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A Modest Independence Parish Orphans of Devon #2 summary é eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Î [Reading] ➹ A Modest Independence Parish Orphans of Devon #2 ➯ Mimi Matthews – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk He Needed Peace Solicitor Tom Finchley has spent his life using his devious intellect to sIf she can discover the fate of the missing Earl of Castleton while she’s at it so much the betterFrom the gaslit streets of London to the lush tea gardens of colonial India Jenny and Tom Modest Independence Parish Orphans of Epubembark on an epic uest and an eually epic romance But even at the farthest edges of the British Empire the past has a way of catching up with yo. This was my second book by Mimi Matthews and for me this one really worked When I saw this book traveled outside England I was intrigued and wanted to give it a try Matthews is a strong writer and her historical research is evident in the pages It was fun journeying halfway across the world to India taking an overland route through the pages of this novel I enjoyed the amount of details included as it balanced with story progression The journey took them through France Italy Egypt and IndiaWhen I reviewed the first book in this series I noted that I would be interested in trying if the story interested me and this one proved that I also thought the romance in this one stronger in this one though it could get a bit circular The lead characters Jenny and Tom were together most of the trip and their romantic connection grew based shared experiences and time to learn and understand each other They had months in each other’s company Note while there’s kissing these novels do not go beyond the bedroom doorOverall I enjoyed this story and would recommend to readers that like different historical settings I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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E down to a uiet uncomplicated life If only he could find an eually uncomplicated woman She Wanted Adventure Former lady’s companion Jenny Holloway Modest Independence Parish Orphans of Epubhas just been given a modest independence Now all she wants is a bit of adventure A chance to see the world and experience life far outside the restrictive limits of Victorian England. Let me first say that I hadn’t read The Matrimonial Advertisement when I reuested an arc for A Modest Independence I was sold on the book editorials for both stories and my GR friends’ high ratings for Ms Matthews’ other romances I assumed I would like Thomas Finchley and Jenny Holloway when they were first introduced in The Matrimonial Advertisement Tom oozed a uiet strength and sensibility Jenny was opinionated and somewhat sharp Unfortunately whereas I enjoyed Justin Thornhill’s and Helena Reynold’s romance I found I liked Tom’s and Jenny’s less so Tom was one of four orphans brought up in Abbott’s Holcombe; Justin Thornhill was another boy At one point Tom was removed from his friends at the orphanage and raised by Mr Fothergill a solicitor Tom was shy and serious As he grew up he put the importance of law first in his life Finding someone to love had never been a priority When he met Jenny she was unlike any other woman he had known In his eyes she was both strong and beautiful He felt a deep purpose to help her fulfill any of her wishes And he did in The Matrimonial Advertisement When A Modest Independence opened Jenny was in need of her monies that her dear friend Helena had gifted her And Tom controlled She intended to travel to India to find Helena’s brother Giles Believed to be dead she had surmised her own opinion and intended to discover the truth Jenny and Tom had two things in common a new found thirst for freedom and a dream to start their lives anew Tom inveigled his way into her journey I found their story incorporated uite a bit of talking I knew they had strong romantic feelings for each other but their actual communication was anything but Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of small pieces of evidence And now that I think of it they came mostly from Tom But the words they spoke what the other remembered hearing was ”affection wasn’t enough Love wasn’t enough One couldn’t derive happiness entirely from another person no matter how fond of that other person one might be In the absence of all else how long before such fondness turned to bitterness and regret” Honestly after this same thought was recited for the umpteenth time I no longer cared what happened to Jenny or Tom I struggled to get to the endIt might be ‘it’s me not you’ but A Modest Independence was just not on par with The Matrimonial Advertisement I received a copy of A Modest Independence through NetGalley for an honest review I appreciate Mimi Matthews and Perfectly Proper Press for the opportunity to read this story

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A Modest Independence Parish Orphans of Devon #2He Needed Peace Independence Parish MOBI #237 Solicitor Tom Finchley has spent his life using his devious intellect to solve the problems of others As for his own A Modest Epubproblems they’re nothing that a bit of calculated vengeance can’t remedy But that’s all over now He’s finally ready to put the past behind him Modest Independence Parish PDFEPUB #190 and settl. That I'd give it all up to have you back with me For one moment longer in your arms The inadeuacy of words indeed I am truly loving these books What an adventure this book was And such a sweet love story The research alone in putting this together blows me away Mimi Mathews has really come into her own This book was like a virtual trip back in time A truly authentic victorian romance He pressed a kiss to her hair “What’s all this about” “I don’t know” She tried to laugh but couldn’t “Pangs of longing I suppose” But romance readers be aware you will have to be uite patient in this one The heroine will likely annoy you She did me but yet I understood her And the hero will be too eager to please too accommodating yet he was perfect just the same And best of all the ending will make it all worth it I truly loved this And I'm really looking forward to Alex Archer's story