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Shattered Bitter Creek #8 review ´ 100 ´ [Ebook] ➨ Shattered Bitter Creek #8 By Joan Johnston – Nine years ago Kate Grayhawk Pendelton walked into Wyatt Shaw's life—and out of it the next morning Now Wyatt's back—and has the power to shatter Kate's future with the man she lovesBy reputation Nine years aNine years ago Kate Grayhawk Pendelton walked into Wyatt Shaw's life and out of it the next morning Now Wyatt's back and has the power to shatter Kate's future with the man she lovesBy reputation Wyatt Shaw is a brutal kille. Shattered is yet another great addition to the Bitter Creek series This series could become a tv series or soap opera The new Dallas Kate Grayhawk has been a widow of JD Pendleton for a year JD was the son ofGovernor Ann Wade Pendelton Govenor Pendleton is running in the election to be the President and has Texas Ranger Jack Mckinley assigned to guard her grandsons Lucky and Chance Kate's sons Kate and Jack immediately come to realize that there is still a great attraction between them from 9 years ago when Kate and Jack faked their engagement Kate was trying to bring her parents together and she knew that if she was engaged to Jack an older man with a bad reputation her parents would work together to try to stop the wedding It worked Kate and Jack went on to marry other people but Kate's parents married Kate and Jack had not planned on falling for each other but Jack would not get involved with Kate because to him she was just a kid Nine years later she's not a kid any and Jack wants to marry her but Jack is married to Holly McKinley Jack and Holly are separated and working on their divorce that's until Jack finds out she's pregnant Jack refuses to get a divorce until after the baby is born so his child will have his name Holly agrees to stay married under one condition A condition that will change everyone's future Holly is going to fight to keep Jack from leaving her for another woman Kate has a big secret that comes out when one of her twins gets sick and needs a blood transfusion Her twins father is not JD Pendleton The father has been charged with a murder and he is the son of a ruthless mobster When Wyatt Shaw finds out he has twin sons that he has missed so much time with he's determined that he'll not miss any of their lives whether Kate wants to live at his compound outside Houston or notThis book has tons of twists turns surprises secrets and lies that are revealed that you will not want to put it down You'll have to know whats coming up next A great read

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R who Shattered Bitter ePUB #8608 always gets what he wants And he wants Kate and her twin eight year old sons Texas Ranger Jack McKinley is hot on Wyatt Shaw's trail The presumed heir to the D'Amato crime syndicate is threa. Kate Pendleton knows a secret few know Her husband JD Pendleton didn’t really die in Afghanistan like everyone thinks He actually faked his death and is now involved in very big drug dealings in South America Kate is not mourning him however because he was an awful husband to begin with Nine years ago she walked in on him having an affair and in an outrage Kate picked the first man she could find at a bar to sleep with and then never saw that man again That man just happened to be Wyatt Shaw an extremely wealthy man who is the son of Dante D’Amato an infamous mob boss That night Kate got pregnant with twin boys but JD and her reconciled and she never told Wyatt nor JD that the twins are actually hisNow that JD is not in the picture Kate has rekindled a love with Jack Mckinley Jack is now separated from his wife Holly and is ready to make a commitment to Kate He was ready to propose to her until Holly called and said she is four months pregnant with their child Four months ago Kate was in a coma after being shot and JD and Holly had a bitter argument that ended up with sex and a pregnancy Now Jack wants to stay married to Holly just until she delivers then he tells Kate he is all hers Kate is devastated at this news but doesn’t have a lot of time to processes because Wyatt has just learned he has twin sonsWyatt is furious Kate never told him he is a father and that he had to learn about it through a private investigator Wyatt is very concerned his estranged mob boss father will find out and use this information to harm Kate or the boys Wyatt demands Kate and the boys come to live at his very secure compound Wyatt will not take no for an answer and Kate leaves with himNow Kate must deal with new feelings towards Wyatt lost feelings for Jack and JD shows up and causes all sorts of troubleShattered features an anti hero in Wyatt an anti hero that never really gains that hero status At the beginning of the book I was kind of excited Wyatt is