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Free download Rattle AUTHOR Fiona Cummins é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [Read] ➵ Rattle By Fiona Cummins – La double vie du Collectionneur dans l'une il est comme vous et moi dans l'autre il est le gardien d'un macabre musée de familleLe Collectionneur a tout organisLa double vie du Collectionneur dans l'une il est comme vous et moi dans l'autre il est le gardien d'un macabre musée de familleLe Collectionneur a tout organisé et mène une double vie Dans l’une il est comme vous et moi Dans l’autre il est le gardien d’un macabre musée de famille une collection d’ossements humainsLes collectionneurs cherchent toujours la rareté l’objet uniue Deux enfants Jakey Frith et Clara Foyle souffrent l’un et l’autre d’une maladie génétiue orpheline une centaine de cas en France ui fait se dédoubler les cartilages puis pousser les os jusu’à l’étouffement la maladie de l’homme de pierre Le Collectionneur se doit d’avoir ces deux pièces rarissimes ue sont deux petits suelettes au tout début de leur déformationDans sa traue épe. It’s been awhile since I’ve read something that genuinely terrified me; woot and double woot While I wouldn’t go so far as to say this counts in the horror category it did have a The Silence of the Lambs esue feel to it Honestly the villain in this book makes Hannibal Lector look like a kitty cat prancing on rainbows and butterflies While this in itself was enough to make it an all around disturbing read the author did a fantastic job of playing at every fear and concern I have as a parent toward my children This went beyond the typical “Dear God Please Don’t let my children ever get kidnapped or murdered” typical fears; no the author introduced us to a wide array of horrifying disorders that occur in real life to worry about as wellYou should go into this knowing as little as possible My paperback didn’t have a summary on the back and while I had a very vague idea of the plot I never looked it up online and went in blind I highly recommend doing this therefore I won’t be discussing any particular plot points here Instead I’d like to focus on how this book as a whole made me feel and some of the things that might be triggers for other readers as this is the type of book that needs to be connected with the right type of person I’ll be honest I had to put this one down a couple of times to ease my anxiety and uickly chastise myself for googling images of the particular disorders mentioned here I found certain parts highly disturbing especially early on with descriptions of what happens to a child with “Stone Man Syndrome” each time they have any type of accident My heart started aching as I recalled a story last year of a little boy suffering with this and this novel gave me insight into the horrifying life his parents endure each day None of this is a criticism; in fact I applaud the author for not only crafting such deep realistic characters in a serial killer thriller but also for shedding light and awareness on such disorders that need funding to desperately find a cureThere are many triggers found in this book so if you are one to stay away from violence toward children so implied not graphically described and are disturbed by bugs and unsettling descriptions of the disorders highlighted here this may not be for you If you can handle disturbing and graphic books you may really enjoy the depth and extra attention to detail found in this story It is extremely well written and done with respect to those who are disabled while not painting a fluffy inaccurate picture of what these people go through on a daily basis I’ll be thinking about this book for a long time; I’m also interested in taking what I’ve learned here and channeling it into helping promote a charity or funding of curing these disorders and providing help to families whom this horror is a daily reality Fiona Cummins is clearly very talented and I’m waiting on pins and needles to see where she takes us nextMany thanks to Francesca at MacMillan for providing my copy; it was a pleasure to provide an honest review

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Rdue il déjoue la vigilance du père de Jakey et celle d’un détective trouble Etta Fitzroy ui enuête sur une série d’enlèvementsAvec un style cutter aussi efficace ue glaçant Fiona Cummins plonge et fouaille dans les pensées du psychopate Les Anglais ont adoré Suivez la traue éperdue du Collectionneur à la recherche de l'objet rare et uniue et vivez une plongée glaçante dans les pensées de ce psychopathe EXTRAIT« Tu as entendu »Elle frissonne alors ue le chauffage est au maximumC’est l’enuêtrice ui s’exprime maintenant l’inspectrice Etta FitzroyIl introduit une autre cuillerée dans la bouche de sa femme« Oui nous recherchons le même suspect dans les deux affaires mais je me refuse à tout autre commentaire dans l’immédiat Les familles vivent un moment. Rattle by Fiona Cummins is the first book in the new The Bone Collector series The series a dark sort of thriller read featuring a detective on the hunt for a serial killer with an peculiar type of victimThe Bone Collector is after a certain type of victim in the story which introduces readers to certain medical conditions about bone deformities A young child in the story suffers from this very rare disease which makes him a perfect target for the killer that Detective Sergeant Etta Fitzroy has linked to other disappearancesAs with most books that feature a killer this one isn’t exactly for the faint of heart I was actually expecting a bit horrific myself with comparisons to Silence of the Lambs It’s definitely a solid read but I often wondered if you took out the victim type would this turn into any other police proceduralserial killer book out thereThe most compelling parts of the read for me were of little Jakey and learning about his horrific disease I honestly can’t imagine what those diagnosed go through or what the parents go through trying to care for someone with the disease You can’t help but feel for him but when reading the rest I never really felt as pulled in as during the parts with Jakey Overall though it was a decent start to the series that makes me wonder where it will head nextI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit

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Rattle AUTHOR Fiona CummiExtrêmement difficile N’oubliez pas je vous prie ue les spéculations de toutes sortes ne sont d’aucun secours »Il détecte un frisson de paniue sous la surface et il sourit Cela lui ouvre l’appétit Il a presue de la peine pour elle Ce soir uand il se sera emparé du garçon la paniue aura pris le dessusPeut être u’il lui enverra un petit uelue chose De personnel Un cadeau pour attiser les flammes Faire monter les enchères Se mouer de son échecIl hoche la tête intérieurement Oui il prendra plaisir à la voir cavaler dans tous les sens comme un de ses insectesIl dépose le bol sur la chaise et zappe sur la chaîne d’infos en continu Même reportage même inspectrice mais il perçoit la tension maintenant visible dans la crispation de la mâchoire les poches sous les ye. This books deserves a raw and rave review After all the books that you can read sometimes one just sticks with you and this one definitely did for me 5 big BEAUTIFUL STARS What a fantastic debut novel by Fionna Cummins Beautifully well written and engaging from start to finish WHAT a ride my friends I didn't want this to end I was so sad I NEED a seuel to this and want a series Come on Fiona What a new fresh and uniue disturbing serial killer called the Bone Collector Shoot my bones wanted to lunge at him as I was reading sick and evil man He croons to his beetles called them home In one undulating mass they warm up his arms round his neck down the back of his jacket He enjoys the sensation of thousands of insects crawling over his skin prefers it to the touch of human hands OK WTF I was thinkingEWWWW That's just the little hair on the camel's back into the mind of this deranged killer he enjoys special people that he stalks Children that have a special medical diagnosis in this case Stone Man Syndrome or Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressive Little Jakey has this diagnosis and just broke my heart to watch a family's horror in taking care of child with this basically a rare disease that causes people to grow a second skeleton SO our lovely Bone Collector has an obsession with collecting these different types of bonesThis novel is dark and disturbing but somehow just keeps pulling you in I definitely cringed and turned my head then once reading this but swooped this one up in days Definitely has climbed my list for top reads of 2017 Emotional and amazing debut I cannot wait to see what Fiona has in store of us next Highly recommended