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Not on My Watch Free download à 5 À [BOOKS] ✮ Not on My Watch Author Elizabeth Johnston – The Activist Mommy a social media sensation with over 70 million video views leads the way for today's Christians in the culture warNews headlines point to a world that has gone stark raving mad Right The Activist Mommy a sAck Gender identity and fluidity is not only accepted but encouraged Same sex marriage is embraced by some churches Deviant sexual practices are taught in schools Hundreds of thousands of babies are aborted annually No cries Elizabeth Johnston aka The Activist Mommy who has. Great uick read by social media’s “Activist Mommy” to motivate Christians to stand up against the left’s attacks on good morals and family values She is a great example of a mom who loves her 10 children enough to fight hard “to restore the crumbling pillars of morality in the culture” p 166 and “to fight the normalization and acceptance of evil” p 179“Studies have been done on what makes people a success in the face of odds and resistance They’ve proven that the greatest factor in the success of individuals was not their natural talent their education or money It was grit” p 111“It seemed to be lost on the leftists that a boycott is a form of free speech whereby people express their beliefs by the way they spend their money It’s called free enterprise and is a great American ideal” p 137Speaking of modern day “bread” government welfare and “circuses” entertainmenttvphones “Bread and circuses represent the failure of the thoroughly entertained and well fed Roman citizens to defend the liberties of the Roman Republic Rome went from freedom and democracyto a massive tyrannical central governmentAnd that is right where we are headed in America Like bait on the mousetrap bread and circuses are distractions that are necessary for the government’s violent clampdown on freedom And it is fast approaching” pp 147 150“The push for big government the sexualization of our children the erosion of parental rights and the weakened family unit is not accidental or even a natural progression of living in an enlightened society It is an intentional Marxist takeoverIt is easy to see how the USA is walking in the footsteps of Rome during her decline before her collapse The path we travel is one intentionally and methodically paved by the cultural Marxists aiming for the decline of our republic” pp 151 161“Planned Parenthood calls their coveted annual award the Margaret Sanger Award Her admiration for Hitler her endorsement of eugenics and her racism haven’t dissuaded Planned Parenthood in the slightest from publicly venerating her year after year” p 62“Here are three proofs that feminists are not true women’s advocatesFeminists do not advocate for the lives of preborn womenFeminists do not advocate for the rights of oppressed Muslim womenFeminists typically align with the transgender ideology which pioneers the erasure of women in the culture“Feminism is a movement created to justify the immoral behaviors of women Feminists don’t truly care about vulnerable women What feminism fights for has brought and will continue to bring suffering and enslavement to women than the most egregious male misogynist in historyThe truth is that feminists have eual rights in America and no longer have any reason to be ‘marching’ But the march must go on so they create a nonexistent injustice to achieve victim status Never in the history of the world have women had greater freedom than in the United States right now The feminist movement has worked so hard to erase all distinctions between the sexes that the culture no longer treasures women for the uniue contributions only they can bring to society” pp 62 4

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Made Christian activism a calling for her life and her family In Not on My Watch Johnston courageously defends the timeless truths of God's Word and inspires and encourages other Christians to unite in winning this war for our children our morals our freedom and our cultur. This was a timely kick in the pants Christians No resting on our laurels and just allowing the secular culture to take over in the name of “waiting for Jesus to come back” Get on the front lines and stand for what’s right Passive resistance isn’t working any Don’t worry so much about offending someone Be kind and loving but realize that someone is always offended by something It’s time to take our country back and get back on the right track Mama bears rise up

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Not on My WatchThe Activist Mommy a social media sensation with over million video views leads the way for today's Christians in Not on MOBI #8608 the culture warNews headlines point to a world that has gone stark raving mad Right is wrong and wrong is right Religious liberty is under att. I was not going to write a review of this book because I thought the title spoke for itself Elizabeth Johnston of “Activist Mommy” fame has only spoken truth to power in a civilization that is looking like the Caligula days Penthouse version than the culmination of 2000 years of Christian evolution The book is an excellent reiteration and expansion of her very entertaining Facebook videos that millions of us have enjoyed But then I read a high school assignment I desperately hope it was not university level review that basically said this book was hurtful because the opinion WAS Christian How did the world get this way Could it be because old white men like me are too timid or lazy to fight for the values that we were taught sixty years ago Did God really die in us because of our too comfortable existence No I must give my opinion of this book to set the record straight I hope then many others who need this wake up call will join this movement to restore decency to our worldThis “momma grizzly” with ten home schooled children is fighting for a Christian environment for her progeny to inherit But her battles and tactics radiate the Christian love that the left fears so much The snowflake crowd and the Social Justice Warrior are plugging their ears and screaming Nah Nah Nah The truths exposed are painful It is almost as hard to give up a lie you believe in as it is to give up a sin that pleasures your body The sad spectacle of the thoroughly conditioned feminist fighting so hard for her debauched principles is one small example of the immolation of our civilizationThis book shows an excellent example of one way to fight the evil that walks the world today Two thousand years of following Jesus had brought the world freedom and prosperity that the author is working so hard to restore The Church has the major role in restoring morality to the world today This feisty mother has the faith and the stamina needed to lead a powerful thrust against the pornographic the self harm and the childish hedonism that is destroying the soul of modern civilization I know that history has proven that her campaign style has great effect on society After all who can show true morality better than a mother fighting for a cleaner world for the children But personally I wish to follow a political route I will continue my fight against the International Socialist forces the Ultra Rich George Soros Green Cultists the Malthusian death cult and all the other direct attacks on our democracy My tactics come from the same Christian perspective but the war that I must go to fight is a war that needs stronger actions The mothers and church groups are needed on the home front but my battles need firepower The Social Marxist totalitarian Utopia has ascended to the majority power position They have infiltrated our governments our universities our work environment the mainstream media and our schools The feminist Nazi socialist ideology has poisoned generations Authors like Jordan B Peterson 12 Rules for Life Bob Plamondon The Truth About Trudeau Pierre Jose Ortega y Gasset Revolt of the Masses and C Wright Mills The power Elite all give ammunition and exposure to the war for freedom that we fight Not On My Watch is a great entry level call to action for those just waking up to this moral threat to change civilization I totally support her endeavors and all who join her crusade However we must also fight this existential war at a much higher level For those with the strength your courage is needed on the front lines fighting the ideology at the roots Start with the books I have suggested and you will find the whole world is losing the war for democratic freedom Don’t be lulled into complacency as you struggle to main your life style look past the mainstream media propaganda machine Not On My Watch explores the tip of the iceberg that is about to rip our civilization to shreds and send us into the long dark night Read it to open your eyes and then move on