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review Å E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Marisa de los Santos F Love Walked In Then there's Lake a single mother working at a local Italian restaurant who throws Cornelia a timely lifeline in the form of a dish of spaghetti alla puttanesca Lake's son Dev a preternaturally gifted year old becomes Cornelia's unexpected kindred spirit Deftly blending several tales at once de los Santos' narrative is richly embroidered with intertwined lives and loves As present circumstances are threatened by the revelation of past secrets the friends forge a circle of strength and forgiveness that the reader too belongs to and will hate to leave when the last page is turned A triumphant testimony to the power of love Belong to Me hums with the hope that pulls friends through the ups and downs that the years hold in store for everyone About the Author Belong to Me is Marisa de los Santos' second novel Her bestselling debut Love Walked In a Barnes Noble Discover Great New Writers selection has been optioned for film by Sarah Jessica Parker De los Santos' fiction is peopled with fully realized personalities She explains When it comes to creating characters I'm a cunning and unrepentant thief I steal all kinds of ualities uirks and language from people I know and from total strangers but there's no character in my novel who matches up with one person walking around the real world The protagonist of Love Walked In Cornelia Brown makes her second appearance in the pages of Belong. What a sweet story really with nice poetic references and beautiful loving people that don't exist anywhere but in books like this So yeah of course I hate them Mostly because I'm that woman the urbanite who moved to the suburbs and I'm that woman longing for the security blanket that is estrogen induced friendship Of course I didn't have the hot doctor husband and the financial security and BA in Art History But you know those are really just the perks of the story not the meat Anyway lord knows I tried to look for that bond that isstay with me folks but the women in my suburban setting do not uote from Cukor's The Women Or Hell let's be real the new version coming out will suffice They aren't interested in new relationships and they most certainly do not hold dinner parties or at least none that I know of So forgive me if I snub my nose at this wispy Winona Ryder esue Cornelia character and I do that with the utmost respect to de los Santos as I really did like this book because she achieves what I'm still waiting for 5 years out I have to admit that this would make a great chick flick I envision Nora Ephron and see an all star cast of Daniel Craig Kiera Knightly Kelly Ripa's husband can he act It doesn't matter and yes maybe they CAN dig up Winona I can't imagine that she's busy Maybe they can get those Twilight kiddos to play the wise beyond their years 14 year olds I envision some great movie tie ins from Corningware and Roche Pharmeceuticals I just re read that and it sounds like I hated the book I really didn't Chock me up as bitter And if you showed up at my door with a plate of cookies I wouldn't necessarily turn you away Winona honest

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Belong to Me Free download ë E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¼ ➾ [Download] ➻ Belong to Me By Marisa de los Santos ➷ – A Selection of Barnes Noble RecommendsOn a recent rainy Monday I'd tried imagining the last month and a half of my life as a feature film a game I play secretly fairly of To Me and de los Santos admits that readers may not have seen the last of her She's a very hard girl to refuse so if somewhere down the line she decides she's not finished with me I'll have no choice but to write of her story Actually I'd love it if that happened Originally from Balti de los Santos received a BA from the University of Virginia an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and a PhD in English literature and creative writing from the University of Houston The award winning poet currently teaches English at the University of Delaware and lives in Wilmington with her husband David and their children Charles and Annabel From Our BooksellersI was fooled into thinking this was going to be a fluffy chick lit kind of book Boy was I wrong I became so involved with these charming fully developed characters The writing is so luscious Like biting into a juicy peach where every sense is touched and filled with delight and wonder Dorothy Newmark Freehold NJYou will like love and hate these characters But ultimately you will miss them once they're gone All I can say is I want Rosey McArdell Apple Valley MNFor anyone who has ever felt they don't fit in with the crowd Spunky and fierce Marisa de los Santos rewrites the whole chick lit genre Angel Ramandt Ellicott City MDReading Belong to Me was like eating a delicious candy bar that as it turns out just happens to be good for you Rebecca Fell Hamilton NJ. I had bought both books together not knowing much about them I didn't even realize they were connected was actually afraid I had bought a collection of poetry by mistake so I am happy I read them in the right order This seuel is better than the first in a lot of ways the characters have edge the plot is less predictable While the premise city girl moves to suburbs insert cliched snarky lines about soccer moms in their SUVS baking muffins for