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Medusas Destiny Monsters and Gargoyles #1 summary Ñ 108 ☆ [Download] ➺ Medusas Destiny Monsters and Gargoyles #1 Author Lacey Carter Andersen – Everyone likes a hero But a scary monster Not so much And that’s exactly what I am a monster Medusa A woman who can turn anyone into stone with jMonsters and MOBI #9734 Everyone likes a hero But a scary monster Not so much And that’s exactly what I am a monster Medusa A woman who can turn anyone into stone with just a glance Is it Medusas Destiny Kindle any wonder I’m such a screw up The thing is maybe I want than just to be a monster. Audiobook ReviewMedusa's Destiny is book one in the Monsters and Gargoyles series As soon as I saw Gargoyles I was all about giving this audiobook a listen Gargoyles are my jam This was my first experience with this author It won't be my last I really enjoyed her creativity The story is about Medusa who was once mortal but was cursed by the Goddess Athena over 2000 years ago to become a monster who turns men to stone and 4 Gargoyles named Byron Harold Forrest and Marcus The Gargoyles kidnap Medusa thinking she is nothing than an evil monster and plan to use her to accomplish their intended missions and then kill her But once they meet her the realize that things are not as they assumed them to be The book is Reverse Harem insta lust and full of hot and sexy scenes It is told in the multiple POVs of Medusa Byron Harold Forrest Marcus and Edgar who is Byron's dad The audiobook is semi short at only 5 hours and 26 minutes duration I wish there would have been to their story Especially during the 6 month gap between chapters 24 and 25 I enjoyed all of the adult scenes but I feel like they kind of took over the book and we didn't get enough actual story and action Also with the group adult scenes without going into specifics or getting my review bounced for adult content I found that they weren't really believable and that kind of bummed me out Each time it was the 4 guys and her I found myself noticing things that just weren't possible based on the description as well as the sheer size of the guys and how tiny she was Plus it almost seemed at times as if the author was trying to make the scenes gratuitously erm x rated than genuineThere were a few minor editing mistakes that I noticed but without having the book to look at I can't really speak to the editing One thing that was really obvious though was that a sentence in the final chapter during a group scene was written twice but said slightly different and they were back to back So obviously the author meant to swap them out but both got left in I liked the narrator for the most part She had excellent pacing good tone and clarity and a pleasant voice I struggled though because besides the female POV there were 5 other POVs that were all males and the narrator used the same voice for each of those male POVs I felt like I had to pay extra attention to keep the POVs straight and than once I had to restart the chapter so that I could hear the heading to know which POV it was Perhaps adding a male narrator would have really elevated this audiobook The second book was setup toward the end of this book and it sounds as though we will be revisiting this Gargoyle sanctuary and hopefully get to see these characters again I'm definitely interested in continuing this series Medusa's Destiny was a lot fun and as I said earlier creative I can't wait to see what happens next with Gargoyles and Merpeople

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Ction or my salvation I guess we’ll see MEDUSA’S DESTINY is the first book in an exciting new reverse harem series It’s also a whychoose romance meaning that the focus is on the woman and she doesn’t have to choose between her hotties It’s steamy funny and a world I hope you dive right in. Warning rapeI think romance books should come with explicit warnings if they have feature rape I do not want to read this in my escapism texts These gargoyles aren’t very appealing They love in spite and that convention never appeals to me

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Medusas Destiny Monsters and Gargoyles #1I really do Living forever feared and hated by everyone around you is about as miserable Destiny Monsters and PDFEPUB #193 as you can imagine And now I’ve been kidnapped by the enemy Gargoyles Three sexy men who confuse the heck out of me because I’m not sure if they’re going to be my destru. A Easy 3 STARSWhen I saw the blurb for this I was so excited a book that puts a twist on Greek mythology where the monsters aren't really monsters in this case Medusa isn't the frightening horrible women she is depicted to be through legends sounds greatThe premise of this is fab but whilst this was an enjoyable light read it wasn't the little gem I was hoping it would be In this reverse harem enemies to lovers’ book things heat up pretty uick between Medusa and her Gargoyles a little intimacy and emotional layers would have added depth And it would have been nice if each of Medusa's guys were developed as characters I would have loved some rich world building especially considering the premise Overall a nice light read I’m looking forward to book two in the series Acuired via KU