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FREE READ Right Next Door î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ò [Reading] ➸ Right Next Door Author Debbie Macomber – The Courtship of Carol Sommars Peter Sommars is fifteen and what he needs is a little independence Which is why he'd like his mom Carol to start dating He even knows the perfect man AleAs it turns out Alex is interested but Carol's doing everything she can to sidestep his pursuit Which only makes Alex and the boys determined Father's Day Robin Masterson's ten year old son Jeff figures he needs a dog than anything in th. The second book in this book was hard to get into which is why I have the book a 4 star The first book was fantastic and when it ended I was rather sad

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The Courtship of Carol Sommars Peter Sommars is fifteen and what he needs is a little independence Which is why he'd like his mom Carol to start dating He even knows the perfect man Alex Preston Right Next eBook #180 his best friend's dad. Two stories in one book Debbie Macomber does it again and I read this book in less than 24 hours I can understand why a lot of people would have issues with these stories but keep in mind that they were originally published in early 90's and times have changed uite drastically since then Keeping that in mind I went into these stories with an open mindFather's Day is about 10 year old Jeff Masterson and his desire for a dog of his very own Problem is the dog that he has connected with already has an owner Cole Camden is uite unfriendly the first time he meets Jeff and Jeff's mother Robin but his black Lab has bonded with the boy and soon Cole is finding himself interested in Robin Robin has been alone since her husband died and she hasn't had an desire to find a new guy but for some reason Cole has become friendly both to her and her son and her heart is finding that it likes Cole tooThis story was very sweet Cole starts off as a bit of a jerk while trying to maintain himself with his new neighbors Jeff is just a fun loving 10 year old with a love for animals Robin is a young mother raising her son alone after her husband passed away Blackie is a sweet black Lab that loves hanging out with Jeff These four come together in such a sweet way that you can't help but like themWhile I find the story very sweet overall my biggest issue is the love story between Cole and Robin I find no reason why Cole is suddenly drawn to Robin I completely understand why Robin is confused the entire time they are together and is uestioning his motives The romance came extremely fast When Cole tells Robin when he realized he was falling for her I found that it didn't make much sense because their interactions had been so minimal before then that to say he was falling for her at that point wouldn't have made any sense It just seemed a bit rushed to meThe Courtship of Carol Sommars introduces us to Peter Sommars 15 years old who wants a little guy stuff in his life Problem is his mother Carol isn't interested in dating and that makes it extremely hard to go camping or fishing like he would love to do Peter's best friend James has a great and single father Alex who both boys think would work great for Carol Alex is also taken with Carol as well but Carol is doing everything she can to keep her wits about her and try to keep herself from falling for this seemingly wonderful manAnother very sweet story Carol is a character that we can relate to and still be interested in Alex is a strong male character that has that sensitive side as well Both boys Peter and James are insightful and noisy just like typical teenage boys Unlike the previous story this one I felt had a romance that made sense Was it still a little rushed Yes but I felt like both characters had time to get to know each other and time to really assess how they felt about the other It was also good to get some of the perception from Alex's point of view which was something that was lacking in the previous storyWhile I enjoyed this story a bit than the first I still feel like it had it's issues here and there While I loved both Peter and James at times I felt like they were closer to 10 or 12 rather than 15 There are a few times when you can tell they are 15 by the way they act but most of the time I had to remind myself that they were older because they felt so much younger Both stories were fun to read and I enjoyed them I would definitely read this again

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Right Next DoorE world And there just happens to be one right next door But the friendly black Lab belongs to Cole Camden the unfriendliest man in the neighborhood Still Jeff persistsand soon his mom and Cole are looking at each other in a whole new way. I adore books like these Sweet and just wonderful stories This one has two separate stories and I can't decide which one I like better Debbie Macomber writes so well with great characters I can't wait to read the next book of her's I find I picked this one up at a local book store and I will stop there Thursday for another