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DOWNLOAD Ñ Mustafa Kemal Á ❰Download❯ ✤ Mustafa Kemal Author Yılmaz Özdil – “Ey Türk gençliğiBirinci vazifen” “Ey Türk gençliğiBirinci vazifen”.Inci vazifen?. excellent


“Ey Türk. First of all as a young Turkish guy I got sad because when I compare the early days of republic I saw that we have declined socially economically and scientifically In the book we are facing with every challange that Atatürk has faced and in my opinion it's fascinating that learning about how he hurdle the struggles by his intelligence and braveryAlso my best part from the book was between pages 140 210 which the author was talking and giving examples about the strength of Turkish women who were expressing theirselves freely Unfortunately I can not consider the same thing for today because every and each day we are reading news about rapes and female ineuality The revolutions that Atatürk made were really enlightening and progressive and they all were created in harsh circumstances but they are dissappearing each day Maybe those days were livable for westernized community in Turkey

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