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characters Season of the Sun ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ [Epub] ➟ Season of the Sun ➠ Catherine Coulter – A viking romance IS ALWAYS IN SEASON First published in 1991 Season of the Sun is the glorious story of a Viking man whose love for one woman is nearly destroyed by her stubborn stepTo his farmstead in Norway but as his slave not as his wife She wears the slave collar around her neck for all to see but bears his distrust of her and her own pain deep within herIt is the season of the sun in Norway the clear midnight light of summer It is a season of growth and flowering of treachery and malice of love and learni. Zarabeth lives in York with her step father and her step brother and younger sister Zarabeth has yet to find a spouse due to the fact that her step father chases most of her suitors away until a warrior viking comes into town and starts courting her and wanting to marry her At first Zarabeth is shocked at Magnus at his bluntness at wanting her for his wife and lover but is intrigued and knows that she wants him as well because he stirs up her senses like none other has ever done before But when her step father finds out her true feelings for Magnus he forces her to betray him threatening to hurt someone she cares for so she does it not knowing another way out But then he comes back and takes her back to Norway as his slave instead of his wife as he had once planned however things never seem to go as planned And Magnus despite her betrayal of him can't deny the desire that she rises within him so than any other woman ever has However things at home only get hectic once he brings her to his home and things between the two defnitely get heated which could only end up in loveI truly enjoyed Season of the Sun although I never know when I read Coulter's book if I am going to be able to really enjoy them and immerse myself into the stories but with this one I had it read it just a few hours Crazy I know but when I like a book I truly immerse myself and before I know it its at The End part and I look at the time and its just crazy how fast I can read once I get into a story I just love Viking romances and this is at the top of my list Although I thought that throughout the story that there was some things missing from the book I don't want to spoil the book too much so I wont however share any details but I thought that there seemed to be a few things in the relationship between these two that I had issues with However overall it was a great romance read well written with vivid characters and a intriguing plot so defnitely if you like Viking Historical Romances you definitely don't want to miss out on this one or this series

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A viking romance IS ALWAYS IN SEASON First published in Season of Season of PDFEPUB or the Sun is the glorious story of a Viking man whose love for one woman is nearly destroyed by her stubborn stepfatherZarabeth with hair as red as an Irish sunset is chosen by Magnus Haraldsson a Viking on a trading visit to York to be his wife She. Superb Tale of the NorsemenA well told Viking tale set in the Danelaw Danish ruled territory of England and Norway in the late 9th century Like others of Coulter’s she doesn’t hold back when it comes to the violence of the times nor the cruelty inflicted on a worthy heroine by a bold alpha male who has his information wrong I love that about her writing but some who are looking for a softer story might not If you can get past that and I did the story will hold your attention and I highly recommend it Coulter’s portrayal of loss and grief were in my opinion nothing short of brilliant It tells the story of Magnus Haraldsson a jarl from Norway and a merchant who on a trip to York spots the woman he wants for his wife beautiful Irish Zarabeth I pictured a young Maureen O’Hara He introduces himself to her basically telling her she will wed him He’s direct about his accomplishments and knows when he kisses her she finds him attractive Innocent Zarabeth will have the Viking if he’ll take her young deaf half sister Lotti which he will But her evil stepfather Olav the Vain who wants her as his own wife forces her to reject the Viking threatening to kill Lotti who he loathes Zarabeth rejects the Viking and he sails away bitter at her action Olav weds her but never beds her due to his poisoning by his son’s greedy wife Zarabeth is framed for Olaf’s murder and at her trial Magnus arrives to persuade the court to make Zarabeth his slave instead of killing her Thus it is that Zarabeth sails for Norway with Magnus but as his slave not his wife Talk about the perils of Pauline This heroine had her troubles in spades Both she and the hero at times seemed a bit dense Initially she failed to trust Magnus to help her and he believed the lie she did not want him But each has courage that is compelling The whole time I was reading her misadventures I kept thinking that this is one hero who is going to have to grovel big time in the end And I was not disappointed Neither will you be Both Zarabeth and Magnus will suffer before they find happiness I thought Coulter did a superb job in this well researched tale of the Norsemen It’s exciting fast paced detailed and well written For Viking romance lovers it is not one to be missedCoulter’s Viking SeriesSEASON OF THE SUN LORD OF HAWKFELL ISLAND LORD OF RAVEN’S PEAK LORD OF FALCON RIDGE

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Season of the SunIs both stunned and fascinated by his bluntness but is soon won over by this man who makes her laugh brings her desire and ultimately makes her trust him with her future and that of her little sister Lotti But her stepfather Olav the Vain has no intention of setting a bride price on ZarabethZarabeth does eventually return with Magnus. 25 mostly for the angst