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Doc Û His Excellency George Washington ☆ Joseph J. Ellis Lled him with a prickly resentment of imperial power We see the general who lost battles than he won and the reluctant president who tried to float above the partisan feuding of his cabinet His Excellency is a magnificent work indispensable to an understanding not only of its subject but also of the nation he brought into bei I'm glad I read this book but I'm glad I'm finished it too I'm not sure if I'll read any others by this author He interjects too much of his own opinions and spent lots of time denigrating his subject Although I learned a lot it was pretty dry and did not include enough flesh on the bones of history for me No comparison to Walter Isaacson's conversational style which I read just prior to this Had I not I may have enjoyed this one a whole lot Now on to John Adams May the force be with me

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Download His Excellency George Washington Epub ì 320 pages à Dogsalonbristol ✓ ❴Download❵ ➵ His Excellency George Washington Author Joseph J. Ellis – To this landmark biography of our first president Joseph J Ellis brings the exacting scholars To this landmark biography of our first president Joseph J Ellis brings the exacting scholarship shrewd analysis and lyric prose that have made him one of the premier historians of the Revolutionary era Training his lens on a figure who sometimes seems as remote as his effigy on Mount Rush Ellis assesses George Washington as After thoroughly enjoying Dallek's 2017 biography about FDR I wanted to go back and read about the other two of the Big Three Washington and Lincoln Reading here and there on the web I understood that Joseph Ellis' His Excellency George Washington following his excellent Pulitzer winning Founding Brothers was considered among the best in class I plan to read Chernow's biography of Washington soon as wellIn His Excellency Ellis paints the great general and first president as an imposing physical presence whose enduring legacy reaches Demi god status but who nonetheless had a checkered record He participated in an early massacre of Indians during the French Indian War in the 1750s was a southern plantation owner and therefore owned slaves and actually lost battles in the Revolutionary War than he won However he had a level of persistence and conviction that was nearly superhuman which helped him rise above internecine politics and keep the larger picture in mind the founding of a new nation independent from English colonialism The book does a great job of bringing out the known facts about GW and explaining how the man became the legend I guess the thing I appreciated the most was how easy it would have been for Washington to pull a Napolean like move and become an emperor following his victory at Yorktown It would have been that easy and he would hardly have been blamed His nemesis during the war King George III actually said that he would be the greatest of men if he stepped away after the victory at Yorktown and this is precisely what he did The book of course continues to draw the picture of the rest of his life his semi retirement his being coaxed into being President his being coaxed into a second term his decision once again in the greatest of men mode to step down after the second term and the end of his life He was a truly remarkable person despite having left little correspondence for history to judge him his wife Martha burned all of their letters to each other immediately after his death unfortunately In short His Excellency is highly readable and a great way to discover this icon of American history in all his incredible humanity For on the crossing of the Delaware River and the Trenton and Princeton battles which were turning points in the War of Independence see Fischer's excellent Washington's Crossing

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His Excellency George WashingtonA military and political leader and a man whose “statue like solidity” concealed volcanic energies and emotionsHere is the impetuous young officer whose His Excellency PDF miraculous survival in combat half convinced him that he could not be killed Here is the free spending landowner whose debts to English merchants insti his trademark decision to surrender power as commander in chief and then president was nota sign that he had conuered his ambitions but rather that he fully realized that all ambitions were inherently insatiable and unconuerable He knew himself well enough to resist the illusion that he transcended human nature Unlike Julius Caesar and Oliver Cromwell before him and Napoleon Lenin and Mao after him he understood that the greater glory resided in posterity's judgment If you aspire to live forever in the memory of future generations you must demonstrate the ultimate self confidence to leave the final judgment to them And he did” ― Joseph J Ellis His Excellency George Washington A good Ellis Probably 35 stars Like with American Sphinx The Character of Thomas Jefferson Ellis knows his subject has been written about before and probably better He isn't looking to redo or modernize the biography of George Washington He only wants to do a couple things He wants to narrowly explore the character of George Washington AND write a slick and easily digestible biography that will sell well I know this sounds a bit harsh but Ellis while an academic historian aims both bigger and smaller He wants to be read He wants to be bought So his biographies and histories tend to be smaller easier to digest and built to be sold on the Costco book tables That isn't a bad thing Joseph Ellis is in the same shelf as that popular pantheon of Founding biographers Walter Isaacson Jon Meacham David McCullough Edmund Morris Ron Chernow and Doris Kearns Goodwin He seems to be center mass of this group Not as solid as Chernow or Morris not as slick as Meacham or Isaacson Anyway my only real complaint about this biography is stylistic I hated HATED his periodic asides he called them Sittings I almost dropped a star just because of those Ugh It reminded me of the trend with weeklies or newspapers of blocking a uote from the text callouts But this was worse It was done like a third person observation of George Washington They were uneven and just kinda stupid and weak They weren't necessary were distracting and diminished the text