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Free read ä All the Children Are Home 102 ´ ❮Read❯ ➵ All the Children Are Home Author Patry Francis – A sweeping saga in the vein of Ask Again Yes following a foster family through almost a decade of dazzling triumph and wrenching heartbreak—from the author of The Orphans at Race PointSet Enous girl Agnes is comes to live with themWhen Dahlia decided to become a foster mother she had a few caveats no howling newborns no delinuents and above all no girls A harrowing incident years before left her a virtual prisoner in her own home forever wary of the heartbreak and limitation of a girl’s lifeEleven years after they began fostering the Moscatellis are raising three children as their own and Dahlia and Louie consider their family complete but when the social worker begs them to take a young girl who has been hor. This book is set in the 1950s and 1960s and follows the Moscatelli family who live in a small town in Massachusetts Dahlia and Louie are foster parents to Jimmy Zaidie and Jon One day Agnes shows up to live with them but Dahlia really does not want to take in another little girl Agnes comes and is deeply connected to each family member and shows the strength and bond possible in families Over the years we follow the family as they experience many heart wrenching situations that force them to fall back on family for support I really loved the characters in this book Each was very dynamic and we learned a lot about their background and why they are the way they are I really loved the inside look into a foster family and found myself rooting for each character throughout Jimmy was a very devoted older brother that struggled with his fathers past but would do anything for his foster parents and siblings Zaidie was extremely sweet and caring and went through so much trying to care for her brother Jon She took Agnes under her wing and the two were inseparable Agnes was deeply troubled and experienced so much as a young kid She had bounced around with so many different families and truly bonded the Moscatelli family Both Dahlia and Louie were very complex characters that we learned about throughout the book I do wish there was description of the town in which they lived I was a little confused in the beginning with who each person was and what their background was and it seemed to take some time to learn about each persons past but it may have made things clear early on Overall I felt very invested in the lives of the characters and I would love to read a seuel to follow the characters on their future endeavors Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins for the ARC in exchange for an honest review

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A sweeping saga in the vein of Ask Children Are PDFEPUB #191 Again Yes following a foster family through almost a decade of dazzling triumph and wrenching heartbreak from the author of The Orphans at Race PointSet in the late s All the PDFEPUB or through s in a small town in Massachusetts All the Children Are Home follows the Moscatelli family Dahlia and Louie foster parents and their long term foster children Jimmy Zaidie and Jon and the irrevocable changes in their lives the Children Are Kindle #215 when a six year old indig. 45 stars Eual parts realistically brutal and passionately optimistic this book delves into the life of a foster family during the late 1950 1960s each member with their own baggage and obstacles The story of Dahlia Louie and their foster children Jimmy Zaida Jon and Agnes explores their strength perseverance and love for one another as they each face their pasts and the darker parts of themselves over a period of ten years It's hard to describe how much Patry Francis made me care about these characters I felt like I got to see the kids grow up feel hopeful when their lives made happy turns and eually crushed when things went wrong especially with Jimmy and Dahlia As intense as their stories were this book was about ultimately about overcoming the weight of the past pushing forward and finding new dreams and fighting for the family you choose Not a light read but very beautiful Thanks to Netgalley for the advanced copySpoiler Trigger Warnings Child abuse discussion of attempted suicide a survivor of a violent rape recalls her experience it's not graphic in description but in context its pretty brutal

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All the Children Are HomeRifically abused and neglected they can’t say noSix year old Agnes Juniper arrives with no knowledge of her Native American heritage or herself beyond a box of trinkets given to her by her mother and dreamlike memories of her sister Before long this stranger in their midst has strengthened the bond in this unusual family showing them how to contend with outside forces that want to tear them apart Heartfelt and enthralling All the Children Are Home is a moving testament to how love can survive in the face of devastating losse. All the Children Are Home is an Epic Saga about a foster family I happen to really like books about the foster system A lot of these books mostly shed light on the ugly part of the foster care system but this book shared a family that was really doing good I thought this was written very well and had a very interesting storylineI have always liked sagas as wellDefinitely recommended