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Download ê Doctor Daddy 105 ë [EPUB] ✼ Doctor Daddy Author Jacqueline Diamond – When Luke Van Dam unexpectedly gets custody of his young daughter the busy obstetrician has a new mission to be the best dad he can be Except he can't do it alone So he turns to his good friend and ne When Luke Van Dam unexpectedly gets cusWhen Luke Van Dam unexpectedly gets custody of his young daughter the busy obstetrician has a new mission to be the best dad he can be Except he can't do it alone So he turns to his good friend and new partner fellow ob gy. We had different goals you'll recall But I didn't see why we couldn't just have a good time while it lastedFor a man who's had a lot of relationships you sure don't understand them Jane observedNow there's two ways you can write an asshole hero Either you can commit and make him an asshole He knows he's a jerk he knows what he's doing hurting other people and he doesn't care enough to stopOr you can be like Diamond and in a desperate attempt to make your asshole hero look somewhat appealing and forgivable make him an idiot who seemingly has NO idea how he is hurting people right and left and spends the whole book walking around with this Hurrr Durrr Huh expression on his faceIt's your call but I think the first one is the better option It's hard to read a book where the hero is an asshole AND a complete moronI know that I sound like Nenia Campbell when I say this That's because Nenia is awesome Nenia is way hardcore than me When she talks about assholes she means men who are Really Bad I don't try not to read books that involve serial killers andor rapists while Nenia gleefully devours bodice rippers and dark romances However her theory is solid and it stands If you are writing an asshole hero better just embrace it than try to weasel out of itSO We have the titular 'Doctor Daddy' a callous cad who uses and discards women as if they were tissue but just 'doesn't understand their hostility towards him' When he and Jane have a one night stand ten years ago in medical school he is JUST baffled that she is not thrilled that he says Oh I enjoyed that I wouldn't mind a rematch sometime ; Jane is CLEARLY CLEARLY someone who wants commitment family kids marriage etc The fact that he can't seem to grasp this concept or indeed grasp the fact that anyone would object to casual sex seems ludicrousPerhaps I could accept this ridiculous plot better if Diamond made it seem like he was unable to have sexualromantic relationships and beyond hooking up with Jane 10 years ago his life has been a desolate emotional wasteland BUT NO She of course tries to convince us that he fucksdates lots of women Girlfriends flocked to him like iron filings to a magnet Luke genuinely liked women and he'd never have been deliberately cruel but several times Jane had comforted fellow med students and nurses who were bewildered when Luke ended their affairs as casually as if he were returning a library bookI'm sorry but there's NO WAY the females in uestion wouldn't talk about him and there's no way females wouldn't warn each other off him He would get a reputation PRETTY UICKLY as a heartbreaker and a cadAlso he is SO DUMB about sex and relationships that I was sure he was an alien or something Diamond tries to blame it on being raised in an 'all male household' not true he had a mom present until at least age 10 but that is bullcrap You'd have to be deeply deeply stupid to think treating women like this is okay and that all women will be perfectly fine with it It's not as if he doesn't care about women's feelings it's as if he cannot even grasp the concept that a woman might be disappointed he's only interested in some casual sex for as long as it grabs his interestThere's a lot to hate about Doctor Daddy Not only is he a moron who treats women like Kleenex but he is one of the most judgmental people I've ever seen He passes judgment on EVERYONE He always knows best he always has an opinion and he's shocked SHOCKED when that opinion is not welcomed and his suggestions are not immediately obeyed At sixty seven Hetty was overweight and suffered from diabetesLuke had tried to give her advice than once about eating healthily and the need for exercise Hetty always agreed to try but nothing changed At his urging she HAD consulted a physician and begun taking medication but pills couldn't entirely undo the effect of her unhealthy lifestyleFuck you nobody made you the diabetes police She has doctors and you're not one of them Brian and I are going to move in together she announced Congratulations Luke would have preferred to hear about wedding plans but perhaps this was a first stepTeen mom happily calls him to tell him Boyfriend and her are moving in together he judges them for not marryingHe hears rumors that Jane on the cusp of 35 is seriously considering artificial insemination