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Broken Soup Read ¼ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ ❴Download❵ ➺ Broken Soup Author Jenny Valentine – An intriguing compelling and moving new novel from the award winning author of Finding Violet Park When the good looking boy with the American accent presses the S after her little sister single handedly which doesn't leave much time for friends or fun So when she finds out that Bee from school saw the whole thing it piues her curiosity Who was the boy Why was he so insistent that the negative belonged to Rowan. At first I didn't know whether I would like this one or not It had a slow beginning And I couldn't really emphatize with Rowan the main characterShe clearly needed help but didn't ask for it anyway Why not What was she afraid of Her life couldn't get any complicated than it already wasBut then I got into the story and I couldn't stop reading I even teared up a few times I think that the characters grew with every chapter and I thought that the story itself was pretty authenticAlso I loved the writing It was just so beautiful I loved how the author chose her words they were almost poetic and that gave the whole story something sad and beautiful at the same timeI really liked how the story turned out and I would love to read of the author

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An intriguing compelling and moving new novel from the award winning author of Finding Violet Park When the good looking boy with the American accent presses the dropped negative into Rowan's hand she's sure it's all a big mistake But next moment he's. I've had this book on my desk for about 2 weeks and kept passing it over and now I am mentally kicking myself I cannot put into words how great this book was I LOVED it This is only Jenny Valentine's second novel and have my fingers crossed that there are many to come Broken Soup was heart wrenching and tear inducing It was funny and witty It was filled with twists and turns yet perfectly predictable It was real Rowan is an amazing character I thought she would seem young to me since she is only supposed to be 15 but she is very mature in part because of her home life but also just personality wise Her little sister Stroma is hilarious and a ray of light in the darkness of Rowan's current life And Harper ah Harper is absolutely marvelous I'm pretty sure I have to add Harper to my list of favorite love interests now He was perfectly written and a perfect complement to RowanI love Jenny Valentine's writing style her voice her characterization I think that is a major reason as to why this book is so great Valentine is simply a wonderful writer That paired with an amazing plot line makes this one of my new favorite booksI'm definitely going to look for Valentine's first novel Me The Missing and The Dead and keep an eye out future novels I highly recommend Broken Soup HIGHLY

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Broken SoupGone lost in the crowd of bustling shoppers And she can't afford to lose her place in the checkout ueue after all if she doesn't take the groceries home nobody else will Rowan has responsibilities than most girls her age These days she pretty much look. This book had a lot of potential The idea with the photo is intriguing and Rowan's whole situation sounded interesting to read about The plot is what kept me turning the pages I loved the plot twists and the many ideas but I had uite a few problems with the rest of Broken SoupI think my main problem was that the message got lost in the many aspects of the plot I don't mean that a book shouldn't have many storylines but they should support each other to make a whole and create a message to convey to the reader The different storylines in Broken Soup Jack's death Rowan's morhter's depression her friendship with Bee her romance with Harper her role as the responsible one in the family all seemed to be conveying different messages that had nothing to do with each other Maybe that would have worked if the book were longer and the storylines were elaborated on but like this it just left me confused about what Jenny Valentine wanted to say with this bookThe writing isn't great but not terrible either There was nothing all that noteworthy about it At parts it sounds like the author wants to sounds poetic and deep but that didn't fit to the rest of the style and Rowan's voice and seemed contrivedThe characters are okay Rowan's character is pretty good and I liked reading how the situation in her family affected her For some reason though I never really connected with her and for me if I can't relate to the main character that takes a lot from a novel Some of the secondary characters are better I loved Harper how he helps Rowan is really cute Jack is a good character too; easy to imagine Bee's characterization is lacking though Rowan always tells us she's so special etc but the reader is never really shown what's so great about her She seemed pretty average to me The parents didn't really seem like characters like plot devices but I guess I can't really criticize that they're never around and that was the point of that storylineI don't usually comment on the cover of a book if I don't like it but on this one I have to Not only is it ugly in my opinion it also doesn't fit the story whatsoever It looks like something someone doodled during class without a care in the world which is the opposite of Rowan's situation It doesn't show the reader anything about the seriousness of this bookAll in all this book was pretty disappointing There were a lot of good ideas in there but the execution is clumsy The writing and the characters are only okay and Broken Soup fails to convey a message with too it seemed like the author wanted to pull the novel in too many directions without elaborating on the different storylines Most of the other reviews I've read for this one though are positive so maybe you'd enjoy it than I didReviewed at