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Summary ´ The Wish Maker ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ ➫ The Wish Maker Read ➳ Author Ali Sethi – A major new international voice debuts with a sweeping story of love friendship and family ties that brings to life the turbulent world of modern PakistanThe unforgettable story ofHimself It is only after years of separation from Samar that he is forced to confront the true nature of happiness selfhood and commitment to those he loves mostChronicling world changing events that have never been so intimately observed in fiction and brimming with unmistakable warmth and humor The Wish Maker is the powerful account of a family and an era a story that shows how even in the most rapidly shifting circumstances there are bonds that survive the tugs of convention time and history. Do you remember the time when I gave only two stars to Uzma Aslam Khan's Trespassing To me The Wish Maker is exactly what Trespassing could have been had it been goodThe purpose of both books is to paint a picture of modern day Pakistan and they both use a young man returning to the country from his studies in America to do soThe similarities end there because while Uzma Aslam Khan focused on her oddity of a plot Ali Sethi focuses on his characters and their stories He does so in a peaceful way describing little anecdotes to highlight a part of someone's personality He's rarely badmouthing any of the characters and I found that I came to love our main character Zaki for the things he remembers about a person He stays very hidden from the reader's view despite being the narrator for huge portions of the book but I had no problems finding him in the observations he makesAt times Sethi goes on a historical tangent as he follows the journey of one of the other characters and he then touches upon some important moments in Pakistani history You don't learn a lot though unless you look up the events in uestion for yourself as he doesn't educate you on what happened he just assumes the reader knows and mentions it in passing to enhance the experience This might not make it the perfect book if it is your first literary journey to Pakistan but I uite liked being trusted like this as a readerThere is a plot like thing happening but I didn't think it was all that important I actually felt like looking at a painting being able to zoom in on someone then zoom out again and look somewhere else seeing relationships between the people inhabiting this picture being allowed to smell the spices and feel the breeze It comes down to Sethi's writing which felt very familiar to me like joining Zaki in coming home He uses short sentences and easy words and somehow that makes it special without it needing to try I've seen reviews saying it's too flowery but I've read so much prose from both India and Pakistan I would miss something if it wouldn't be like that Review can also be found at 238 books in 238 days

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A major new international voice debuts with a sweeping story of love friendship and family ties that brings to life the turbulent world of modern PakistanThe unforgettable story of a fatherless boy growing up in a household of outspoken women The Wish Maker is also a tale of sacrifice betrayal and indestructible The Wish PDFEPUBfriendship Zaki Shirazi and his female cousin Samar Api were raised to consider themselves part of the same litter Together they watched American television and memorized. I had high hopes for this book I know very little about Pakistani culture and still know very little Understanding that this is a novel and not meant to teach me about anything I still just could not get interested in the many characters this is written about It is centered on a young boy Zaki and what he goes through living with a lot of women including a female cousin Samar Api from whom most of the teen aged type drama comes from His day to day experiences are written out and the prose was nothing to complain about it was simply the dryness of the actual story that made it difficult to read It reverts from Zaki's point of view to then focusing on his mother at an earlier time and at another interval it goes into a different character at another time I just could not get my head wrapped around it since it bounced me around like a ping pong ball I dislike books that go back and forth in time with multiple characters as I cannot get a mental grip on it I assume the author was aiming for a family saga type of genre with the way the many characters were given special attention from the grandmother to the cousin to a friendIt actually started off promising I did enjoy it for the first 100 pages or so And this is a debut novel so I was making allowances for it But it was about halfway through when I started feeling let down I did appreciate the referrals to Benazir although I had to use Wikipedia to figure out the reality of what was going on when they forced Benazir Bhutto out as Prime Minister for the first time I disliked Zaki's sexual experiences which were few but it probably jaded and disgusted me from then and there Yet I read the book to about page 305 of my Advance Reading Copy and just flipped through the rest I spent 4 days on this book and did not look forward to having to pick it up again I wanted to get to some point where I would say this was worth it but I didn't foresee it happeningI am fully aware that this is my opinion only and I can see on two favorable reviews on it so there has got to be an audience for this coming of age story in a round about way type of book is there a plot here Perhaps for those in or close to Pakistan this would be a winner Unfortunately that just wasn't me for this one I am curious to know what others felt about it though am I just a complete fool who cannot recognize pure genius We shall see

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The Wish MakerDialogue from Bollywood movies attended dangerous protests and formed secret friendships In a household run by Zaki's crusading political journalist mother and iron willed grandmother it was impossible to imagine a future that could hold anything different for either of themBut adolescence approaches and the cousins' fates diverge Samar's unconventional behavior in which Zaki has played the role of devoted helper brings severe conseuences for her while Zaki is sent out to discover the world for. Read Ali Sethi’s The Wishmaker for a very detailed glimpse of life in modern day Pakistan and less for a textbook representation of plot progression The book centers on a family and opens with preparations for a wedding During the course of the novel we are given many stories surrounding the family and its members The story is narrated through the eyes of college graduate Zaki but it becomes clear that the heart of the family is its strong womenThis was my first dose of Pakistani literature and overall I was fascinated by the elements of cultural in particular the influence of traditional Islamic values and how they clashed with the metropolitan city of Lahore I admit at times it was confusing keeping the characters straight and not getting lost amongst the dozens of subplots The Wishmaker is a lot to take in but it is a uniue and successful depiction of the evolution of today’s Pakistani lifestyle—an impressive debut