the new neighbor while gossiping about her behind her back is not in any way original it was nice to at least meet some mean people in de los Santos' Sweet Valley world However this was another case of overblown characters villains and heroes well defined and what really annoyed me was her perpetuating her own weakness as in heroine is looking forward to an evening with a friend but hastens to add dont get me wrong I love my husband with all my heart and soul and cherish every moment with him I just needed some girl time It's ok Marisa we weren't about to call in a relationship specialist or lose starry eyed love for your perfect man and woman with their perfect marriage as is affirmed by every character who meets them in fact not only is it normal for her to disentangle herself from her unbelievably you got that right good looking husband but it would actually be refreshing if they existed in any mode other than inhumanly perfect and while they do hit a rather large bump it's still encased in plastic for the most part and seems removed from reality However while the junior high maturity factor of every good character going to an ivy league while bad characters do not and all that was super irritating I STILL really enjoyed reading it for its well paced and high uality talent as far as overall narrative and dialogue goes In this book she does pull a lot of that Piccoult stuff that I cannot stand setting the scene up to end with that perfect last line or clincher moment or whatever but if you can roll your eyes past it it's a very enjoyable Shabbos afternoon read

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Belong to MeA Selection of Barnes Noble RecommendsOn a recent rainy Monday I'd tried imagining the last month and a half of my life as a feature film a game I play secretly fairly often and that I'm convinced other people play secretly too confesses Cornelia Brown whose witty observations and small epiphanies in the pages of Marisa Belong to MOBI #8608 de los Santos' Belong to Me surround readers like the warm embrace of an old friend Cornelia and her impossibly handsome husband Teo Sandoval made their debut in the author's Love Walked In As this book begins the couple is settling into their first house on an idyllic street in a picturesue Philadelphia suburb Cornelia is inexplicably drawn to this unsurprising place that she yearns to call home but her neighbors are less sure of how these transplanted apparently childless urbanites will fare in their midst Especially Piper Truitt The epitome of blonde cool this demanding mother of two has created her own version of perfection within the walls of a home that sits across the street from Cornelia's From their early encounter at a dinner party the two are at odds a situation that Cornelia adrift from her familiar surroundings cannot conceive how to navigate As the novel progresses new characters emerge We meet Elizabeth Piper's best friend who's battling cancer as well as Toby Cornelia's brother and Clare the bright and compassionate teen familiar to readers o. 3 stars 4 stars I'm not sure Some of the writing is terrific I mean really stop you in your tracks wonderful Many lines struck me as so lovely I had to read them over and over And yet I'm just not sure how I felt about it overallThe story is told in 3 different voices and I don't like that Cornelia a woman who has just moved from NYC to the suburbs Piper a woman of roughly the same age who lives in the neighborhood Cornelia moves to and Deveraux a 13 year old genius boy who moves to the same town from California with his single mom those are some names huh Cornelia's voice for no apparent reason is in the first person I suppose she's supposed to be the protagonist but we aren't treated to of her intimate thoughts than the other voices nor did I relate to her perspective any better If anything the first person voice is the least honest and intimate of the three So maybe I don't understand the point of writing in first person Perhaps there was some reason that went over my head Or else maybe the author was just having trouble separating the 2 female perspectives If it was the latter I think she should have just scrapped the ideaThere is some serious woman on woman meanness in this book and as a rule that pisses me off It perpetuates the notion that women are awful to each other You may say that's true and literature merely reflects it But that doesn't mean I have to like it By the end you get to know the women better and understand why they're so catty Sort of Not really You grow to like them in spite of their shitty behavior let's say A little OK I didn't grow to like them but I think I was supposed toOne of the subplots is a young mother of two who's dying of cancer Some of those chapters I skimmed over peeking out between my fingers singing La La La I Can't Hear You in my head Partly because I didn't want to cry on an airplane which is where I read it but mostly because it was just too close to home and I'm of a head in the sand type when it comes to horrible things I can't controlIt was a page turner for sure The story is compelling as hell and takes some very interesting twists and turns Unfortunately view spoiler everything is tied up way too neatly in the end I mean come on It's one thing to say everyone lived happily ever after and another thing entirely to show them all romping around together at a picnic loving each other in spite of all logic hide spoiler