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In medieval Scotland the illegitimate Vow Sons MOBI #240 children of a notorious criminal vie to claim their birthrights and find that love is an even greater prize Edinburgh merchant Tavish Cameron has no choice but to pay outrageous tolls to the nobility until fate gives him an unexpected opportunity for The Lairds PDF or advancement To claim Tower. Tavish Cameron has acuired some wealth as a merchant in Edinburgh but is plagued by ridiculous taxes and tolls and harassment from the town burgess Until he receives information that stands to change everything he stands to inherit the lairdship of Roscraig and the castle there He just has to admit to being the bastard son of a baron charged with murder and remove the impoverished and haughty Glenna Douglas from the castle that has always been her homeGlenna has lost nearly everything Her father is ailing and her village has been decimated by sickness and now a stranger has invaded her home Until King James arrives to settle the issue once and for all Glenna and Tavish share Tower Roscraig and their mutual hatred may manifest into a different kind of passion But when it becomes clear that Roscraig is being undermined by someone and danger lurks all around Tavish and Glenna are forced to develop a partnership beyond their fiery animosityWhat some may consider to be spoilers lie ahead Yet another another shrewish heroine masuerading as a strong woman Of course her reaction to Tavish wouldn't be positive but he acted like a bear and she was a total banshee I get she was in a terrible position but her haughty attitude and constant assertion of her highborn status over Tavish as being a commoner and illegitimate got very old very fast and was a total turn off for me especially when she had no right to her snobbishness Don't worry that I'm harping on the heroine either because the hero was a right pompous a as well willing to hurt the heroine and the woman who presumed herself albeit wrongly to be his betrothed by taking the heroine as his mistressOf course the hero and heroine both eventually came to their senses and I did enjoy the twists and turns the plot underwent towards the end even if they were a bit predictable What annoyed me however were all the loose ends left undone Of course I presume much of this is to tease the next book in the series but some things that were very relevant to this story were left unaddressed and it made me feel like these characters weren't really getting a true ending and for that reason I will likely continue with the seriesI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own

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The Lairds Vow Sons of Scotland #1Roscraig all he has to do is admit that he is the bastard son of a murdering baronand evict the proud impoverished Lady Glenna Douglas from her crumbling castle With her father ailing and her village devastated by illness Glenna has lost almost everything Lairds Vow Sons MOBI #242 except her home Now a ruggedly handsome stranger intends to take that t. The premise of this story had so much potential and there were definitely parts of it that shined However I find it difficult to believe that Glenna could fall in love with a man who was so unnecessarily rude to her I absolutely get the idea of a Scottish Laird being dominant and rugged but to be an outright ass ALL THE TIME it just felt a tad too unrealistic to me That being said the ending was very satisfying and I am still glad I read itThank you NetGalley and Kensington Books for the eARC

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READ ↠ The Lairds Vow Sons of Scotland #1 ☆ [Ebook] ➩ The Lairds Vow Sons of Scotland #1 ➨ Heather Grothaus – In medieval Scotland the illegitimate children of a notorious criminal vie to claim their birthrights and find that love is an even greater prize Edinburgh merchant Tavish Cameron has noOo Until the king himself arrives to determine the rightful laird Glenna and Tavish Cameron must share Tower Roscraig resulting in a scandalous bargain But something deeper than passion ignites as they realize that Roscraig has been Lairds Vow Sons of Scotland ePUB #8608 targeted by enemies And only by uniting can they evade the traps set for them bot. Although the first half of the story had a hard time keeping my interest the second half was much better Lots of intrigue and some twists and turns I was a bit disappointed that there didn't seem to be much connection between Tavish and Glenna most of the book they hated each other and then bam they were in love I just didn't feel the heat between them Otherwise the plot of the story was a good one and there are a couple of surprises at the end I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review