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Maximum Ride The Manga Vol 6 characters é eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Maximum Ride The Manga Vol 6 By NaRae Lee – The time has come for Max and her winged Flock to face their ultimate enemy and discover their original purpose to defeat the takeover of Re evolution D together to defeat the forces working against them but can they save the world when they are torn apart living in hiding and captivity halfway across the globe from one anoth. angle is selfconteral becusae she lorns how to yous here powers in a advansed way

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Inister experiment to re engineer a select population into a scientifically superior master raceand to terminate the rest Max Fang Iggy Nudge Gasman and Angel have always worke. I'm so happy thing turned out good in the end but was very sad to see the flock split up because someone else joined the flock

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Maximum Ride The Manga Vol 6The time has come for Max and her The Manga Kindle #211 winged Flock to face their ultimate enemy and discover their original purpose to defeat the takeover of Re evolution a s. I waited 4 FREAKING MONTHS FOR THIS BOOK library copy and frankley I was disappionted Sure you gotta love the chibis SO CUTE 3 and I love Max's smart aleck lines But James P has done better I bet he wrote this book partially to piss off Mang FangMax fans But it still is a good book but it has flaws Here is a detailed summarySPOILERS AHEADSpoiler AlertSo it starts off from when manga 5 ended Angel holding a very scary scythe and saying Goodbye in a sorta psycho way Ari appears and rips the cage open in wolf form Nudge freaks out and says actual uote Angel betrayed us She's going to let Ari eat us Then Max is like Um no I sorta made a plan behind your guys back with Angel If the worst happens which it did Angel would become a spy Oh and I dont know why I didnt tell you guys Teehee SMACK She decides to take Ari with the flock and completely overlooked the fact that he almost killed Fang and tried to kill them like a hundered freaking times Fang got po'd by Ari and seperates from the flock Iggy and Gazzy go with him leaving Angel Max Ari Nudge and Total Oh yeah Total the toto talking dog Ari happened to have him in his coat for some reason Max's Flock head to Europe They tour around having fun and then they find a HUGE Itex Corporation and sneak in They get caught by the Director and she claims she is Max's mother Why couldn't my mom be a nice hooker or a crack addict like Fang's Max xD Best uote everr Meanwhile Fang's flock is in LA and Fang's blog is getting uite popularroughly 972000000 kids visit itThey Back to Max's flock are all locked in chains in a dungeon and they eventually get out of the chains e mail Fang and tell him to hurry up and come help them NOW They are caught AGAIN Back in chains Jeb shows up I still wonder how the heck he gets around so fast He tells them the Director isn't really Max's motherWhile Fang's Flock are in LA Fang gets Max's E mail He posts on his blog for kids in Europe to literally attack the Itex building Max is in The Director brings everyone out into this big yard and shows off the kind of people that will make it in the new world One of them is Omega The Director had OmegaMax fight to the death While they're fighting Angel controls all the other experiments in the yard that were supposed o be terminated soon to start attacking stuff Max is fighting Omega and Angel Nudge Arithe other experiments are fighting Flyboys All those kids Fang told to attack the Itex building They came The Director sent Flyboys after them but all the Flyboys crashed into the fence which was electrified so they were all destroyed The kids bust in Fang's flock shows up and Max kicks Omega's butt even though he was designed perfect Ari during this ' His expiration date came and it was sad So the Flock is back together and they had figured out Jeb is Max's father Ari iswas he half brother and Dr Martinez is her biological mom My thoughts one what is with all these bombs being dropped on us CANT U GET IT STRAIGHT O max this psycho lady is ur mom No she isnt i am your dad and your mom is a woman who looks NOTHING like youAlso Jeb said he had no personal relationship with Dr Martinez AND YET YOU HAD A DAUGHTER TOGETHER So u played the cards with a woman u barely knew just to make a bird kid WHAT THE HECK So read if you want to Not the best Max Ride book but fairly good Ciao