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Ekaterinburg The last days of the Romanovs Free read Ì 0 Ú [Reading] ➷ Ekaterinburg The last days of the Romanovs Author Helen Rappaport – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk On the sweltering summer night of July 16 1918 in the Siberian city of Ekaterinburg a group of assassins led an unsuspecting Tsar Nicholas II of Russia Ripping away the over romanticized versions of previous accounts The story focuses on the family inside the Ipatiev House capturing the oppressive atmosphere and the dynamics The last days of the PDF of a group the Romanovs their servants and guards thrown together by extraordinary eventsMarshaling overlooked evidence from key witnesses such as the British consul to Ekaterinburg Sir Thomas Preston American and British travelers in Siberia and the now forgotten American journalist Herman Bernstein Helen Rappaport gives a The last days of the PDF brilliant account of the political forces swirling through the remote Urals town She conveys the tension of the watchi. I'm always disturbed at the romanticized and saccharined portrayal of the Romanov murders It seems wrong to cannonize the dynasty that inflicted torture exile imprisonment and death upon its people Eually in my mind Nicholas II only received the same treatment he gave to many of his subjectsmurder Especially in Nicholas's case I don't think the calm devoted family man image redeems his strictly autocratic and anti Semitic rule as monarch For a monarch to turn the other way while his subjects 85% of whom were peasants starved or suffered from the charming Eastern European tradition of pogroms on its vast Jewish populationThat said I find Rappaport's work to be very straight forwardmentioning the good and bad aspects of both Nicholas and Lenin I learned a lot about the politics and warfare occuring during this era as opposed to the melodramatic and almost morbid fascination with the family's grotesue murder I enjoyed too how Rappaport gives unbiased information on the Bolshevik executionersnot entirely condemning them but not letting them off the hook eitherOverall a very informative read

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Ng world the Kaiser of Germany and George V King of England both like Alexandra grandchildren of ueen Victoria their nations locked in combat as the First World War drew to its bitter end And she draws on recent releases from the Russian archives to challenge the view that the deaths were a unilateral act by a maverick group of the Ekaterinburg Bolsheviks identifying a chain of command that stretches directly she believes to Moscow and to Lenin himself Telling the story in a compellingly new and dramatic way The Last Days of the Romanovs brings those final tragic days vividly alive against the backdrop of Russia in turmoil on the brink of a devastating civil wa. It's disgusting what those animals did to this poor family This book only solidifies the saying that the only good communist is a dead communist The last few chapters of this book are absolutely horrifying But beyond that this is an interesting window into the Romanovs last few months of life They were loving pious and a seemingly beautiful family and it's a travesty that anyone was capable of doing what was done to these poor people

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Ekaterinburg The last days of the RomanovsOn the sweltering summer last days MOBI #244 night of Julyin the Siberian city of Ekaterinburg a group of assassins led an unsuspecting Tsar Nicholas II of Russia his wife the Tsarina Alexandra the desperately ill Tsarevich and their four beautiful daughters Olga Tatiana Ekaterinburg The PDFEPUBMaria and Anastasia into a basement room where they were shot and then bayoneted to death This is the story of those murders which ended three hundred years of Romanov rule and set their stamp on an era of state orchestrated terror and brutal The last days PDFEPUB #235 repression The Last Days of the Romanovs counts down to the last tense hours of the family’s lives st. First it's just sad then it's straight up brutal I prefer Rappaport's The Romanov Sisters but this is a great book as well if you can handle it because some of this is actually hard to read not because of the writing but because of what's written Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in this part of history