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Download From the Highest Mountain ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ó ➯ [Read] ➫ From the Highest Mountain By Jeanne Allan ➻ – Samantha preferred being enemies Samantha adored her brother David and wanted nothing to spoil his marriage to Lynda So when his best friend Doug askedNeuvered into a temporary engagement with Doug a man she loathed Other people might find the situation humorous but Samantha was determined not to be bested by her old enemy. Funny and cute Some sweet moments The endless bickering was endless It never stopped This would have been a much better book if they could have actually stopped fighting for one freaking moment

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The MOBI #8608 she'd give a bachelor who was head over heels in love with his best friend's wife her reply was prompt Find somebody else Somebody singleThat's how she got ma. I stuck with this book because I thought the premise was cute Two bickering childhood “frenemies” he’s her older brother’s best friend; she’s the bratty child who ruined his fun pretend to be in love to cover up the fact that the hero is madly in love with his best friend’s wife aka heroine’s new sis in lawAn aside This is what I like about Jeanne Allan’s books She conjures up regular couples with a twist However after halfway through the book I felt like screaming from the mountaintops in exasperation Here’s why 1 The heroine is a brat using her “wobbling chin” to get her way; hurling spiteful words only to apologize for them later on; and so hell bent on seeing him in a bad light 2 The guy’s a push over I like the little ways he showed that he cared folding napkins changing sheets for her bed and breakfast guests reading her various facial expressions like a book taking photographs But his sulkiness when he doesn’t get the spwe chial hug of recognition got annoying uickly 3 Suabbling over past fights and slights can be cute because it backlights the Hh’s mindset but up to a certain point Overdone the plot gets bogged down and I wish they’d just moved forward already 4 Only one drama ueen allowed per book I thought his anger was overblown when he misconstrued her seduction scene as her revenge plot 5 Doing the caveman abduction is only for Neanderthal women What troubles me most is that IF their familiarity with each other has already bred contempt even before they marry their love may not be enough to sustain them through the years It'll reuire a major overhaul of both their egos and personalities to make an HEA possible Otherwise what exacerbated them before as frenemies will exacerbate them a thousandfold as marriage partners

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From the Highest MountainSamantha preferred being enemies Samantha adored her brother David and wanted nothing to spoil his marriage to Lynda So when his best friend Doug asked Sam what advice From. Oh dear A really cute premise the heroine and her brother's best friend hero have been at odds since childhood The story opens with the heroine driving the hero home from her brother's wedding rehearsal because he has a migraine She floods the engine and they end up having a drink waiting for the engine to right itself The alcohol and pain medication takes its toll on the hero and the heroine finds out that he is in love with her brother's bride She stays with him all night because she's worried about the drugalcohol combo Her brother catches her leaving the hero's room and she lies and says they are thinking about getting married She does this so her brother doesn't suspect that the hero is love with his brideSounds great right Well it would be if the heroine wasn't such a shrew and the hero didn't bait her every two seconds This was a non stop bickerfest I kept reading because I wanted to see when they would actually stop flaying each other alive with words but they kept it up until almost the last page And the reconciliation was just as bad the hero goes into her room and takes her out of her bed slung over his shoulder to the delight of the bed and breakfast patrons Uh The descriptions of Breckenridge Colorado the bed and breakfast the heroine helped her mother run were interesting as were some of the side characters But nothing could redeem these two immature characters I'm in the minority of reviewers who rated this so it could just be my dislike of non stop arguing Give it a whirl if you like the Taming of the Shrew trope