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Free read Swede Dreams ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Õ ❮Reading❯ ➵ Swede Dreams ➭ Author Eva Apelqvist – Swede escape Calista Swanson has begun her study abroad semester in Stockholm Sweden and she couldn’t be happier There’s finally some distance between her and Nd she knows he’ll be in tow as she explores everything Sweden has to offer from visiting Swedish castles to learning about the Viking era to sampling treats from a smörgåsbord to strolling the cobblestone streets of Stockholm’s Gamla Stan Calista loves Sweden from the moment she arrives but why hasn’t Jonas calle. Sweden While it still exasperates me that most of this series is set in Europe I'm pleased that some of them take place in countries I know so little aboutCalista has gone to Sweden for two reasons to get a break from his perfect talented twin Suzanne and to be closer to her Swedish boyfriend Jonas She's studied some Swedish on her own note when she moans about how perfect Suzanne is and how she doesn't have a talent of her own nobody stops to point out that she speaks four languages and is ready for actionCalista's an interesting one because she's really very different when she's with or talking to her family and when she's on her own She's a bit hard to take at times when it comes to her family honestly I spent a fair amount of time especially early on wondering if I wouldn't have preferred a book from Suzanne's perspective but when it comes down to it she's no different than oh any teen who has a complicated relationship with her family We do see a much kinder side too pretty much right awayand she grows up a bit with regard to her familyNow The boy There's always a boy Idon't have much to say about him Calista comes to the conclusion that he's the guy for her because the have a lot in common and a lot to talk about but I don't really see it perhaps because they don't spend a lot of time together Not that I mind their lack of joined at the hip ness I appreciate it in fact but it feels a little like an afterthought Too much time spent on Jonas perhaps especially considering that view spoilerwe never even meet himand the only 'good' thing we know about him is that he's athletic and therefore Calista's father likes him hide spoiler

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Swede escape Calista Swanson has begun her study abroad semester in Stockholm Sweden and she couldn’t be happier There’s finally some distance between her and the constant piano playing of her annoying sister Suzanne Calista and Suzanne are twins but the only thing they have in common is their birth date Suzanne is a. It was really interesting to learn about life in Sweden The author did an excellent job with that I want to have a julgransplundring say goodbye to Christmas party There wasn’t much drama in this one either and the romance was really sweet Overall a sweet read

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Swede DreamsFocused and gifted pianist but a social dud Calista isn’t at all focused but she always has her friends and a boyfriend by her side And that goes for her time in Sweden as well Jonas who’d been an exchange student at her high school in Wisconsin lives in Stockholm He’s the main reason Calista is studying in Sweden a. This review is also posted on my blog view spoilerWell I finished this like a week ago and I’m only just now getting to write the review Eeesh Pre move in stuff apparently takes a lot of timeBut anyway It’s been a while since I’ve read one of these Students Across the Seven Seas books and despite the kiddish cover art and cover blurb I forgot how much I enjoy them They show real respect to the country each book is about making points to destroy stereotypes and backing everything up with a lot of very real facts and research That much is awesome and I respect that It makes the character’s experience as an exchange student that much realI do have some criticisms though primarily and basically only with how the story was delivered So many of the characters were conveniently unabashed history nerds none of whom had any trouble recollecting information and always spouted off perfect facts in textbook form I appreciate the opportunity to learn about Swedish culture and history but this is such a cliché way to do it that it put a small damper on the whole experience A lot of the dialogue outside of the random facts felt particularly forced and unrealistic too – especially the emails So much of that just felt awkward like “that’s not how people interact with each other” levels of awkward And also as cute as it was I don’t know why every girl in every one of these books always needs to fall in love with a local boy Like – always Without fail It’s not a bad plot point as long as it’s not incredibly overused and doesn’t clash with the character’s personality which in this case it may have Most of Calista’s entire reasoning for traveling to Sweden in the first place was to visit her Swedish then boyfriend who turned out to be an entire garbage can of trash didn’t even show up to see her at any point and finally wrote her a one sentence email breaking it off with her I don’t know if she’d’ve been too keen on falling for anyone else after that I might be wrong – falling for Hakkan DID happen several months later and that is enough time to feel better But at least a little bit stillAlso she seemed to get over Jonas pretty fast for how obsessed she was over him in the beginning Not that I’m complaining – she had one day of hurt then went straight to pissed off and didn’t spend much time at all afterwards thinking about him instead delving headfirst into discovering and learning everything about Sweden You go girl he doesn’t deserve your time or your pain But it still seemed a little unreasonably fast for someone who had so much trouble figuring out what she wanted for the entire rest of the bookAlso also I do have to acknowledge that this seemed to be a highly romanticized version of a semester spent studying abroad Literally NOTHING BAD HAPPENED The only things that might count – Jonas dumped Calista through email Cal lost her map to school on her morning commute on her first day and Moa actively disdained Cal throughout the entire story which silently turned into a sort of uiet respect right at the end THAT’S IT No host family issues no friend issues no real boy issues no stranger issues no culture clash issues she went from struggling with Swedish to being very good at it in about a chapter and it never impacted her school performance at all just about everything went about as perfectly as it could possibly go While I appreciate and did truly enjoy the feel good fuzzies of it it still felt incredibly unrealistic and I’m just left thinking “there is no way anything would ever go that smoothly”BUT REGARDLESS I still mostly enjoyed the book I recognize the flaws and the faults and I acknowledge them all and they’re enough to dock a star from my final rating But I STILL liked reading it I’ll still recommend the series to anyone else who likes this sort of travel story and I’ll still make it a point to finish all the others I haven’t read yet hide spoiler