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CHARACTERS Footprints 109 ß [PDF] ✓ Footprints Author Alex Archer – When her longtime friend claims to have evidence of Big Foot's existence archaeologist Annja Creed can't resist checking it out for herself—she's been debating the subject for years Annja's curiosit When her longtime friend claims to have evidence of Big Foot'sNowhere to be found Now the search for Sasuatch turns into a rescue mission and Annja has only her instincts to guide her in a forest full of predators scavengers and spirits And someone or something does not want her there. OK I read previous reviews about this book and nearly didn't read it I am so glad I chose to read it I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure Especially since it was set in the Pacific Northwest and related to a creature that a town just a few miles from me has a festival every year to celebrate LOVED the 14 year old young man character I could totally be his friend DON'T pay attention to the negative reviews of this book I have read all of the books in this series thus far and I LOVED THIS ONE 5 STARS from me

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When her longtime friend claims to have evidence of Big Foot's existence archaeologist Annja Creed can't resist checking it out for herself she's been debating the subject for years Annja's curiosity leads her deep into the. Absolutely terrible I have read the previous 19 Rogue Angel books and this is the worst of the lot It is so bad in fact that I recommend that RA fans give it a miss as it contains no information necessary to the rest of the series Having condemned the book let me tell you why Spoiler Alert I am going to give a few plot details First the Anja Creed heroine in this book in no way resembles the Anja Creed of the earlier books Instead of the dynamic heroine she comes across as a bumbling incompetent unable even to use her mystical sword properly She essentially stumbles from situation to situation without ever uite getting a handle on things Second the writing is terrible Apparently the author likes dialogue so there is lots of it; page after page with Anja arguing and chatting with her friends and captors In fact one conversation with her captors went on for an amazing three chapters with Anja actually smiling at the person pointing the gun at her before making any effort to fight back It got so bad that I actually began to skim read the book just to get it over with Even the final scene in which Anja singlehandedly takes on a gang of drug dealers features a scene in which Anja chats with the drug lord before finishing him off Third the book contains highly improbably events one being the accidental killing of her friend when shots fired by her friend bounce off the mystical sword and still have enough energy to reverse their path and kill the one who shot at her The book also contains fight scenes in which Anja receives fairly nasty injuries in one case a broken rib and in another a broken nose Neither injury impairs her ability to fight in any way and in fact the injuries are never referred to again I know that the Rogue Angel series is supposed to be escapist literature but that does not mean it has to be so badly written I gave it one star but that is only because there is no lower rating Do yourself a favour and skip on the the next book in the series; you won't regret it

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FootprintsWoods of the Pacific Northwest to meet Jenny where the supposed trail has been left by the one and only SasuatchBut when Annja arrives at the destination a group of armed thugs warn her to leave the area and her friend is. 3 starsI took half a star off for the ending Not only is Annja hard on her men she's also hard on her friends If she's a real person I'd avoid her like the plague For once we have a fairly mundane storyline with some mysticism thrown in But Joan's Sword does some interesting things that I hope the later books will follow up on