He informs her that being a single parent is a terrible idea even though she didn't ask for his opinion and what she does with her body and her life is none of his business Doubly none of his business since he won't even commit to being Boyfriend He doesn't even UNDERSTAND that telling a woman who is considering artificial insemination that it is a terrible idea and that single parents suck is bad or hurtful Seriously the author has him wondering why she reacts so negatively to his 'advice' and simply states he's trying to be a good friend oOHe just can't understand that other people's lives and choices are NONE OF HIS FUCKING BUSINESSAnd he's seriously shocked other people don't judge him as harshly as he judges them In Jane's responses he heard no hint of judgment either for the accidental pregnancy or for his neglecting to tell her upfront that he had a daughter even though as his medical partner and friend she might well be affected by his family situationWhen his ex wife fucks up and makes a parenting mistake to be fair it's bad he is very hard on her Even though later in the book he is going to fuck up royally as a parent too He just doesn't make the connection or understand that his words and harsh judgment hurt people Why can't they just LISTEN TO HIM Why can't they be absolutely perfect like he is I mean is it so HARDLook at what happens when Jane tries to open up to him about her childhood Even when my dad was home I always felt like I was getting between him and a ballgame on TVI'm sorry Instinctively Luke leaned forward to touch her shoulder Having a dad like that can affect the way a woman relates to other men in her lifeShe jerked away I have no problems relating to the men in my lifeHer reaction startled himWhat an assholeEvery time Jane draws away from him indicates that she doesn't want to have sex with him or shuts him down he always says the same thing We're reasonable adults We should be able to work this out like adults Implying of course that he is reasonable and acting like an adult and she is being foolish and childish WHY won't she simply keep having casual sex with him He reminds me EXACTLY of this asshole I know and have to deal with in real life who is extremely judgmental and dickishIt's hard for me to believe he can't grasp the very simple concept of Jane wants marriage and kids Even though he KNOWS she does Even though he KNOWS she's at the point where she's considering undergoing artificial insemination I mean I understand there is a difference between book learning and being people smart but it's a wonder to me how this man even is alive at this point He's SO dumb SO so so stupidTo recap he encapsulates everything that is a turn off to me in a man He's rich He's a doctor He's a pompous know it all who butts into everyone's business Arrogant He's extremely judgmental He's deeply stupid He's a rich doctor who plays tennis He fucks over women Whether he realizes what he's doing or not he hurts them a lotHe's basically the anti Carmen It baffles me that Jane wants to be with this man I mean seriously confuses me I don't care how 'hot' he looks look at the way he treats her Look at the way he treats other people his alleged 'friends' and family Would you want to spend the rest of your life with someone like this You'd have to be crazy or extremely desperateAnd Jane IS given another offer in the book when a neighbor a kind patient man with sparkly blue eyes suggests they give it a go romantically But of course she wants to hold out for the prick He view spoilerfinally agrees to marry her because this is a romance book hide spoiler

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N Jane McKayTen years ago Jane and Luke were than med school buddies Until Jane realized Luke wasn't ready to settle down Now the ultimate babe magnet is becoming the ultimate baby magnet He just became guardian of an infa. This book was okay I just never felt like the hero really was in love with the heroine even at the end of the book

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Doctor DaddyNt girlLuke knows it takes two parents to make a familyand now Jane's planning to start one of her own Is the cautious single dad ready to risk his heart with the woman he loves and who is changing him baby step by baby st. I don't know why but I couldn't help being bored when I was a uarter of the way into the novel It seemed like everything just slowed down The story overall as a whole was indeed likable however there were some points were I just lost all sense for the story My most negative comments would be I felt very little emotion to the characters and the heroine was weak Just because of the hero she decided not to get inseminated If I wanted a baby enough I would of done it hero or not The silly part was at the time where she decided against it the hero had no claim on her and didn't seem to want one Go figure