creepy just weeks ago a strangled girl was found in his bed he is extremely wealthy and is massively ticked he has twins he never knew about I like it Then all of a sudden he is totally in love with Kate and wants her in his life permanently I can understand wanting a relationship with his kids but Kate is a woman he knew for one night But he is absolutely determined to make Kate his Why Did he really fall that hard for her one night nine years ago Plus he has a very shady reputation and could possibly be a murderer Yet Kate trusts him from the start Just because he is the boys father does not mean he is automatically a good personKate is in love with Jack and is obviously upset when he tells her they must wait four months for his wife to have the baby before he will divorce her and settle down with Kate Yet Kate gets whisked off to Wyatt’s complex and the first night they have sex together Afterwards she becomes angry with herself but I just can’t see how she can forget Jack that easily Wyatt also makes Kate sleep in his bed – even though he promises not to touch her after that first night When she tries sleeping elsewhere he picks her up and makes her stay in his bed CreepyAlthough Wyatt proves himself a good father to the twins I never felt romance between Kate and himself Kate is happy that Wyatt makes her boys happy but there really isn’t a spark between Wyatt and Kate I felt Kate and Jack had a much passionate relationship and they were apart for most of the book Jack has at stake with Holly because they have a son together already and another on they way The only reason they are separating is because Holly is afraid to commitment to anyone and pushes Jack away Their reconciliation made sense to meIs everyone thoroughly confused Shattered has way too many things going on and romance that is lifeless

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Shattered Bitter Creek #8Tening to steal the woman he lovesHolly McKinley is fighting to keep Jack from leaving her for another woman Now the secret she's kept for over twenty years may save their son's life and cost her the only man she's ever love. I am a huge Joan Johnston fan and have followed her Bitter Creek Series for some time and I have to say this is one of the best one's in the series thus far There is a love triangle or suare you could say with the four main characters; first we have Kate Grayhawk Pendleton whose missing and presumed husband is a bad bad man A Cheater a liar and a thief to boot with his mama bailing him out time and time again just to keep his antics under wraps in hopes to save her political ambitionsoh and NOT the father of her twin eight year old boys Believed by the world to be a war hero he is hiding out from the mob in South America until he is caught stealing from said mob 20 million dollars worth of heroin A true winner But who is the daddy Finding out in the first two pages sets the stage for one of the most intriguing stories in the Bitter Creek Series Kate admits that Wyatt Shaw who happens to be the bastard son of Dante D'Amato the mob boss is the father After walking in on JD Kate's husband having sex with another woman Kate picked Wyatt up in a bar not realizing exactly who he was Wyatt is still madly in love with Kate after all these years and when he finds out that he has twin sons he seizes the opportunity to get Kate under his roof He knows that his father will be after the boys as well as JD so it isn't a lie when he tells her that he wants move her to his compound for their protection Feeling a little pissed about it but helpless Kate realizes that she has denied him 8 years with the boys and besides at this point she believes she is still in love with Jack but he moved back in with his wife and their son So let’s fast forward 9 years and bam her husband JD is back in the states and is planning on killing her and Wyatt her mother in law she has now learned has ties to the mob she wake from a 4 month coma to find out the man she has been in love with most of her life Jack a Texas Ranger is moving back in with his wife And the clincher there she's pregnant with his baby Have I confused you yet I thought I would be but one thing that Joan Johnston does is make the story flow like warm honey And I ate it all up Whew the drama it will capture you and suck you in because all the details that happen in between are absolutely riveting So many surprises I am keeping to myself spoilers which I thought were brilliant because frankly not everyone can have a happy ending Now if you are unfamiliar with the other books in the series it is still easy to follow along because JJ does a wonderful job of tying in loose details about linage to help you along A lot of details but the book is 423 pages I finished it in two days because I just had to find out what happened