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His Best Friends Baby Free read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free å ❰BOOKS❯ ✫ His Best Friends Baby Author Mallory Kane – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Former air forces special ops soldier Matt Parker is a weather and survival expert So when he found out his best friend's widow's baby boy was bE ached forAs they followed the kidnapper's trail Matt and Aimee discovered that the baby was merely a pawn in an international game of terror Aimee trusted Matt with her son's life but could she trust him with her heart. Oh you Harleuin Intriue you suck me in with these books and I eat them like little purple candies I really liked this book and did not expect to A man falls in love with his late BF's widow during the rescue of her child I though was a little too sappy lifetime movie for me BOy was I wrong I suprising liked both main characters and the story had just enough danger in it to feel almost real I'll have to read of Ms Kane

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Former air forces special ops soldier Matt Parker is a weather and survival expert So when he found out his best friend's widow's baby boy was being held for ransom he vowed to His Best PDFEPUBstop at nothing to put the. I'm usually a fan of this author but this one didn't do it for me For one thing I have a problem with the my child is missing but I'm still in the mood for sex scenerio If my child had been kidnapped believe me the last thing on my mind would be sexBut my biggest complain is the unanswered plot points Like who kidnapped the baby and why Seriously that is NOT answered in the book and it's the one thing I wanted to know most I'm guessing since this is part of a series it'll be answered in another book But that really frustrates me I like even series books to be capable of standing alone

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His Best Friends BabyChild safely back into his mother's armsAimee Vick didn't want help from the man who let her husband die But the kidnapper was holding her baby on a remote mountain peak making Matt her best hope for the reunion that sh. His Best Friend’s Baby by Mallory Kane is a fast pace book and I enjoyed it; finishing it in less than 12 hours This book is the start of a three book mini series about the Black Hills Brotherhood and the remaining three men that make it up Matt Parker was Bill Vick's best friend since they were kids He had known his widow just as long The book starts with Bill's funeral and Matt standing at a distance so that Aimee does not see him He had just went skydiving with his best friend Tim McGraw's song live like you were dying comes to mind Bill was going to die in a few months from his cancer but he didn't act like it His wife begged him not to go but he told her that Matt was safe as houses Matt left after the funeral to go and see if he could find one of his and Bill's friends Rook Castle Rook was taken out on a boat with his wife because he was the only one who could ID a terrorist Matt's job as Search and Rescue was to do his best to find Rook who made up the remaining three of the Black Hills Brotherhood formed when Bill Matt Rook and Deke were kids When Matt returns it is not on good terms not only has he yet to find Rook but his godson has been kidnapped Matt goes to Aimee telling her that he is going to save her son Her mother in law is not for this at all but Aimee wants her son back The only thing she has had since her husband was killed They set out to make the ransom drop but nothing goes right from the start The hummer is blown up by the kidnapper a terrorist is also after Matt Somebody at Black Hills search and rescue is behind things but they don'd know who it is Deke's Helicopter is sabotaged making matters worse on them along with the snow storms that are heading their wayThe snow storm coming in leaves Aimee exposed and with Matt's fast thinking she doesn't die of hypothermia By the next night they aren't using his body heat to warm her it is than that He's built a shelter to hide out during the last of the day light hours from the kidnapper They end up making love right there in the snow like fort Matt has always had an eye for her and it is apparent even at the beginning of the book Matt keeps his promise in getting William back to her and not even the terrorist the kidnapper or the avalanche stop him from doing just that They finally have William back only to about loose all three of their lives but with some fast thinking Aimee's know how on bandaging and the last of Matt's energy they get out with the help of Deke The book does not wrap up with who the mole at BHSR is so you will have to get the next book if you want to know but it does get Matt and Aimee out with William I loved what Bill had told Aimee before he had died about when she started to find somebody else It makes the friendship bond between Matt and Bill still there even though he's deadMallory Kane has once again out done her self I don't think even 6 or 7 stars would do for this book It has action adventure helicopters a hummer explosion and even the hero has to fight to survive when he goes in