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FREE DOWNLOAD á The Italian Girl  [PDF / Epub] ⚣ The Italian Girl ✈ Iris Murdoch – A family struggles for redemption after a funeral brings dark secrets to the surface in this novel from the Man Booker Prize–winning author of The Sea The SeaThe funeral of Edward’s mother brings A family struggles for redA family struggles for redemption after a funeral brings dark secrets to the surface The Italian PDF or in this novel from the Man Booker Prize–winning author of The Sea The SeaThe funeral of Edward’s mother brings him home for the first. I read this a few weeks back and it still lingers in my mind I very seldom come back and change a rating but did for this one upped it a star because there is so much going on so much meaning that reveals itself the one thinks about this novella Edmund reruns home after the death of his manipulative and controlling mother A mother he had escaped many years ago He find things much changed his niece Flora no longer a small child but now seventeen and his brother Otto and his wife now estranged He becomes the vessel for their many secrets and shared confidences Otto's protégé or assistant and his sister much involved in the drama this family is experiencing A kind of Freudian knot that will take a death to untangleIt has been many many years since I have read Murdoch this is one of her earliest books and is dramatic than I remember her books as being This does serve a purpose though because it highlights the total disarray their lives had become and the death of one is used as a reset the impetus needed for them to come to their senses Was puzzled by the title because the Italian girl which Edmund notes there had been a succession of taking care of him and his brother Otto as they were growing up stays mostly in the background until virtually the end Here she plays an important part So a bit dramatic but enjoyed the way this was written Provided much thought after books end


Time in years Though his return rekindles his affection for his childhood home it also triggers a resurgence of the family tensions that caused him to leave in the first place As Edward becomes tangled in his family’s web of corrosive sec. At 171 pages this practically a novella but it packs a lot of emotion into those pages and although it's an early work it is very clearly an Iris Murdoch albeit less subtle than later worksEdmund returns to his childhood home after the death of his manipulative and estranged mother His brother Otto an alcoholic lives there with his wife daughter and the eponymous Italian girl an au pair who stayed on none of whom he has seen for years His brother is a half stranger and he can't remember how old his niece is but such detachment started earlier My father had passed from us almost unnoticed we believed in his death long before it cameThese five character plus another two have multiple and complex relationships and neurosis that they discuss without much hope of overcoming They have all missed out on happiness in some way and so they seem destined to sabotage the possibility of it in their own lives and those of others Despite his introspection Edmund distrusts psychiatrists describing them as modern necromancers and saying I preferred to suffer the thing that I wasThere are two further characters The house itself has dark ualities made clear from the start when Edmund arrives so late that the house is dark everyone is asleep and it has a haunted atmosphere The closed doors breathed a stupefaction of slumber Lydia the dead mother continues to be a major force on the lives of all thereinThe plot twists turns tangles and the Italian girl is in the background till the end Some aspects are a little dated fair enough or stretch credulity but it's a good story and well toldHaving attended a couple of humanist funerals lately I was particularly struck by this passage At least a Christian burial would with ancient images and emotions have covered up this moment of blankness and lent to that uerulous frailty the dignity and sadness of general mortalityIf Woody Allen hasn't read any Murdoch he really should They have much in common

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The Italian GirlRets his homecoming tips a precariously balanced dynamic into sudden chaos The Italian Girl is Murdoch’s compelling story of a man’s reunion with his estranged family and of the tragedy that shocks them all into confronting their dark pa. Iris Murdoch’s The Italian Girl reads like a cross between a Victoria Holt Gothic romance and a glimpse of a Holden Caulfield still clueless self centered and easily offended at forty something The protagonist and narrator Edmund Narraway returns home for the funeral of his domineering and destructive mother Lydia after years away Still living at the dark gloomy family mansion are Edmund’s alcoholic philandering brother Otto Otto’s neurotic wife Isabel their beautiful but reckless teenage daughter Flora and the Italian au pair Maggie who stayed on even as Flora outgrew her — the eponymous Italian girl In the novel’s 171 pages the Narraway family seeks fulfillment — both sexual and emotional — in the absolutely most destructive ways I don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say that Otto’s Russian twenty something apprentice David Levkin and Levkin’s promiscuous sister Elsa don’t make matters any better for the dysfunctional Narraway clan While their famous father was an artist Edmund is an engraver and Otto is a stone mason Published in 1964 The Italian Girl seems dated even for that time period; the effete Edmund reminds me of an over refined English mama’s boy in a 1920s PG Wodehouse novel while his monstrous brother could play the murder victim who’s begging to be killed in a Dorothy L Sayers or Agatha Christie novel From this book while atmospheric and containing some beautifully turned phrases I just don’t get what led millions to love Murdoch’s novels The Italian Girl reminded me of the 1960s cult classic Dark Shadows — all dark oppressive atmosphere and melodrama — but the Narraway family has none of the fun in its dysfunction Despite some emotional fireworks an unconvincing ending and long stretches of tedium make The Italian Girl a three star read