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Isabel Families of Dorset #2A gentleman‘s impulsive wager to marry of Dorset PDF #180 a stranger A young woman’s determination not to marry Isabel Families eBook #226 the man she wants When Isabel Cosgrove is informed by her father that he lost her Families of Dorset PDFEPUB #194 hand in marriage while playing cards with Charles Galbraith the gentleman she’s been admiring from a distance for years she is filled with dismay How can she agree to wed a man who. Having enjoyed Martha Keyes’ Eleanor I was really excited for this book especially since the premise was so intriguing—a woman finds herself betrothed after her father loses her hand in a wager But her intended isn’t just anyone but the man she’s secretly been in love with for years Unfortunately he’s in love with someone else Because Isabel doesn’t want to be married to a man who doesn’t love her and he doesn’t want to marry anyone but the woman he thinks he loves the two enter a fake engagement I liked both Isabel and Charles and thought they were cute together In addition the plot’s premise was fun and I enjoyed watching it unfold so much so that I could have happily seen many pages and development of it There were many lovely scenes between our hero and heroine as well as many frustrating obstacles for them to overcome for them to achieve their happily ever after particularly Charles stubbornness in clinging to his old flame Julia but all turned out right in the end Martha Keyes truly took us uite the journey both for Isabel and Charles and the subplot with Hetty and the villainous Mr Farrow But despite the turmoil our villain caused the plot’s premise was fun our characters’ growth satisfying and the moments where there were romantic scenes between our hero and heroine were very sweet I’m looking forward to reading from Martha Keyes

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He instead suggests a plan that has the potential to temporarily appease her father’s demand of marriage while also winning back the love of the woman Charles truly wants But when Charles and Isabel are thrown into the midst of a brewing scandal and another man’s potential disinheritance their plan begins to unravel thread by thread challenging what Galbraith thinks he wants and just how much time with him Isabel’s heart can stan. I received an ARC of this book and was not reuired to post a review but I so thoroughly enjoyed this book that I feel I must I liked Isabel Charles Mary and Hetty very much This is a sweet romance book that ends happily It was well written and the characters were frustrating funny sweet and written in such a way that I wish I could see further into Isabel and Charles’ future

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Isabel Families of Dorset #2 Read à 9 ó ❮Reading❯ ➸ Isabel Families of Dorset #2 Author Martha Keyes – A gentleman‘s impulsive wager to marry a stranger A young woman’s determination not to marry the man she wants When Isabel Cosgrove is informed by her father that he lost her hand in marriaSe reason for marriage is part revenge part indifference Intent on avoiding a painful union where her regard cannot be returned she concocts a plan Charles Galbraith didn’t intend to become engaged as a result of a drunken wager at cards but after the woman he loves spurns him what does it matter whom he marries But even Miss Cosgrove the fiancée he won by wager seems intent not to marry him a fact that both relieves and piues him S. I liked that this book wasn’t about the darling of the season but of an ordinary girl just wanting to be a good person Isabel went to great lengths to protect her heart She was a sensible sort of person but she struggled with really being honest about her own feelings for Charles to the point that while not outright lying told some half truths In that I was a bit disappointed in her as she was such a very strong character otherwise Charles was fun and a down to earth person The complete opposite of a rake Their is a rake in this story to showcase the differences in character Charles had to the less preferred character Charles starts out the beginning of the book being disappointed in love and allows himself to become engaged to Isabel It wasn’t what he wanted but a situation he allowed due to his hurting heart Isabel was not about to become a wife out of pity The book was about helping others being kind and getting ones heart desire sometimes through sacrifice