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summary Ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Adam Haslett Doug builds an ostentatious mansion on land that Charlotte's grandfather donated to the town of Finden Massachusetts she determines to oust him in court As a senior manager of Union Atlantic bank a major financial conglomerate Doug is embroiled in the company's struggle to remain afloat It is Charlotte's brother Henry Graves the president of the New York Federal Reserve who must keep. 45 starsBasically what Apeiron said in her beautiful reviewThere were a lot of scenes small and bigger that were marvelous This author has a rare keen eye for interpersonal dynamics and at some point I felt driven to google his age There is something really mature in the way he brings characters to life a compassionate yet detached perspective that is highly perceptive and uniueJust one example to give you a taste I'll reuse this as it is the most powerful one without any character backstory Now and again Sabrina employed this sort of presumption a compensatory fantasy he imagined for the inherent powerlessness of a person with an advanced degree in short fiction It was as though she’d bargained on receiving a certain cultural cachet that had yet to materialize and in the meantime needed a bridge loan of prestige paid out in the uasi glamour of international travel Her parents were doctors who’d covered everything through graduate school but had drawn the line at outright patronageDead on unflinching insightful characterizations it's like Sabrina all disappointed entitlement and naive yearning and sullen attitude is walking off the page into my livingroom And Sabrina is only a very minor side character just imagine what he is able to do with focusing this kind of observational eye combined with a beautiful mastery of language on a main character That's what really made this book for me That said I feel the weakest part both in regards to the psychological deftness and storyline is actually view spoiler the gay relationship For me it did not have the same stunning uality as the other relationship dynamics somehow It is just a tad too fabricated too implausable and while it reveals a lot about Nate and his inner conflicts and needs it did not feel coherent with Doug's character In an interview I read afterwards Haslett mentioned that he did not have any interaction between Nate and Doug in mind when outlining the characters I could feel that in the execution the relationship arc did in fact feel a bit arty a bit construct driven than character rooted from the outset That unfortunately jarred me out of the story several times hide spoiler

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Union Atlantic summary ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [Reading] ➼ Union Atlantic Author Adam Haslett – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk The eagerly anticipated debut novel from the author of the Pulitzer Prize finalist You Are Not a Stranger Here a deeply affecting portrait of the modern gilded age the first decade of the twenty firs A watchful eye on Union Atlantic and the entire financial system Drawn into Doug and Charlotte's intensifying conflict is Nate Fuller a troubled high school senior who unwittingly stirs powerful emotions in each of them Irresistibly complex imaginative and witty Union Atlantic is a singular work of fiction that is sure to be read and reread long after it causes a sensation this sprin. Very good with so many beautiful scenes insightful observations and interesting characters But the first chapters are pretty boring Still wondering how this got the Lambda because the LGBT part is just so minor

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Union AtlanticThe eagerly anticipated debut novel from the author of the Pulitzer Prize finalist You Are Not a Stranger Here a deeply affecting portrait of the modern gilded age the first decade of the twenty first centuryAt the heart of Union Atlantic lies a test of wills between a young banker Doug Fanning and a retired schoolteacher Charlotte Graves whose two dogs have begun to speak to her When. I was skeptical Yes I had really really loved his collection of short stories You Are Not a Stranger Here But in his NPR interview I heard the description of this novel and it had to do with banking And all of those things that made our economy nearly collapse Not that these things aren't important but I generally don't understand them swaps and trades and mortgage backed securities and markets and exchanges Turns out that it is about that but about a lot than that as well Like all novels that I love Union Atlantic is really about people And the characters are wonderful One of them Doug Fanning is indeed an irresponsible banker And another Henry Graves is the chief of the New York Federal Reserve But there is also Charlotte Henry's sister and Doug's neighbor old school WASP retired history teacher curmudgeon and crank who you end up rooting for And Nate her tutee whose father has recently committed suicide All of these people are all bound up together in ways that I would have thought implausible had you told me were I to tell you how it happens but in Haslett's hands it really works This is a big and sweeping novel about money and sex and history and money again and it's clearly trying to be big and sweeping To be honest I didn't care all that much about the sweep; the characters were enough for me And speaking of sit tight till Part II when you meet Evelyn Jones I was moved I still am just thinking about her Did some parts irritate me just a little bit Yes they did the talking dogs particularly you'll see And if I could give it 45 stars I would but I'm still going to go with 5 instead of 4