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The Sorcerer King Book Three of The Faerie Path Characters õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ï ➸ [Reading] ➺ The Sorcerer King Book Three of The Faerie Path By Allan Frewin Jones ➭ – Tania has brought the long lost ueen Titania back to Faerie from the MTania has brought the long lost King Book PDF #203 ueen Titania back to Faerie from the Mortal World of modern London But when they cross between the worlds they find only devastationThe Sorcerer King of Lyonesse ancien. Rescuing the ueen was easy now Tania has to save the entire faerie realm Now they must rescue King Oberon if there is to be any hope of winning the war He is bound in an amber prison surrounded by bars of Isenmort which will make his release very difficult if only they knew where to find him Tania Edric and Tania’s two sister Cordelia and Zara set off on a uest to Ynis Maw the end of the faerie world They hope to find King Oberon release him from his prison and join his power with ueen Titania’s to over throw the Sorcerer King The journey is far and there are many obstacles to face Will they rescue King Oberon in time and lead them into victoryThe Sorcerer King was my favorite book of The Faerie Path series The characters were finally well defined maybe it helped that I had gotten to know them in the three books Even though the book is predicable at times I still enjoyed the adventures to Ynis Maw and the new characters that were introduced I loved the exploration into the faerie realm as well as the never ending supply of action and adventure around every turn If you are a fan of the first two books you will not be disappointed with the third

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T enemy of the Faerie Court has been released from his amber prison As the wicked sorcerer regains his power King Oberon Tania's father is imprisoned and the Faerie Court is being destroyedTania and her true love Edric. I didn't really like this as much as the other Faerie Path books but I think perhaps it is because I'm getting tired of them You can only drag something out for so long Yes it was good Sure it could be exciting in parts But even though the characters were the same as in the other books I got tired of them even annoyed Tania seemed really blond most of the time The scenes with her and Edric made me want to cry from annoyance It was fairly predictable The language of Tania's sisters still seems forcedAnd yet it could be pleasant to read as well The adventure to Ynis Maw was very inventive The story had a good ending Frewin didn't bring any dead people back from the dead The writing was fair Nothing really changed that much from the first two books so I'm trying to grasp what it was about this one that I didn't really like and I think it's just that the story is getting old I need something new and shockingPerhaps we'll find it in the next one

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The Sorcerer King Book Three of The Faerie PathMust travel the Realm to try to find and rescue King Oberon who is their only The Sorcerer PDFEPUB or hope for defeating the evil Sorcerer King And Tania must prepare for battle and to fight a war that she may not survi. The Seventh Daughter was good but the end was sad That is because something really sad happens to one of the daughters of the ueen and King I would rate this book with 3 stars because I still feel like you shouldn't waste your time on this book series It is an unusual book series and I really feel like it kind of wastes your time reading it I wouldn't suggest this book to anyone But if you are going to read it I would suggest 11 and older because I think that little kids wouldn't get this book series