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The Compleet Molesworth review Æ 9 ï ❮Read❯ ➸ The Compleet Molesworth ➻ Author Geoffrey Willans – Nigel Molesworth the ‘goriller of 3B’ and ‘curse of st custard’s’ is the superb chronicler of life at a 1950s British prep school Loved by a generation who recognised themselves in theEpubincluding the money grabbing Headmaster Grimes BA Stoke on Trent and the infamous school sissy Fotherington Tomas Of course Molesworth would not be complete without Ronald Searle’s witty and wicked cartoons depicting gerunds masters space machines school dogs and parentsThis edition is introduced by poet Wendy Cope who recounts her lifelong love of Molesworth’s perfectly contemptuous outlook ‘a wonderful antidote to the relentlessly positive attitudes expressed. I first read this book when I was at a school that could have been the model for St Custards and I got into trouble for being unable to control my hysterical laughter I cannot listen to the march past of the Rifle Brigade without laughing The writing is beautiful as are the illustrations This is a must read for anybody who enjoys a belly laugh and the repeated cocking of snooks at the English and their societies

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By adults and the media in the s’ For her the collection’s irreverence has remained undiluted by over years of delectation From Molesworth’s description of poetry – ‘Weedy people say la and fie and swoon when they see a bunch of daffodils’ – to Searle’s ‘Know the Enemy or Masters at a Glance’ all are ‘right on the button to this day’ Unforgettable and yet a delight to return to these books are modern classics to be cherished and enjoyed time and aga. As good as ever A book to skim laugh at then put away for another few years Not a gud way to lurn to spel

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The Compleet MolesworthNigel Molesworth the ‘goriller of B’ and ‘curse of st custard’s’ is the superb chronicler of life at a s British prep school Loved by a generation who recognised themselves in the ink blot world of St Custard’s the Molesworth tetralogy Down with Skool How to be Topp Whizz for Atomms and Back in the Jug agane is gathered together in this compendium ‘Built by a madman in ’ St Custard’s is inhabited by a host of Molesworth’s famous adversaries The Compleet. Have you ever sensed a kindred spirit upon hearing the words as any fule knoHas your trained ear been able to detect the difference between No and NoeHave you ever seen a gerund cut a gerundiveOr puzzled out the meaning of Caesar adsum jam forteOr cried THE PRUNES ARE REVOLTINGIf not you need to read these books Crie you mercie Mowlesworth Noe