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The World Is My Home A Memoir Summary ´ 6 ☆ ❰Reading❯ ➾ The World Is My Home A Memoir Author James A. Michener – Literary legend James A Michener was “a Renaissance man adventurous inuisitive unpretentious and unassuming with an encyclopedic mind and a generous heart” The New York TimesFe Here at last is the real James Michener plainspoken wise and enormously sympathetic a man who could truly say “The world is my home”  Praise for The World Is My Home   “Michener’s own life makes one of his most engaging tales a classic American success story” Entertainment Weekly   “The Michener saga is as full of twists as any of his monumental works His output his political interests his patriotic service his diligence and the breadth of his readership World Is My Home A PDF are matched only by the great nineteenth century writers whose works he devoured as he grew up Dickens Balzac Mark Twain” Chicago Tribune   “There are splendid yarns. Very inspiring book for those wanting to writecreate Michener wrote something like 40 books in his life His VERY FIRST BOOK won the Pulitzer and was turned into a world famous broadway show and movie South Pacific That launched him but he still had to keep writing He does a good job painting a picture for how easy it would have been for him to uit after that first book So many people told him he couldn't write and he should give up including his agent that he was lucky to win the Pulitzer which he readily acknowledges yet he took a real hard look at himself and asked if he thought he could be a writer And he did so he went for it A number of his books are well over 1000 pages As important is the way he lived his life He didn't just sit at a desk and write He lived a very diverse life which included running for public office and serving on various government commissions and boards like the committee that chooses which USPS stamps are made He traveled extensively and sought out adventures like helping refugees escape from one country to another He also pursued his passions of music and art He LIVED life and that gave him much to write aboutA good reminder that creating doesn't come from a void You can't spend your life in a cubicle and have anything to offer Creativity is a stream that must be fed by life experience if you want to have anything worth writing about

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About Michener’s wartime doings in the South Pacific There are hilarious cautionary tales about his service on government commissions There are wonderful inside stories from the publishing business And always there is Michener himself analyzing his own character assessing himself as a writer chronicling his intellectual life giving advice to young writers” The Plain Dealer   “A sweepingly interesting life Whether he’s having an epiphany over a campout in New Guinea with head hunting cannibals or getting politically charged by the melodrama of great opera James A Michener’s world is a place and a time worth reading about” The Christian Science Monitor. Throughout this charming autobiography James A Michener portrays himself as an average man with average talent and experience He wrote nothing non academic until after age 40 He says he only became successful by immersing himself in his subject matter and by keeping a strictly disciplined writing schedule As one reads the biography though it’s obvious that his character and lifestyle are far from average He calls himself a storyteller rather than an author He wrote this book at age 84 and it is less formally written than many of his booksThe autobiography is refreshingly nonlinear It begins in a time and place familiar to most readers when Michener was employed by the Navy in the South Pacific towards the end of WWII He tells of surviving mutiny and plane crashes and of his later government work as investigator of things amiss in the islands We see the source of some of his fiction and how he became a writer under the most unlikely conditions Throughout the book we get hints that his childhood was unusual but he saves the biggest surprises for the last chapters Michener talks about his love of music art and literature how his political views changed throughout the years fascinating people he has known the hard work of research and writing health issues and his charitable work among other topics He seems to be an optimistic man who views the world with compassion and is curious about just about everything This book is a great read especially if you like biographies or books by James A Michener It’s a portrait of a humble and likable man who had than a few uniue and unusual experiences

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The World Is My Home A MemoirLiterary legend James A Is My eBook #184 Michener was “a Renaissance man adventurous The World ePUB #8608 inuisitive unpretentious and unassuming with an encyclopedic mind and a generous World Is My Kindle #180 heart” The New York Times Book Review In this exceptional memoir World Is My Home A PDF the man himself tells the story of his remarkable life and describes the people events and ideas that shaped it Moving backward and forward across time he writes about the many strands of his experience his passion for travel his lifelong infatuation with literature music and painting his adventures in politics and the hard work headaches and rewards of the writing li. I'm on page 199 and so far I have to ask this uestion REALLY Can this author really have accomplished so much in his life I feel like a couch potato compared to him and I don't even watch tvFinishedA bit of a Renaissance Man James Michener was an aficionado of opera and classical music as well as art collecting enough prints to form a small art museum In his youth he read classical literature from many lands He was of course a writer of non fiction as well as fiction And a traveler In writing about other lands it was reuisite to him that he live in those places He held various positions on committees in the government working with the postage stamp committee working for NASA and various semi secret missions That's not all He kept up with a keen interest in bull fighting and played on a competitive volleyball team The list of his interests and work that come out in the text of this book goes on and on; I was amazed than once at the places he went the people he knew the awards he received the speeches he gave the jobs he held the volunteer work he did the money he donatedI liked that Michener made choices about the kind of writing he would do and then stuck to it He wasn't driven by money although he was accused of it Having grown up very poor he made some decisions early on which killed his competitive nature in regards to money He liked to help people and he did so regularly with money or favors He also donated large sums to help up and coming writers in many countries His plans for after his death was that all of his money would be donated to the arts and for scholarships etcI have to admit that like most memoirs there are a lot of names to keep straight and that can make the reading a little tedious in places This was an interesting read in the context of Outliers which I read this summer I made a careful watch of how intelligence opportunity and hard work played out in Michener's life Michener did a good job in this autobiography of selling several other of his books to me I'd like to read a few maybe