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summary TantalizingHis Every FantasyPlaymates 108 ☆ [EPUB] ✰ TantalizingHis Every FantasyPlaymates Author Lori Foster – Tantalizing by Lori FosterIT WAS LUST AT FIRST SIGHTNick Harris and Josie Jackson weren't supposed to like each other But instead of being turned off by Josie's sexy siren act Nick was boNdres and her take no prisoners attitude Clearly this new PR rep on the scene is a barracuda in the field and man what a turn on that is As Fiona continues to tease him in the office a hot and bothered Sean decides a few rounds in the bedroom are in orderNo woman has ever stirred Sean's fierce competitive streak or his jaded heart like Fiona Especially when she ups the stakes by betting that they could embark on a steamy one month sexual fling without her getting attachedBut what will happen when one of them puts a new spin on their rules of sexual play A new spin that just happens to be called love. Interesting mix for this anthologyLots of bubble gum for the brain I am actually giving this 45 starsloved Foster and Denisonnot so sure about the last book though It felt forced than the other two books All in all a fun beach read though

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Asies But fantasy was all she could hope for once Nick discovered who she really wasHis Every Fantasy by Janelle DenisonBride to be Leah Burton desperately wants to learn how to satisfy a man Her lackluster fiance isn't offering his servicesbut Jace Rutledge definitely is And with a copy of Sexcapades under her bed and Jace in it Leah's sure she'll make the grade Again and again Playmates by Crystal GreenAm I too hot for you to handle she askedSean McIntyre's libido roars into overdrive when Fiona Cruz saunters into Stellar Public Relations flaunting her luscious curves slinging her sexy double ente. I had already read the first book on this anthology in Lori Foster's Tantalized so I skipped that one The second story His every Fantasy by Janelle Denison was a nice read short erotic if a bit cliched They grew up together both have been secretly in love with the other for years but aftaid of ruining their friendship by complicating it with desire But when a marriage proposal leaves Leah thinking is this all there is She decides to have a hot affair with Jace and see what developsThe last story Playmates by Crystal Green is a bit long for a novella and I found myself asking is it over yet It has some interesting back and forth to it and a cute sub plot about the business associates of the two main characters but was only an OK read

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TantalizingHis Every FantasyPlaymatesTantalizing by Lori FosterIT WAS LUST AT FIRST SIGHTNick Harris and Josie Jackson weren't supposed TantalizingHis Every PDFEPUB or to like each other But instead of being turned off by Josie's sexy siren act Nick was bowled over He'd been prepared for a staid responsible schoolmarm type As for Josie she'd expected yet another boring nerd dredged up by her matchmaking sisterThey were both wrong and what was supposed to be the blind date from hell turned into a night of blistering passionTogether they shared something explosive and Josie knew she'd recall their steamy night together in her secret fant. Tantalizing Lori Foster 25 Josie’s sister sets her up with a blind date Bob a staid and professional guy and Josie has no interest She wants to have some fun She’s surprised when she meets Bob and finds him sexy and charming and ready to give her that fun She doesn’t know that Bob is actually Nick Bob’s womanizing partner When he meets Josie he feels something special and has to get her into his bed When she learns the truth she extracts a deal from him he’ll show her everything about pleasure no strings attached and she’ll look past his lies But neither of them expect it to become loveThis author is typically hit or miss for me The mistaken identity thing is a bit tough for me to buy into most of the time that it’s doneand if I’m not wrong this author has done it before It’s just that so much lying isn’t exactly a great way to start a romance And it makes the hero seem awfully slimy that he’s won’t fess up to being someone else for fear of losing his chance to have sex with the heroine And his lies just continue on from there He manipulates things so that he can draw out their affair and he can get the “full” few months that he usually gives women He kinda gave me the creeps And what’s worse is the heroine knew all this about him that he was “arrogant cocky and used to female adoration” and that he lied and manipulated so casually and she just overlooks itfalls straight into love with him for what redeeming characteristics exactly I’m not uite sure I do appreciate the fact that he feels some remorse over his lies and found uite a bit of joy in the ways the heroine set him back with his cockiness but he remained entirely too smug and his character and integrity were definitely uite uestionable His Every Fantasy Janelle Denison 2 5 Leah’s boyfriend has just popped the uestion but she’s not sure if she can go through with it For one there’s no passionand she’s still kinda hung up on her brother’s best friend Jace So she propositions Jace for a weekend of sex to help her a get Jace out of her system and b find her sexual confidence so she can up the passion in her relationship with her boyfriend She doesn't expect things to go so well with Jace and after the weekend she isn’t sure she wants to be with anyone but Jace This is basically a lot of sex and very little plot The sex is pretty hot but the premise of this story was problematic for me Leah isn’t sure she wants to marry Brent so she goes off to cheat on her boyfriend to see if she can marry him The problem here is that as soon as she realized she could cheat on him she should have realized she had no business marrying him I was uncomfortable with the fact that she was unfaithful in a committed relationship to Brent and didn’t like what it revealed about Leah’s character that she even considered it And given that Jace also knew about Brent it makes me uncomfortable that he never once uestioned her cheating on Brent with him Playmates Crystal Green 35 Fiona and Sean have learned the hard way how damaging love can be When they find themselves working side by side doing PR for two celebrities in a volatile second chance romance a simmering attraction between them they agree to an affair Even they make a wager that the other will become emotionally involved before the end of their 30 day affair together while the other walks away unscathed Neither bargains for the fact that they both fall and find themselves in a uandary neither wanting to admit to the end of the bet or the affair and neither wanting to face the risk of rejection by admitting their feelings So contrary to popular opinion as evidenced by other reviews I liked this one the best Not to say I loved this or anything I mean these guys are doing game playing and power plays galore and I pretty much hate that sort of thing in a romance But the characters themselves while not necessarily likeable had plenty of depth and dynamics and it really felt like these two MCs were learning as they went I really liked how Fiona poured on the angst there at the end by “disappointing herself before anyone else could disappoint her” I did hope for a bit emotional punch in their reunion but overall I think this ended uite well As a story this one didn’t feel like a superficial way too short novellait felt complete and engaging even if I didn’t like everything about it