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FREE DOWNLOAD Ñ Jumped By Rita Williams-Garcia º ➭ [Ebook] ➨ Jumped By Rita Williams-Garcia ➹ – The wrong angle Trina Hey I say though I don't really know them The boyed up basketball girl barely moves The others her girls step aside It's okay if they don't speak I know how it is They cEe I'm here and all the space around me is mines I slam my fist into my other hand because she's good as jumped Leticia Why would I get involved in Trina's life when I don't know for sure if I saw what I thought I saw Who is to say I wasn't seeing it from the wrong angle Acclaimed author Rita Willi. I Say this book is for older adults to Young Adults of Both genders would be able to read this book Why because this book changes characters each Chapter It would be harder for younger people to pay attention on what is going on Because kids have a short attentions spend To be honest I barley know what was going on myself Other than that it is a easy book to read there is not that much hard of wordsThere are three characters that change in each chapter So you have to pay a lot of attention to each chapter Other than that is a good book to read The three main characters names are Leticia Moniue and Trina Dominiue is a really the angered one of the main Characters For example the begging of her first chapter she was waiting for her science teacher in the parking lot To make her grades better He doesn't she gets mad and threatens his life Dominiue is also really good at basket ball but she can’t play because of how bad her grades are That’s why she threatens the math teacher to change her grades Near the end of this book she gets mad because her coach wouldn’t put her in the game The coach says her grades are too poorly to put Dominiue in the game I really do not like this character to she is to mean Leticia is the preppy girl Why I say this is because she has to look pretty 247 Another reason why is because she gets mad at her gym teacher for getting her fake nail broken off Leticia also said to that gym teacher if she no one pays for what happened to her nail she would sue them After that class she goes straight for a phone and calls her mother to tell her mother that her nail broken and that the school needs to pay And when Leticia calls her mother she knows she was in a important meeting and doesn’t care if she gets fired Leticia keeps bugging her mother about her broken fake nail Leticia mother ignores her and tells her that they would fix it this weekend That’s why I do not like this character she always has to have her way Finally my favorite character in this book that brings the color to everything she does Trina The reason why I said this is because she is a great artist And she does not like to draw without colors I really feel bad for this girl Because no really listened to hear Like when her appendix burst and before that happen she keep telling her gym teacher that she didn’t feel right At the end of this book she goes to the hospital I can’t remember why but I do remember that her Art teacher was talking to her when she was out cold Trina Art teacher told her about her flaws of her art and the great of her art I really think that it was nice for Trina art teacher to meet her in the hospital I hope that the made a seuel so I can see if Trina is fine Because Trina is my favorite out of the three main characters

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Ams Garcia intertwines the lives of three very different teens in this fast paced gritty narrative about choices and the impact that even the most seemingly insignificant ones can have Weaving in and out of the girls' perspectives readers will find themselves not with one intimate portrayal but thr. This is a 35 star book which could go up or down depending on how the book sits with me over the next few days Jumped takes place during the course of one day Williams Garcia weaves her story through the perspectives of Dominiue Trina and Leticia At first I thought Dominiue was the only one with a problem She is an angry angry young woman Her anger is clearly illustrated in her first chapter She's waiting in the faculty parking lot for her science teacher She needs to talk to him about changing her grade Talking sounds a lot like threatening to me Ironically if her teacher had reported the incident or since the reader doesn't know if he did or not had administration done something about Dominiue there would have been no story Of course there are a number of places that adults could have intervened and changed the outcome of the story As I read I realized that Leticia and Trina are just as flawed as Dominiue In fact I was disturbed by Leticia at the end of the novel than I was Dominiue Letitica is a classic bystander She was the one character the reader knows for sure had the power to change the events and outcome of the novel and yet she didn't In fact Leticia even blames Trina for what happened to her This definitely deserves to be a National Book Award Finalist Williams Garcia is commenting on society as she's done in her other novels and it's not a commentary that makes me happy to be part of our society or a teacher of adolescents and someone who has a hand in shaping the next generation


Jumped By Rita Williams-GarcThe wrong angle Trina Hey I say though I don't really know them The boyed up basketball girl barely moves The others her girls step aside It's okay if they don't speak I know how it is They can't all be Trina Dominiue Some stupid little flit cuts right in between us and is like Hey Like she don't s. This plot is so juvenile except it couldn't be for middle grade because it's a bit suggestive in places and also word usage But the plot really annoyed me what are we in third grade Also I'm 999% sure these girls were third graders because the pettiness GOSH THE PETTINESS I know petty girls and high school girls who openly call themselves the ueens of petty but sheesh These girls freakin' stole their crowns off of their greasy hair lol Here's the plot of this bookAirhead EVERYONE WORSHIPS ME I MAKE THEIR DAYS BETTER Whole school no one likes you Airhead is oblivious walks past mean girl Mean girl I'MMA BEAT THAT GIRL'S BUTT HOW DARE SHE Loner girl overhears Should I warn Airhead AND THAT'S THE WHOLE PLOT EXCEPT view spoilerTHE AIRHEAD IS NEVER WARNED AND IS BRUTALLY ATTACKED hide spoiler