation and storyline of the characters Heidi herself and the family issues that she deals with was very real to me in so many ways that I sometimes had goosebumps and very real feelings and emotions attached to them From the sympathy and compassion I felt towards Heidi the anger towards others who treated her a certain way and a melancholic sadness over the way her life was formed and the difficult relationships that made up her family had me feeling near tears so many timesAnd let’s not forget the very real and strong storyline of mental illness that threaded through this book like a gold thread sometimes bright other times subtle but always there to color the story and make it for what it is A spectacular emotionful and heartbreakingly compassionate view of the struggle of our society She handled the perceptions realities and reality of mental illness in such a beautiful way that all I could do was applaud with a feeling of awe and appreciation for a job well doneIn short this is a stunning piece that any would do well to read It is something that will stick with you and a book that I feel blessed to own and will treasure on my shelf“That while the past the conseuences of the past – might have a dire effect on me it still doesn’t change who I am We weren’t created to find our identity in life We were created to discover our Creator In doing so our identity is defined” Simeon Coyle The Curse of Misty Wayfair And for those who were curious this “ghost story” had no real “ghost” Just so you know