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DOWNLOAD ä griEVE By Lizzie Wilcock Ö ❮Download❯ ➵ griEVE Author Lizzie Wilcock – I pick up the lavender scented mauve paper It is from the stationery set I bought for her last Christmas The scent still lingers I inhale deeply breathing in hope and joy and pleasure that she has fin I pick up the Anybody People don’t need to know the details So though Eve longs to visit her mother she doesn’t Instead she tries to carry on as normal cleaning and cooking for her dad and going to school She makes a new friend Summer who shows her how to do things she would never have done before When her dad brings home his new girlfriend Eve realises things are not going to return to normal She finds ways of controlling the chaos around her and of controlling the mess her life has become But will anything helpgriEVE is a powerful story about coping with loss It d. It makes me sad that this book in now out of print

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Eals with confronting topics such as self harm depression and dysfunctional families in an absorbing storyline which will draw young readers in Eve is honest with the reader even while she is not being honest with herself and the reader is able to recognise the truth behind many of the events which Eve refuses to understandThis is the kind of novel which refuses to be put down with the reader compelled to keep reading to find out what will happen to Eve how she will find a way through the minefield of her life Teenage girls especially will find it compellin. This book kept me up all night thinking At first it was a slow start Mother goes missing trying to cope lalala No By the middle of the book I couldn't stop turning the pages and wanting to know what happened The only real reason I gave it four stars was because I wanted I wanted to know about what happened when she got home of what happened with Nicolas of Sebastian I mean Shane It was a little hard to tell reality from dreams so that got confusing But the ending was amazing and as I started to connect the dots in my head I couldn't help flipping through the book again and again I liked Eve she was smart and she stood up for herself if not a little unstable and creepy I mean the memories book That made my stomach curdle with just the idea of hair and blood smeared across the pages Yet it was different and interesting and the author described it well I loved Tommy though she was a bitch at first I could see the friendship there At first I was happy with the relationship with Summer this was the point of the book where normally she would find a friend who would help cope But this isn't your average book so I grew a dislike to her after a while I can read about gore and dead bodies but when it comes to cutting I feel sick to the stomach Maybe because it's so real and easy to go out and harm yourself and that's what creeps me out Yet unlike most books I liked the way she described it and the way it was writtenOn the back of the book she said she found love and I thought that love was Dylan I was wrong That relationship also made me sick to the stomach I guess you are thinking how could you like this book if you always feel disturbed and grossed out be it Well because simply it's a great book Don't go thinking it's a 'light read' it's a dark and depressing book that doesn't really have any happiness or 'light' until the last sentence But it's interesting truthful and brilliantly written and I felt feelings of sorrow towards Eve and feelings of hate towards Deborah which shows a greatly written book


griEVE By Lizzie WilcoI pick up the lavender scented mauve paper It is from the stationery set I bought for her last Christmas The scent still lingers I inhale deeply breathing in hope and joy and pleasure that she has finally used my giftThen I open it and the sweet smell of flowers turns sour I feel sick I want to vomit The paper trembles in my hands Is this a joke My mother loves to joke especially when she is the only one laughingWhen Eve’s mother disappears Eve’s dad and aunt tell her there’s no point talking about it It’s best if we don’t her dad tells her Not to. There are no words to explain how this book made me feelAlthough this has a slow start don't let it drive you away When I first started I was so confused with the plotline I anticipated putting it down Don't do it This book is far too preciousThis isn't your typical novel In fact it starts off with a cliche a perfect loving family Then the story dwells on the fact on what happens after it all breaks apart This sets it apart from most other stories of the same genreI liked it so much better in contrast to Wilcock's debut novel Losing It This book didn't feel forced or had random dark things thrown in to create an edge This was raw; this was realThe reason I didn't give it five stars was because of the angst There was absolutely no light in the novel Everything seemed creepy and I expected some axe murderer to jump out of nowhere and go on an killing spree this conclusion isn't ridiculous when you've read the novelI don't recommend this to anyone under twelve Then again age doesn't represent a maturity level just don't buy this book for somebody as a light read