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READ ↠ The Dark Gate ☆ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ The Dark Gate Author Pamela Palmer – Larsen Vale has a secret she sees things Terrible things Deadly things And her latest vision features a strange albino manand her own death Haunted and afraid she trusts no one not even the handsome c Larsen Vale has a secret she sees Ems fascinated with her Washington DC detective Jack Hallihan has one mission find the man who is assaulting young women But the police have no clues no leads and no witnesses And Jack has a deadly secret of h. First Reads Review The Dark Gate by Pamela PalmerThis is actually the second book I've read by Pamela Palmer and I didn't realize when I signed up to win this one that it was the same writer because I apparently don't pay attention too well If I had noticed I might have avoided it because the vampire romance that I read of her's A Blood Seduction was not good It was creepy and rape y and well I guess I shouldn't preface this book with talking about a different one but I just want to explain where I was at approaching this book I was ready to dislike it Instead however I found a rather standard but completely decent story involving some magic and elves A huge step up from vampires in my opinionOf course apparently the rape had to still be in there this time with a mind controlling elf that enters into the human world to conuer Hurrah I guess and at least this time he's not the main romantic interest No this time the guy is a cop with voices in his head and the woman is an attorney with visions of the future Death visions It was mainly well done there except that the strain between them where she doesn't want to tell him about her visions seemed a bit too extreme Even with magic and knowing he hears voices she doesn't expect him to be cool with her having a power that can help them It seemed a bit artificial given everything else that was going on but it didn't stop them from being cute togetherThis is also a story that puts the two characters together and there is this immediate connection this immediate true love Again it's not terribly done but it did make me roll my eyes a few times Everything is very dramatic which I guess is standard for these things but it seemed a bit so here where plot points hinge on characters being too emotional or too distracted to see something that really should be uite obvious So Sabrina just witnessed magical healing but then refuses to believe that her father might be controlled even though she kind of accepted that before Just because she's a teen girlSo while this was a fun enough book and the sex was good and the characters were decent it just never really got going The plot is interesting enough and there are vague hints that there is a deeper setting than the one that is shown But nothing really comes together The action the drama the characters they all remain rather shallow and while they provide a good enough time they don't manage to do anything really great They remain firmly planted in the decent in the good but that only earns three stars out of five in my book


Larsen Vale has a secret she sees things Terrible things Deadly things And her latest vision features a strange albino manand her own death Haunted and afraid she trusts no one not even the handsome cop who se. I binge read this book It wasn't my intention to read cover to cover in one sitting; I simply didn't want to put it downThe Dark Gate was a satisfying mix of paranormal and suspense I was pleased with the fresh plot A being from an alternate dimension has slipped through an ancient hidden portal and is terrorizing his way through Washington DC unchecked and seemingly invincible a fun ride from an author I'd never heard of before receiving the book The night air crackled with malevolence Threat danced on the humid breeze raking its nails down Jack's spine while mounting uestions pricked his skin itching like new wool Never in his life had he felt so off balance He'd dealt with rapists before and murderers With thieves and car jackers and gang bangers But never had he faced anyone like this a villain whose powers and abilities defied logic How in the hell could a man hypnotize cops with a song One measly song The only thing keeping this book from being five stars was that the romance was a little hit or miss in my opinion The sexual attraction was certainly there for our main characters but I wasn't sold on the emotional connection outside of pity or protectiveness I'm just not sure that the love was there Perhaps a little character development was needed in this respectThis is the first book in the Esri series and I can see myself reading and enjoying the rest of the booksI won an autographed copy of this book through GoodReads

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The Dark GateIs own a secret Larsen holds the key to Time is running out If Larsen and Jack The Dark Kindle can't learn to trust their attraction to each other the Gate will be opened and the world will be forever change. I enjoyed this book and I liked the suspense but in my opinion they kind of rushed to the end When did the characters fall in love I didn't see it They just suddenly were